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First Look at Website

The first look on the company website is very convincing and decent. The website initially verifies the age of visitors which must be above 19. On the right side, there are sections which hold the most relevant information of each category which sells. All comprehensive information has been given to make a customer sure about the quality, service and shipping. The company’s team says that people trust them and they return it with high quality and best products (Ca, 2019). The content on the website is very simple, readable and quite convincing, further adds, more amount to the dependency of the customers.

Is Legit?

When one writes the company’s name on any search engine especially Google, there come multiple reviews besides the official website links. One of the website named Scamadviser, deliver a detailed article about, either this is a legit company or scam. All aspects of this particular are analyzed to bring out an outcome. Scamadviser algorithm gave a review to and titled its site as 100% safe and free of scam. This result is based upon collected data about the company from all given reviews within a company where the company’s website is hosted (Scamadviser, 2019). These all information is lately updated on 28-06-2019. Consequently, it shows that is a reliable and fully trustworthy company to buy weed online. Review sells a large number of products related to Marijuana especially Canadian online stores delivers the widest range of products. This huge collection enables the company to make customers who depend on this source to a great extent. The company serves the widest group of people with it’s not ending product providence. It does not let the people rely on something which is not properly working and has to take in as there is no other option. The company provides according to the need of its customers as what they really need at a different time and in different conditions (Pot, 2019). provides energetic cannabis strains which are Sativa-dominant and used in day timing to make it more creative for the consumer. It offers relaxing cannabis strains for the evening time. This ensures proper pain relieve and provides good sleeping factor. Shortly, this company provides three types of cannabis Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. Indica includes 43 specific products, Hybrid consists of 45 and Sativa includes 40 different products which serve different purposes.

Pricing and Loyalty Programs

Prices of products delivered by this company vary from each other. Starting from CAD 7.50 to CAD 210.55, all diverse categories of products are covered. The company claims that it provides the best price within all Canadian online stores. There is also available a discount scheme on big orders as 10% off on 14g Bags and 20% off on 28g Bags. The company also offers loyalty programs for buyers who order the first time. All first-time buyers are definitely to be ordering multiple times. That what makes, the most reliable Canadian online dispensary.

Shipping Process delivers fast. It provides its dependable service from Candia Post to the decided doorsteps of customers. The shipping is carried out within working days and it is not executed in provincial and national holidays due to the hurdles. If the customer orders on Monday, he is sure to get the order delivery on Wednesday, in rare cases, on Thursday. It shows shipping is made within 2 weekdays. There are no charges relating to the shipping. It is carried out.

Our Experience with

We were needed to have weed named Berry White. We searched through the internet the best site to buy this week. We found about and approached them through mail order. They immediately responded to our mail and replied to all inquiries which were made asked by our team. The major was about the price of the product which appeared to be CAD 7.50 as a sale was going on some particular products and my desired product was luckily in them. So we have to give CAD 7.50 instead of 8.50.

We confirm the order on Tuesday at about 9 pm. After was decided to get it delivered on the doorstep of our secret customer so Best Pot Delivery support was provided with all details regarding the address. He waited for Wednesday and half of Thursday. On 5 O’clock weed was delivered. For us, it was a reliable experience with this site. There was no mishap or any kind of tension which our team faced.

Final Words

The company’s team of says that people trust them and they return it with high quality and best products. Official site and its content adds more amount to the dependency of the customers and convinces them to rely on Scamadviser algorithm gave a review to bestpotdelivery and titled its site as 100% safe and free of scam. It shows that bestpotdelivery is a reliable and fully trustworthy company to buy weed online. There is available the widest range of products which can be accordingly bought to customer’s need. Prices are moderate and the shipping process is nice.

October Coupons

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Also Best Pot Delivery provides FREE GRAM of ordered weed with first order.

Overall Rating

Weed Quality 95%
Oil Quality 90%
Prices 85%
Delivery 90%
Support 90%

EverGreen Medicinal Review

EVERGREEN Medicinal: Company Profile and Overview

EVERGREEN Medicinal is a BC-based online dispensary that takes pride in sourcing and providing premium cannabis and cannabis-based products. Like most MOM dispensaries, EVERGREEN Medicinal offers more than just flowers – featuring edibles, concentrates, and essentials. This dispensary values quality and variety, speedy delivery, and the security and privacy of its customers.

This mail order dispensary strives to ensure that patients get access to high-quality cannabis strains at competitive prices. It also guarantees that its cannabis products can provide relief to patients suffering from certain disorders and medical conditions. EVERGREEN Medicinal has invested time in establishing relationships with BCs finest growers to ensure its customers get the best value for their money.

Review of according to the Web

According to customer reviews from Reddit, EVERGREEN Medicinal is a remarkable MOM dispensary. All their strains are well cured, and their customer service is impeccable. Customers state that the dispensary’s online chat function is always active, and as such, customers can talk to a live person at any given point of the day or night.

