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bmwo review

BMWO Review

Domain Created: 2015

Operational Time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am -5:00 pm PST and excluding British Columbia’s statutory holiday’s

Promotions/Referal Programs/Affiliate Programs: Available

How to get in touch:, twitter

Looking for a reliable online company to purchase weed from is a really big concern, especially with the number of scam sites out there. One of the popular websites to order weed online is Today, we will look into the company and see if it is really the best place to order weed.

First Impressions

Looking into the website of pack a simple interface that is easy to navigate.  Ordering is secure and the products are well organized. You can easily find the information you are looking for. There is even a search bar added for customers who have a specific product they want to buy or wants to go over a specific category. The site also has an online chat pop-up that makes interacting with customer service easier.

However, browsing through the site you cannot immediately see the website security certificates that most high end online stores have. This does not mean that transacting via the website is not secure since most dealings with them have been quite secure. (Update on 10.07.19, BMWO has security certificate now).

Is Legit?

When you look for reviews on the internet, the majority of customers find the site trustworthy. Majority of the customers mostly give the company a rating of 4 and above. The company’s rating at averaged at 4.7 which higher than most online mail order marijuana providers out there. Although there are some setbacks, they are minor and are often offset by more favorable responses. This just proves that the products are indeed provided by a legit company.

Check Reddit links below:

Here you can check reviews on at TrustPilot your own:


Products Range

The company sells varied products. Mainly, these products are weeds under either: Cannabis and Concentrates. Cannabis is for those who prefer the old fashioned that wish to savor the plant itself. Cannabis strains offered are Indica, Sativa, Balanced-hybrid, AAAAA, AAAA, AAA, AA strains. Concentrates are more for those who want higher kick and more concentrated effects. Concentrates can either Shatter, Live-Resin/Rosin, Oil, Budder/Wax, Hash, and Edibles.  The site also has vape products, tinctures/topical, CBD, pet health weed products, and accessories such as rolling papers, pipes, bongs, lighters, and more.

Majority of the customers flock into buying from AAAAA strains with the highest-rated products Black Gold, Pink Panther, Tesla Hash, and Pink Rockstar. Vape liquids are also popular finds with the increasing popularity of vapes in Canada.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

The company offers a competitive pricing scheme much similar, if not a tad bit more expensive than the competitors. Most prices range from $20 – $50 for Cannabis and around $40 to $200 for Concentrates. Though maybe a bit expensive, you can buy cheaper if you avail the special offers.

Of course, with the popularity of the company, they also do not forget to give back to their customers by giving them some promotions. So far, the site only caters to Special Ounce Offers, where there are discount offers if you order by the ounce. The company also hold weekly flash sales and give monthly giveaways to lucky participants. Soon, the site will also have a loyalty program for loyal patrons and a referral program for those who can others to purchase their hash needs from

Shipping Process

If you are looking for an online dispensary for your marijuana needs, BMWO does not disappoint. If you buy items totaling to $99 and above, shipping is guaranteed free. Not only that, but the process is also easy. Reddit has separate thread according shipping from BMWO, check the link.

Here are the steps of order:

  1. Choose the product you want then add to cart.
  2. Proceed to the checkout where you will also be prompted to enter a discount code if you have one.
  3. Log in if you have an account of register you are not yet a member.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. During checkout confirmation, follow the instructions on how to pay via Interac E-transfer.
  6. Once payment is confirmed and received, your items will then be processed for shipping on the next business day.
  7. You will receive your Xpresspost tracking number after shipping is finalized. The item will then be delivered right to your doorstep.

Our Experience with BMWO

I have been dealing with for a while now. I have tried various other online dispensaries in the past and all of them disappointed me. One of those previous companies has scammed me almost $200 already which made me very picky on which sites I order my hash from. A friend then recommended So, I went to the website and purchased $3.5 grams of Black Gold (AAAAA) which cost me $42. Black Gold (AAAAA) was sold by grams with 3.5 grams at $42, 7 grams at $82, 14 grams at $150, and 28 grams at $260. The more your purchase, the higher the discount you will get on the prices.

bmwe strains

The strain attributes are also presented which makes it easier to compare which strain works best for you. The Black Gold, for example, showed the strain properties: 100% happiness, 75% relaxation, 74$ arousal, 67% uplifting nature, and $50 euphoria. The medical effects as well negative effects were also shown.

Aside from that, the products also have star ratings where customers can rate the product and write a review for future customers to view. I think that this feature is very helpful since this is what I mainly look at when I buy my weed but not all online sellers have this feature.

Paying via Interac E-transfer was good although it would’ve been better if they accept PayPal or credit card. The shipping is fast. I live in Ontario and I received the package just 2 days after I ordered which is great!


In terms of customer satisfaction, buymyweedonline does not disappoint. I have personally dealt with them before until now and they still live up to their promise. In terms of pricing, they can be more expensive than other online weed sellers out there, but you can be sure though that the quality is good. You will get what you paid for. The website is easy to navigate.

However, the payment scheme is not that convenient. As of the moment, they only accept payments in Interact email transfer. For those who are used to paying via PayPal or credit cards, this system may not be that convenient although it becomes easier once you get the hang of it.PONS

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  1. Jane says:


  2. Vaper says:

    The site is really good. I would like to try vaping and BMWO 1g carts range ftom 50 to 75 $. I think this a good price.

  3. loneranger says:

    The good reviews of Chocolate Kush had me curious so I ordered one from buymyweedonline. It’s not bad at all. I expected more of a chocolate scent, but this one’s okay. The high was pleasant and lasted longer than I expected. I felt an improvement in my anxiety and noticed I was calmer and more relaxed. I am going to buy more of this.

  4. greatpot says:

    Whenever I itch for some Bubba Kush, I always go to buymyweedonline for their fast shipment of products. Their products are always the best, premium grade and potent. And their Bubba Kush did not disappoint. I enjoyed the traces of Kush and coffee , but I enjoyed the high more. Perfect for a relaxing night.

  5. oneadnonly says:

    There’s only one online dispensary that I keep coming back to, and that’s It’s always a smooth and fast transaction with them. I recently tried their Strawberry Cough over the weekend, and I must say it has the most amazing aroma and flavor. Be warned, the high is pretty potent but a great stress buster.

  6. Paul says:

    They do not have their site as .. ca. it is now . com

  7. Brian says:

    Buyer beware, they are scammers and all the reviews are fake. Do your research

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