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First Look at Website

The first look on the company website is very convincing and decent. The website initially verifies the age of visitors which must be above 19. On the right side, there are sections which hold the most relevant information of each category which sells. All comprehensive information has been given to make a customer sure about the quality, service and shipping. The company’s team says that people trust them and they return it with high quality and best products (Ca, 2019). The content on the website is very simple, readable and quite convincing, further adds, more amount to the dependency of the customers.

Is Legit?

When one writes the company’s name on any search engine especially Google, there come multiple reviews besides the official website links. One of the website named Scamadviser, deliver a detailed article about, either this is a legit company or scam. All aspects of this particular are analyzed to bring out an outcome. Scamadviser algorithm gave a review to and titled its site as 100% safe and free of scam. This result is based upon collected data about the company from all given reviews within a company where the company’s website is hosted (Scamadviser, 2019). These all information is lately updated on 28-06-2019. Consequently, it shows that is a reliable and fully trustworthy company to buy weed online. Review sells a large number of products related to Marijuana especially Canadian online stores delivers the widest range of products. This huge collection enables the company to make customers who depend on this source to a great extent. The company serves the widest group of people with it’s not ending product providence. It does not let the people rely on something which is not properly working and has to take in as there is no other option. The company provides according to the need of its customers as what they really need at a different time and in different conditions (Pot, 2019). provides energetic cannabis strains which are Sativa-dominant and used in day timing to make it more creative for the consumer. It offers relaxing cannabis strains for the evening time. This ensures proper pain relieve and provides good sleeping factor. Shortly, this company provides three types of cannabis Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. Indica includes 43 specific products, Hybrid consists of 45 and Sativa includes 40 different products which serve different purposes.

Pricing and Loyalty Programs

Prices of products delivered by this company vary from each other. Starting from CAD 7.50 to CAD 210.55, all diverse categories of products are covered. The company claims that it provides the best price within all Canadian online stores. There is also available a discount scheme on big orders as 10% off on 14g Bags and 20% off on 28g Bags. The company also offers loyalty programs for buyers who order the first time. All first-time buyers are definitely to be ordering multiple times. That what makes, the most reliable Canadian online dispensary.

Shipping Process delivers fast. It provides its dependable service from Candia Post to the decided doorsteps of customers. The shipping is carried out within working days and it is not executed in provincial and national holidays due to the hurdles. If the customer orders on Monday, he is sure to get the order delivery on Wednesday, in rare cases, on Thursday. It shows shipping is made within 2 weekdays. There are no charges relating to the shipping. It is carried out.

Our Experience with

We were needed to have weed named Berry White. We searched through the internet the best site to buy this week. We found about and approached them through mail order. They immediately responded to our mail and replied to all inquiries which were made asked by our team. The major was about the price of the product which appeared to be CAD 7.50 as a sale was going on some particular products and my desired product was luckily in them. So we have to give CAD 7.50 instead of 8.50.

We confirm the order on Tuesday at about 9 pm. After was decided to get it delivered on the doorstep of our secret customer so Best Pot Delivery support was provided with all details regarding the address. He waited for Wednesday and half of Thursday. On 5 O’clock weed was delivered. For us, it was a reliable experience with this site. There was no mishap or any kind of tension which our team faced.

Final Words

The company’s team of says that people trust them and they return it with high quality and best products. Official site and its content adds more amount to the dependency of the customers and convinces them to rely on Scamadviser algorithm gave a review to bestpotdelivery and titled its site as 100% safe and free of scam. It shows that bestpotdelivery is a reliable and fully trustworthy company to buy weed online. There is available the widest range of products which can be accordingly bought to customer’s need. Prices are moderate and the shipping process is nice.

Fresh Coupons

5% Discount Coupon Code – BESTPOT5

Also Best Pot Delivery provides FREE GRAM of ordered weed with first order.

Overall Rating

Weed Quality 95%
Oil Quality 90%
Prices 85%
Delivery 90%
Support 90%

11 comments on “ Review

  1. Simon says:

    Really great place to buy some weed. There are some issues with delivery time but not critical.

  2. anon says:

    I am looking for a trusty MOM for half P and quarter P’s. Is this site reliable with good product.

  3. smokewithme says:

    First of all, thank you to the people behind Best Pot. You never fail to amaze me with your excellent quality buds and fast shipment of products. As for the buds I ordered, I absolutely loved the energizing high of Amnesia Haze Kush. It was insane! The aroma is great and I loved how delicate the flavors were.

  4. bubbleweed says:

    I recently ordered Bubble Gum from my favorite online dispensary, bestpot. It’s always a pleasure buying weed from them. Smooth and easy deal, premium grade flowers as well. Excellent staff, too. This bud is really superb. Gets me in the mood every time. It also relaxes me and controls my anxiety attacks.

  5. Dan says:

    Oct 23, the coupon is no longer valid.

  6. Dan says:

    It’s a 5..not a s on their coupon code as I initially thought.
    Still 15$ shipping over $200

    1. Joe Stone says:

      Hi Dan!
      We will resent your message to bestpotdelivery admins.

  7. Will says:

    Great prices and all you want but purchasing from there is a pain in the – you know what. It takes them 1 business day to accept the payment, one more day to verify your ID, another day to pack your order, an extra day to issue the shipping label and finally the 5th they ship it.
    I don’t know about others but for me is pretty annoying and after two purchases I got tired of it, even paying the $15 shipping, they can’t do it faster.

  8. Andrew says:

    I did NOT receive my last order from them. I tried doing a ticket on there web site, messaged on Facebook and even asked what to do on there Twitter and haven’t heard anything. My tacking number doesn’t show me were it is and canada post told me to contact bestpot for a resolution. But I cant get anyone to talk to me.

  9. Lloyd says:

    cannot connect to web page
    Message comes up —this site is not secure.
    they have made recent changes
    would you forward this message to bestpotdelivery
    for help

  10. Tyson says:

    Ordered from them on July 19th and they got paid from my account on the 20th, never got a confirmation/shipping email from them or any product yet and now it’s the 26th. Sent them a message, hopefully I hear back from them otherwise gotta look into fraud investigation. Never ordering from them again anyways. way better experience to order from

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