According to reviews from Craigslist, customers assert that EVERGREEN Medicinal is an excellent MOM with premium strains. Customers also state that this dispensary’s customer service is dedicated, friendly, and cooperative. Their strains are fresh, pungent, and healthy-looking. Delivery is fast, and if there is an issue with your order, the dispensary discounts your next order.

Check Reddit links below:

Egmedicinal Product Assortment

Many online dispensaries claim to provide high-quality cannabis at affordable prices. This is not always the case since many dispensaries provide substandard products that do not meet the expectations of the user. However, when it comes to EVERGREEN Medicinal, you do not have to worry because this is a legit company that strives to provide top-tier cannabis products.

In the flower section, the dispensary offers:

  • Indica
  • Hybrid
  • Sativa

In the edibles section, the dispensary provides:

  • Sours
  • Gummies
  • Lollipops

In the concentrate section, the dispensary offers:

  • Dabs
  • Hash
  • Oils
  • Budder 
  • Shatter
  • CBD

EVERGREEN Medicinal Prices and Loyalty Programs

EVERGREEN Medicinal sets affordable prices for its cannabis products. For example, currently on their website, there are a few best-sellers that are cheaply priced:

  • Twisted Extracts Cherry Jelly Bomb THC  — $10.00
  • Mary’s Edibles Gummies 140mg THC — $12.00
  • Twisted Extracts Apple Jelly Bomb THC — $10.00

Some of this dispensary’s strains cost more compared to other online dispensaries. This is because EVERGREEN Medicinal charge GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is included in the checkout price. The dispensary also has coupon codes which you can use to discount your order.

EVERGREEN Medicinal has a fantastic loyalty program. The company rewards you with EG points when you refer a friend. When you purchase a product, you also get EG rewards. For example, if you buy the Citrix AAAA, the dispensary gives you 400 EG rewards. You can use these rewards to partially or wholly discount your purchase.

EVERGREEN Medicinal Shipping Process

When you buy weed from EVERGREEN Medicinal, you get free shipping on orders above $150. The dispensary ships all orders via Canada Post. You also get a tracking number from the dispensary via email once your order is shipped. EVERGREEN Medicinal has different shipping times for different locations:

  • Major Urban Locations: 1-2 Business Days
  • Non-Major Urban Locations: 2-3 Business Days
  • Northern Regions and Remote Areas: 3-5 Business Days

EVERGREEN Medicinal does not reimburse for lost packages. Further, if the package is routed and sent back because your address is incorrect, the company will consider the package as lost and will not incur any costs for your lost package.

Personal Experience with EVERGREEN Medicinal

As I was shopping for this review, the Gorilla Glue 4 and the Raspberry ZZZ caught my eye. But, before I could place an order, I had to complete a few steps because it was my first time registering with the company.

  1. I had to log in with my email and password,
  2. I had to upload my photo ID 
  3. I had to choose a secure password for the account, and
  4. I had to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Once I completed these steps, I added my items to the cart and made a secure payment through e-transfer. I placed my order on Monday, and it was processed and shipped the same day. The dispensary emailed my tracking number the following day.

My package arrived on Wednesday, which was within the estimated delivery period. This made me feel like the dispensary is trustworthy as they stayed true to their word. My products arrived neatly packed in separate airtight bags. The airtight bags were wrapped in light cardboard to safeguard everything. The package also indicated the strain and weight, as well as a safe consumption warning.

When opened, the Gorilla Glue 4 produced an enjoyable aroma of sweet fruits and dry grass. The buds were gorgeous and fresh. When smoked, the Gorilla Glue 4 produced a smooth smoke with no harshness with a fruity, citrusy flavor. It gave me the effects I desired; however, the effects did not last too long.

The Raspberry ZZZ was not too mushy. It came as one solid “brick.” This meant that I had to dose myself individually. The flavor was strong with high notes of raspberry and strawberry. It produced a smooth and mellow calm. However, the effects did not last too long because the edible was small.

Final Thoughts on EVERGREEN Medicinal

EVERGREEN Medicinal is a reliable MOM that provides high-quality cannabis products. Their customer service is polite and friendly, and they are always willing to provide virtual help to customers that need assistance.

EVERGREEN Medicinal has a vast assortment of cannabis products to cater to patients with varying needs. The dispensary also knows that discretion is important. As such, packages arrive in a medium-sized box that can fit inside most standard mailboxes; guaranteeing no snoopy neighbors or postal workers.

EVERGREEN Medicinal also has crazy discounts and an amazing loyalty program, which is a bonus for the dispensary. I would recommend this MOM to anyone who needs cannabis or cannabis-based products for their medical needs.

