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AC Medical Website Is Down! is a Canada based online dispensary that sells weed at a nominal price without compromising the quality. When we open the website all the product range is displayed in a very neat and clean manner. A simple and colorful theme along with easy to navigate website present a good image of the company!

All the prices are clearly laid out and do not attempt to confuse the customers with any sort of complex pricing. Also, there is a video on the homepage that shows how as a customer you can order the product(s) of your choice and can have them delivered on your doorstep in no time.

Online Presence

AC Medical has a fair bit of presence on the Internet.  There are a couple of websites (blogs) that have reviewed the products and services of AC Medical, and they give positive feedback. To attract new customers, it will be great if existing customers are requested to give feedback so it can be helpful for potential customers to make up their mind.

Check Reddit links below:

Products Range

The company sells a good range of weed related products that include Flowers (Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookie, Khalifa Kush, King Louis XIII, Mango and more), high-quality AAA and AAAA concentrates (Afghani Hash, Blonde Keif, Live Resin, Extracted Oils, Shatter and more) and some range of edibles such as capsules.

Pricing Policy

AC Medical has a loyalty program on its website to reward their customers. This program works in both ways; for the company, it is a viable marketing strategy to attract the customers, and for customers, it is a reward for staying loyal to the company. The registered members can get 1 percent (of their total purchase value) back in the form of points. Once they have enough points, they can use them for the next purchase which ultimately brings down the price for them.

The prices, as touched upon above, are very nominal and competitive. AC Medical uses a pricing model that is fair and trustworthy.

Shipping/Delivery Process

When you buy weed from the AC Medical the company will ship the order from its head office in Vancouver. The nearby customer will have a delivery window of 1-2 hours where customers living further away will have a delivery window of 3-5 days. The company has a streamlined mail order system in place and ensures that the customer does not face any problems in receiving their packages.

Once a customer makes a successful purchase on their website the accounts department then confirms the payment to packaging department who then starts the process of packaging with clearly labeled boxes.

The online weed seller offers free delivery on the order above $200 and charges its customers a reasonable delivery fee of $15 on orders below $200.

Personal experience with AC Medical

A few weeks ago, my friends wanted me to get them some weed as they thought I am good at it. I could not say no to them, so I decided to place an order online in accordance to their requirement and to save my time as well.

I came across this website (AC Medical) which seemed to be a legit company after doing some research and prices were also very cheap. So, I registered on the website and uploaded my ID. I ordered Bubble Gum and Love Potion (flowers) and some Capsules. After making the payment I received a confirmation email detailing the transaction and shipment details (2-3 days delivery window).

I received my package on the second day which was very efficient, but I found out that box I received was tempered and one of the flowers was missing. I panicked a little bit because my friends had trusted me with their money. I quickly got in touch with the support team and explained the situation. Allen, on the other end patiently listened to my complaint and promised to deal with this as soon as he can and he would give me a call back within 24 hours.

I got a call back from him within few hours confirming that he has made arrangements for the missing item to be delivered through their Fast Track system. He also provided me with the tracking number. I was really impressed and thanked him for his professionalism.

Once I received the missing flower the next day when I shared this experience with my friends also, and they seemed very impressed too with great customer service.

Final remarks

AC Medical is a reliable online company to buy the weed from. It has a great system in place to handle the orders, payments and a swift and effective delivery system is one of the many strengths of the company.

3 comments on “AC Medical Review

  1. Beardie says:

    My Master Kush Ultra just got delivered to me yesterday after ordering some online from I am pleasantly surprised by the fast shipment of the product and easy transaction. Good quality bud too. Lots of trichomes. Lovely aroma and flavor as well when I lit one. It got a smooth smoke and the effects hit me hard after about a couple of tokes.

  2. painer says:

    I’ve always suffered from chronic joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and have tried different strains to relieve it. Grease Monkey, so far, is the best for my symptoms. It completely removes my joint pains and helps me sleep at night. The flavor and its aroma are okay, but for its powerful high and pain relieving effects, I’ll choose this every time. Thank you AC Medical for the smooth and easy transaction and fast shipment!

  3. 1212 says:

    It felt like my whole body was melting in a warm liquid. I felt so completely relaxed. My head was clear, my anxieties gone, and my pain dissolved. Death Bubba produces the most excellent high. I will order some more from AC Medical again. Thank you for the high quality bud and fast shipping.

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