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It’s great that we now have better access to both medical and recreational cannabis. This gives patients the choice and chance to use medical cannabis for their health problems. Likewise, this also gives cannabis connoisseurs a legal and safe way to buy premium-grade cannabis and related products.

But because cannabis is now easily accessible to people, choosing the best online dispensaries have become pretty difficult, especially since some of them offer substandard products.

It is for this reason why we at Top Online Dispensaries want to help you. We want to provide you a list of the best dispensaries online. Our list of top online dispensaries has been reviewed by our team, so rest assured that they are trusted and known to provide premium-grade cannabis products.

How do we evaluate those listed in our top online dispensaries?

There are several factors that we consider before we add these dispensaries to our top online dispensaries list.

  • Do they offer legitimate, premium-quality, and laboratory-tested products?
  • Are their product descriptions easy to read, detailed, and accurate?
  • Do they give their customers a wide variety of product options, from the different cannabis strains to cannabis accessories?
  • Do they have a fast, reliable, discreet, and secure delivery?
  • Do they have excellent customer service?
  • Do they guarantee their clients’ privacy and security?
  • How easy was it to navigate around their website, from choosing the products to making payments and confirming customer orders?
  • Do they have a fast, reliable, discreet, and secure delivery?

Who are the people behind toponlinedispensaries.ca?

Dr. Ahern and Dr. Lockhart have been in practice for more than two decades. They personally get in touch with the online dispensaries to see if their staff is knowledgeable about their products and the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Some people do call online dispensaries to ask about the best products for their symptoms, so it pays to choose an online dispensary that’s familiar with what their products do.

Our resident cannabis connoisseurs, Jonathan and Erin, test the shopping experience for our readers. They check if the online dispensaries are really delivering what they promise – from browsing through the different products to checkout. They also test the products to see if they are, indeed, of good quality.

To connect our team’s experiences and bridge them to our readers, our writer, Sofia, puts everything into words to give you, our dear readers, a list of the reliable and trustworthy online dispensaries.

We confirm that we have placed orders with the dispensaries listed in our site, that they are legitimate, and that their products are of high quality.

How often do we write reviews about the best dispensaries?

It takes some time to complete a review. We have to personally gather the necessary data first and review them before we can add the dispensary to our list of the best online dispensaries. The most that we can do is to post about one to two online dispensary reviews per month. But rest assured though that we will add more to our list in the coming days, especially since their number is growing each month.

Top Online Dispensaries and the people behind it aim to help their readers choose the best dispensary that offers high-quality cannabis products through reviews.

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