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Company Profile and Overview is an online dispensary that strives to connect Canadians with premium flowers. The dispensary has a vast array of cannabis products ranging from edibles to extracts. The virtual support staff of this dispensary is friendly, courteous, and more than willing to answer any inquiries about their products.

This mail-order marijuana dispensary tests all its cannabis products to ensure that they only ship top-tier strains. The dispensary also guarantees security, privacy, speedy delivery, and quality. has an easy-to-use website which makes it easy for non-tech savvy customers to navigate their website. With, cannabis users of legal age can enjoy some of the juiciest, crystal-laden buds around.

Customers’ Opinions about

Reddit is filled with positive reviews about Customers state that the MOM has some of the best quality cannabis in the market. Their cannabis products are distinct, potent, and have gorgeous thick nugs. A majority of customer reviews from Reddit are of praises to for its Gorilla Glue #4. Customers also commend the MOM for having AAAA quality products and neat packaging.

Craigslist has a plethora of positive reviews from satisfied customers. A majority of customers state that ordering from was the smoothest experience they have ever had with a MOM. The dispensary has a wide selection of cannabis products; especially their edible section, which is sure to satisfy any desire. Customers assert that is a reliable company with unmatched product quality and that they deliver big, healthy buds.

Check Reddit links below:

BC Bud Store Product Assortment does not fall short when it comes to product assortment. 

In its Edibles section, the dispensary provides:

  • Brownies,
  • Cookies,
  • Crackers,
  • Chocolate, 
  • Soft Candy, and
  • Hard Candies.

In its Extracts Section, the dispensary offers:

  • CBD,
  • Distillate,
  • Oil,
  • Rosin,
  • Shatter, and
  • Tinctures.

In its CBD Section, the company offers:

  • Rick Simpson Oil,
  • Edible Oil,
  • Tea, and
  • Syrups and Spreads.

In its Flower Section, the company provides:

  • Hybrid 
  • Sativa 
  • Indica 

When you buy weed from, you are sure to find the product you are seeking. The company has a wide assortment of cannabis and cannabis-based products to ensure that different customers with different cannabis preferences get what they need.

Prices and Loyalty Programs is a legit company with some of the most affordable prices out there. To give you a rough idea of how affordable they are, their LOW KEY – Discreet Vape goes for $1.95. Their Zen Medicals – Topical goes for $15.00, and their Boveda 62%RH goes for $9.95. You can enjoy some of’s premium products without having to worry too much about the cost. has an exciting loyalty points program. On each sale, all store members automatically receive a point reward which is valued at 5 percent of their cart total. For every point you get, you are given 1 cent, which means that if you get100 points, you will have a sub-total of $1.00. Points expire one year after you earn them, so spend those points!

Shipping Process has a flat shipping rate of $18 across Canada. Due to regulations, the company does not ship outside Canada. The company processes all orders as soon as they receive your payment.
Payments for orders made between 11 am, and 2 pm on Monday thru Friday are shipped the same day. Orders paid after that deadline on weekdays are shipped the next day. And orders paid for on Friday will be shipped on Monday. does not ship on weekends or holidays.

Delivery depends on Canada Post’s estimates for shipping and varies by location. Delivery can take up to 2-5 days, especially in more rural or remote areas. You can insure your order for a $2 fee that covers orders up to $420. If there is an issue with your order, bring it to the attention of the company within two weeks after placing the order. After two weeks, the company has a right to refuse compensation.

Personal Experience with

  1. Apply for membership,
  2. Upload a copy of my government-issued ID (e.g., passport, license),
  3. Read and agree to the Terms of Use, 
  4. Add items to my shopping cart,
  5. Pay for my order via Interac E-Transfer.

I ordered the Gorilla Glue #4 because as I was shopping for this review online, a majority of the customer reviews were praising the Gorilla Glue #4 from I placed my order on Tuesday morning, and it was shipped later that day. Later that evening, the dispensary sent me a tracking number via email.

My package was delivered on Friday afternoon, which was within the delivery period. The box they sent was gorgeous with their logo engraved on it. As I opened the package, the care that put into the packaging was evident. The package was vacuum-sealed. The Gorilla Glue #4 was in an individual sealed tin can. None of the buds were squished or compressed.

The buds had flecks of olive and forest greens, and the nuggets had hundreds of vibrant pale-red pistils. Moreover, the buds had thousand of white crystal trichomes that gleamed in the light. When smoked, the Gorilla Glue #4 produced rich, thick clouds of some. It also produced an earthy, spicy flavor, and left me with a tongue-tingling sensation that was exceptionally satisfying.

The vape experience was out of this world. As I continued vaping, Gorilla Glue #4 produced a woody aroma which reminded me of a campfire. It had a pungent and potent flavor and a smooth and invigorating vapor that had me going back again and again. I now understand what the hype behind the Gorilla Glue #4 was all about.

Final Thoughts on is a trustworthy company that delivers nothing but the best. The Gorilla Glue #4 I sampled from surpassed my expectations, and I see myself ordering from them again and again. The wide selection of delicious edibles and premium cannabis products provided by this MOM make it stand out from other dispensaries in the market.

The detail that goes into the packaging shows that this dispensary wants their products to arrive at customers’ doorsteps in pristine condition. So far, my experience with is one of the best I have had with a MOM dispensary. If you are looking for a vast assortment of edibles, flower, and oils, is the dispensary for you. Review

Company Profile and Overview

Cheebas is a mail order marijuana dispensary that is located out of BC. Despite this, Cheebas delivers to every territory and province within Canada. Cheebas has a couple of philosophies, but their main philosophy is, “We’re only happy if you’re happy.” The dispensary takes pride in doing whatever it takes to satisfy its clientele. This means speedy shipping, premium cannabis products, the privacy of customers, and reliable customer service.

Cheebas has an easy-to-navigate website. The simple menu has a step-by-step layout that takes customers through the ordering process and provides information about what is needed before placing an order. Most of Cheebas’ staff consists of pot-lovers, and they want to make the process of buying weed as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Customers’ Opinions about

Craigslist has both positive and negative reviews of Cheebas; but, the positives outweigh the negatives. Customers state that Cheebas has fast delivery, excellent quality, and amazing customer service. Moreover, many first time customers state that they received a free sample shatter with their first order. Customers also complain that some of the pictures and descriptions of the vapes are exactly the same but priced differently. For example, one vape is $65.00, and the other is $110.00, but it is not clear why the same product is priced differently.

Customer opinions about Cheebas from Reddit are mostly negative. Customers assert that Cheebas has an outstanding flower lineup, as well as delicious edibles. However, Cheebas fall short when it comes to getting orders correct. Customers complain that Cheebas mixes up orders on a regular basis. One particular customer even gave an account whereby Cheebas mixed up his order three times. Another prevalent complaint among the customers was poor packaging. Some customers state that their packages were not vacuum-sealed, partially open, or airtight.

Check Reddit links below:

Cheebas Product Assortment

Cheebas has a vast assortment of cannabis and cannabis-based products.

In the Flower Section, the dispensary provides:

  • Indica,
  • Sativa,
  • Hybrid, and
  • Living Soil Organics.

In the Concentrate Section, the dispensary offers; 

  • High Grade,
  • Shatter,
  • Diamonds,
  • Rosin, and
  • Live Resin, distilled THC.

In the Edibles Section, Cheebas provides:

  • Brownies,
  • Beverages,
  • Cookies,
  • Chocolate, and 
  • Candies 

Cheebas also provides:

  • Pre-Rolls,
  • Hash,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Vapes,
  • Pets,
  • Combos,
  • CBD, and
  • Capsules and Oils. 

When you buy cannabis from Cheebas, you will get to choose from their large variety of cannabis products. You will also get to enjoy delicious edibles and high-quality imported and domestic hash. 

Cheebas’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Cheebas is one of the cheapest MOMs in Canada. You do not have to rush to the bank every time you need to buy weed from Cheebas. The top sellers that are currently on their site are going for low prices. For example:

  • Gold Seal Hash –  $5.00 per gram,
  • Death Bubba Indica – $6.00 per gram,
  • Moby Dick Sativa – $8.25 per gram, and
  • Afghani Cream Hash – $14.00 per gram.

Cheebas has a great loyalty program. If you tell a friend about Cheebas and persuade them to make an order, the online dispensary will give you $30 credit, and your friend will receive $20 on their second order.

When your friend makes a payment for their order, you can request them to write your name in the comment section of their E-transfer. When Cheebas representatives see your name, they will issue credits.

Cheebas’s Shipping Process

Immediately Cheebas receives your payment, they prepare and ship your package. If you place and pay for your order before noon on a business day, the company will ship your order that same day.

Cheebas ships all orders above $200 for free. Orders less than $200 have a flat rate of $18.50. All orders are shipped via Canada Post Express and take 2-3 business days for major cities in Canada, and 3-5 business days for remote locations.

Cheebas covers all orders until they get to the buyer’s hands. If there is an issue in the post, the dispensary will replace your order. This is a legit company that strives to ensure that customers get what they ordered.

Personal Experience with Cheebas

As I was going through Cheebas’s website, I eyeballed the Lemon Sour Diesel, but before I could order and purchase cannabis from Cheebas, I had to:

  1. Create an account. 
  2. Provide valid, government-issued ID for registration,
  3. Place my order,
  4. Pay for my products via E-transfer, and
  5. Check my email for tracking information.

I placed my order on Wednesday morning, and it was delivered at my doorstep on Friday afternoon. This was impressive because they delivered it within the estimated period. However, I was disappointed with the packaging. As far as I know, a package is supposed to be vacuum-sealed, but my package was partially sealed, which dried out the Lemon Sour Diesel.

Even though the Lemon Sour Diesel was dried out, it had a citrusy lemon scent that lived up to its namesake. The nuggets were medium-sized, with a pale green complexion and bright orange pistils. When smoked, it produced a cloud of heavy, thick smoke that irritated my throat on inhale, causing me to cough. It also gave me cottonmouth, so I recommend having a glass of water on hand. The high was non-sedating and heavy-hitting, which is exactly what I wanted.

Final Thoughts on Cheebas

Cheebas is not the most trustworthy MOM, but when it comes to product quality, customer service, and product variety, it is one of the best. Cheebas weighs heavy when packing orders, so you get a little bit more on top of what you ordered, and sometimes the company throws in freebies to show their appreciation. The best feature about Cheebas is that it insures all orders and you do not have to pay an insurance fee. This is something I have not seen with other MOMs out there.

Cheebas needs to step up when it comes to packaging because so far, their packaging is one of the poorest I have seen. Their cannabis is potent and pungent, and the smoke experience is excellent.

THC Delivery Review

THC Delivery Company Profile and Overview is an online dispensary that provides a host of cannabis products to Canadians of legal age. The dispensary values quality and assortment of product, fast and reliable delivery, trustworthiness, and the privacy and security of its clients. The dispensary has an incredible rewards program, as well as massive discounts on future purchases for clients who sign up.

THC Delivery has an easy-to-navigate website; you will find the product you want at the click of a button. When it comes to cannabis products, THC Delivery carries CBD oils, concentrates, flowers, skincare, and pet products. If you are unsure about which strain to buy, this mail order dispensary provides multi-packs that contain a sample of various cannabis products.

Review of according to Reddit and Craigslist

According to customer reviews from Reddit, THC Delivery has an impressive collection of cannabis products. But, customers complain that the dispensary sets high prices for its products, which are substandard compared to other MOMs. A prevalent complaint among the customers is that THC Delivery edits their comments section and do not allow the genuine opinions of customers to make it onto their website.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Craigslist, customers assert that THC Delivery has buds that look and taste good. However, customers complain that the dispensary’s buds fail to make them feel even slightly elevated. The dispensary claims that all its strains are potent, with “upwards of 30% THC.” But, the high from most of its cannabis products is mellow and mild. Customers are also not so happy that their strains go for a higher price compared to that of competitors.

THC Delivery Product Assortment

The internet is awash with fake online dispensaries that provide low-quality cannabis; THC Dispensary is not one them. THC Delivery is a legit company with a wide selection of cannabis products. 

In its flower category, THC Delivery offers:

  • CBD,
  • Hybrid,
  • Sativa, and
  • Indica.

In its CBD section, the dispensary provides:

  • CBD Vape,
  • CBD Capsules,
  • CBD for Pets.
  • CBD Tinctures, and
  • CBD Oil and Tears. 

In its Concentrate section, the dispensary offers:

  • Shatter,
  • Hash,
  • Distillate, and 
  • Vape Pens.

In the Edibles section, the company offers:

  • Chocolate Bars,
  • Capsules,
  • Drinks,
  • Brownies,
  • Cookies, and
  • Candies. 

In its Accessories section, the company provides:

  • Vape Pens,
  • Batteries,
  • Grinders,
  • Rolling Papers, and
  • Rolling Trays.

THC Delivery’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

THC Delivery in one of Canada’s cheapest online dispensaries. To give you a rough idea, currently on their website, one of the best selling strains is the Bentley OG, and it goes for $9.50 per gram. CBD capsules go for $7 per pop. And shatter concentrates go for $45 per gram. These might not be the lowest prices around town, but bear in mind the quality, as well as the ease of purchasing from the comfort of one’s home.

THC Delivery has one of the best loyalty programs in Canada. The company offers a comprehensive reward program to its loyal clients. With THC Delivery, you earn points for:

Buying Products. When you buy weed from this dispensary, you earn one percent of your purchase back in THC Delivery points. These points are applied to your account once you complete an order.

Logging In . When you log into your account, you earn five THC Delivery points.

Referring Friends. When you refer friends, you earn 2,500 THC Delivery points. These points reflect in your account upon the completion of the first order of the customer you referred. The friend you refer also earns 2,500 points for being referred.

You can accumulate THC Delivery points and apply them toward your future orders to partially or entirely discount your order.

THCDelivery’s Shipping Process

With THC Delivery, shipping costs $19.99 via XpressPost to anywhere in Canada. If you order products worth $220 or more, THC Delivery provides free shipping. 

You will get a tracking number once the company has packed and dropped your package at the courier. Your tracking number will be unavailable until your package is scanned by the courier, which is normally by the end of the same business day.

 THC Delivery has different shipping times for different locations:

  • Major Urban Areas: 1-2 Business Days,
  • Remote Areas & Northern Regions: 3-5 Business Days, and
  • Non-Major Urban Areas: 2-3 Business Days.

Personal Experience with THC Delivery

As I was shopping for this review on THC Delivery, the Pineapple Express and Citrus Skunk caught my eye. But, before I could make a purchase, I had to complete a few steps mandated by the dispensary. I had to:

  1. Create a THC Delivery account,
  2. Attach picture of my government-issued ID for age verification,
  3. Add my preferred items to the shopping cart,
  4. Pay for my order via Interac E-Transfer.

I placed my order on Wednesday morning, and THC Delivery shipped it later that evening. My package arrived at my doorstep on Friday afternoon, which was within their estimated 2-3 days delivery period. When it comes to delivery, THC Delivery is reliable.

My products arrived in vacuum-sealed, odor-proof, and airtight bags. Additionally, my order arrived in a discreet, unlabelled Canada XpressPost. My package was sent out with a signature upon delivery request. This was a bonus for the dispensary because it sought to ensure that customer orders go to the right individual.

Out of the airtight bag, the Pineapple Express had a sweet, tropical scent. It had small, compressed buds which looked like they needed to be trimmed. When smoked, it produced a sweet, topical, and pineapple-like flavor. It did not give me the high I expected; the high was very mellow and mild. Instead, it gave me cottonmouth and dry eyes.

The Citrus Skunk had sticky and bushy buds. When smoked, it produced a tangy, citrusy, orange-like flavor. It gave me a euphoric buzz which transformed into a calming high after a while. I loved this strain, the flavor was very strong, and the effects were as desired. I am more of an indica person, but I will definitely but the Citrus Skunk again.

Final Thoughts on THC Delivery

THC Delivery has an impressive catalog of marijuana products. So far, their loyalty and reward program is the best I have seen in Canada. The company’s website is easy-to-use, and finding a certain product is an easy task. The prices of their products are on the higher side, but this might be because the company includes GST (Goods and Services Tax) in all its prices. THC Delivery guarantees online discretion, speedy delivery, vast product selection, and physical safety. However, the dispensary edits its comment section, and a majority of the reviews that make it onto the website are positive, while the negative, genuine reviews are deleted. This makes the dispensary less trustworthy because they want to paint a feigned image of themselves to the public. Review

Herb Approach Company Information

Herb Approach is an online dispensary that provides a plethora of high-quality strains. They get their cannabis from BC growers who uphold high growing standards. They focus on trust, service, delivery, quality, and security.

Ordering cannabis online is a simple process with Herb Approach. You need to provide your government-issued Identification Card, add items to your cart, and make a payment. Delivery comes shortly after completing this simple process. Herb Approach prides itself in having top-quality BC bud at affordable prices. You can tell that they have premium strains by looking at the pictures of each of their cannabis products. Reviews (Reddit, Trustpilot)

As reviewed on Reddit, Herb Approach has an easy to use site and account system. Users receive a confirmation on their orders almost immediately. The company also stays true to its shipping estimation of two to three business days. Their products arrive in a vacuum-sealed box which is small enough to fit in a standard mailbox.

Check Reddit links below:

As reviewed on Trustpilot, Herb Approach has a wide cannabis variety. They also have excellent customer service and offer edible, tincture, and topical options. Users can also use promotional codes to get discounts on their orders. The company also offers some benefits for shipping, exchanges, and returns.

Is Herb Approach Legit?

Herb Approach is a legit company. This dispensary has an extensive selection of flowers. The flowers are broken down into five categories: Moon Rocks, indica, pre-rolled, sativa, and hybrid. With Herb Approach, finding the right flower is easy. All you need to do is choose one of the categories and set filters that specify your price range, new arrival, or popularity.

Herb Approach also has cannabis concentrates. They offer phoenix tears, hash, distillate, wax, oil, shatter, and vaporizers. All these are extracted from premium buds to produce unmatched quality products with high THC.

Herb Approach offers edibles. When you browse the site’s edible section, you will see various categories, including candies, drinks, chocolates, cakes, and foods. The dispensary also offers CBD. The most popular CBD products they offer are the Lemon Grass Temple CBD Tea and the 450mg CBD Tincture.

Herb Approach Pricing and Loyalty Programs

When you buy weed from Herb Approach, you get to enjoy special pricing and loyalty programs. The dispensary offers special pricing and special discounts according to store policy. They do not provide the following discounts: teacher discounts, military discounts, student discounts, and senior discounts.

Herb Approach has the best loyalty point system. All the company’s members earn 2% money back on their purchases. They have flash sales which provide massive savings on select cannabis products. When a flash deal is on, a strain such as the Sweet Tooth which goes for $316 is reduced to $175.

Shipping Process

If you order cannabis from Herb Approach and your payment is processed before 9 am, they will ship your package that same day. All orders placed after 9 am are shipped out the following day. The minimum amount you can spend on an order is $100. When you spend more than $150, you will get free shipping. If the total amount of your order is below $150, you will be charged $15 for shipping.

Your mail-order will be sent via Canada Post Xpress Post. Your order will also be insured if you select that option during checkout. An additional fee is charged when you choose to insure your package. You will be given a tracking number when your package is shipped.

Personal Experience with Herb Approach

Ordering cannabis from Herb Approach was a simple process for me. Once I got into their easy-to-navigate-website, I registered my account and proceeded to browse through their vast array of marijuana products. They have everything from flowers, concentrates, CBD, edibles, topical, and tinctures.

As soon as I found the strain I was looking for, I placed an order and received confirmation almost immediately. The package arrived two days after I placed my order. This proved that the dispensary is trustworthy since they were true to their shipping estimation.

As for their products, the flower I received was neatly packaged and labeled. The flower arrived in a vacuum-sealed box which fit right into my mailbox. In terms of freshness and fragrance, the flower checked out.

I proceeded to weigh the flower when I retrieved it from the box because I wanted to confirm if its weight coincided with what I ordered. The weight was not exact. It was -0.05g, which is not a considerable difference.

Herb Approach tops the list when it comes to fast shipping, fair priced items, and discreet packaging. I also got to enjoy their point system where you exchange points for a discount on your next order. The point system took off $30 on my second order.

Final Thoughts about Herb Approach

Herb Approach is a reliable company that should be on the radar of all cannabis users. They have a wide cannabis variety, good delivery times, and incredible customer service. They also offer tincture, edible, topical, concentrates, and CBD options. So, if you have any cannabis needs, they will be met by Herb Approach. Review is an online dispensary that supplies a large variety of organically grown cannabis. Mail Order Marijuana has one of the largest assortments of fresh strains in Canada. Professional growers grow all cannabis products sold by Mail Order Marijuana. These growers have more than 20 years of experience in growing cannabis in Kootenay.

This mail order cannabis dispensary does not compromise on security and privacy. It uses top-notch security, including PCI and SSL compliance. It also uses an encrypted email service to secure payments. With Mail Order Marijuana, privacy and security are guaranteed. Customers can enjoy organically grown cannabis without having to worry about their safety online. Reviews According to Reddit and Trustpilot

According to Reddit, customers state that Mail Order Marijuana has an impressive selection of cannabis products. Customers assert that Mail Order Marijuana has impeccable customer service. Mail Order Marijuana’s representatives are always available online. As such, they cater to the cannabis needs and wants of their clientele effectively. Mail Order Marijuana also has an easy to use interface. Canadians without much tech-savvy can navigate and find their desired marijuana products with ease.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Trustpilot, Mail Order Marijuana is one of the best MOMs in Canada. Customers assert that Mail Order Marijuana is an excellent dispensary with amazing strains. Customers also state that their customer service is dedicated, cooperative, and friendly. Their buds are fresh, pungent, and healthy-looking. Delivery is also fast. If there is an issue with an order, Mail Order Marijuana gives you a discount your next order.

Is Mail Order Marijuana Legit?

Mail Order Marijuana is a legit company. Mail Order Marijuana upholds the safety of its clientele. The company encrypts emails and order information with SSL security. If a customer is found to be below 19 years, the company cancels that order. Mail Order Marijuana only sells marijuana to individuals of legal ages.

Mail Order Marijuana has a vast product range.

In its Marijuana section, the company provides

  • Sativa Cannabis Strains
  • Indica Cannabis Strains
  • Hybrid Weed Strains

In its Concentrate section, the company offers:

  • THC Distillate
  • Hash and Hashish 
  • Weed Oil Vape Cartridges
  • Marijuana Budder Wax
  • Shatter Weed Concentrate
  • Solvent Free Rosin
  • Live Resin

 In the Edibles section, the company offers:

  • Candy
  • Cooking
  • Baked Goods
  • Beverages
  • Chocolate

In the Devices and Accessories section, the dispensary provides:

  • Grinders
  • Vaporizers
  • Trays
  • Weighing Scales
  • Papers and Filters

Mail Order Marijuana has a vast array of cannabis, edibles, concentrates. For the convenience of the customer, Mail Order Marijuana grades their products from AAAAA to AA. So, when you buy weed from this dispensary, you can rest easy knowing that you get the potency you want.

Mail Order Marijuana’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Mail Order Marijuana has the best prices for its marijuana products. Added to this, Mail Order Marijuana has an awesome price match policy. If an identical product goes for let’s say $10 on Mail Order Marijuana and $5 on another dispensary, Mail Order Marijuana will sell it to you using their competitor’s price. All you have to do is send a link or a screenshot of the product that shows the product price, name, and company. Amazing, right?

Mail Order Marijuana’s loyalty program is equally amazing. When you invite new members to join Mail Order Marijuana, you get points. When you write a review of the company, you also get rewarded with points. Another perk of Mail Order Marijuana’s loyalty program is their refund policy. If your product is incorrect or defective, you can return it. Mail Order Marijuana will refund your purchase, including the shipping fee.

Mail Order Marijuana’s Shipping Process

Mail Order Marijuana ships all its packages via Canada Post. Under its shipping guarantees, Mail Order Marijuana insures the “Do Not Safe Drop” and not the “Safe Drop” delivery option. Unfortunately, this dispensary does not ship to Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario, and Nunavut. This is because of the high theft rate. If Mail Order Marijuana ships your package to any of these locations, they will not send you a replacement package if your package is stolen or lost in transition. If your shipment is rendered “not recoverable,” this reliable dispensary will send you a replacement package. All packages are delivered between 1-3 business days.

Personal Experience with Mail Order Marijuana

When I was browsing through Mail Order Marijuana, the Durban Poison and the Champagne Kush caught my eye. But, before I could order these items, I had to complete a few steps. These included:

  1. Creating an account with Mail Order Marijuana
  2. Uploading a copy of my ID for age verification
  3. Adding my chosen items to the cart
  4. Sending my payment via Interac E-Transfer

I placed my order on Tuesday morning. Mail Order Marijuana shipped it later that day, and it arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. The delivery was fast. This was a bonus for Mail Order Marijuana because I expected my package at a later date, but it arrived early.

My items were shipped in vacuum-sealed, smell-proof bags. Out of the box, the Durban Poison had fresh, vibrant, forest green leaves. When smoked, it produced a sweet, piney, and earthy flavor. It left me with an uplifting, relaxed, and happy sensation.

The Champagne Kush had a mixture of green and orange buds. It has a sweet, citrusy, sour, fragrance. When smoked, it produced high notes of sweet, sugary, grape, and berry flavors. The smoke experience from these two strains was smooth and gave me the high I desired.

I was impressed by the customer service, fast delivery, and quality of the cannabis products. Mail Order Marijuana has found a repeat customer in me.

Final Thoughts on Mail Order Marijuana

Mail Order Marijuana is a trustworthy dispensary that delivers premium marijuana products. What you see on their website is what you get. This dispensary has a wide selection of cannabis product. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it on their product database.

Mail Order Marijuana knows that discretion is important. As such, they bubble-wrap your weed for maximum protection and vacuum seal your weed products for freshness. Another great feature of Mail Order Marijuana is the option of canceling of your order. As long as your order has not been shipped, you can edit it, or cancel it.

Mail Order Marijuana is an incredible dispensary. I would recommend Mail Order Marijuana to any cannabis lover. Review

WhitePalm Company Information

WhitePalm is an online dispensary that offers new cannabis products every day. These cannabis products range from high potency flowers to premium exotic marijuana flowers. WhitePalm has a vast array of high-quality strains. They strive to provide excellent service, delivery, quality, and security. They also have growers who specialize in producing premium cannabis flowers.

WhitePalm serves members in major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec. They also serve members in small towns in rural areas. The goal of this company is to build long-term relationships. It further aims to promote cannabis consumption in the healthiest manner possible. Review According to Trustpilot and Reddit

According to Trustpilot, WhitePalm is a great online dispensary. They are fast when it comes to approving new customer profiles. Customers also enjoy the free pen deal that they offer for first-time users. The company’s live chat function is also a bonus. You can talk to someone if you have any queries or need guidance with buying strains.

According to Reddit, WhitePalm has terrific customer service. It is a company that knows how to exceed their promises. WhitePalm ensures that there are clear lines of communication. Their email contact, communication, and support are excellent. These go toward building trust with existing and new customers.

Check Reddit links below:

Is Legit?

WhitePalm is a legit company. They have a wide range of craft cannabis and extracts. They provide their members with direct access to a vast array of premium strains. With WhitePalm, you can buy high CBD strains, high THC strains, sativa, indica, and hybrid.

WhitePalm also provides premium extracts. These include THC pills, Budder, Phoenix Tears, Rosin, Hash, CBD Oils, and Shatter. The dispensary also has the vastest selection of premium cannabis extracts. It has over thirty different exotic marijuana strains from many brands.

You will find original cannabis AAAA strains on These include Hazes, Indicas, Kush, Sativas, Diesels, and Hybrids. Each week, the company restocks from its exclusive strains. They also bring in new treats each week for customers to try. Their sources are consistent. No switch or bait takes place on

WhitePalm Prices and Loyalty Programs

WhitePalm sets the best prices for each of its products. With them, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy premium weed. You can buy high-quality marijuana from this website for as little as $20.

WhitePalm has the best loyalty point system. All the company’s members earn 7.5% money back on their next purchases. Another aspect of this company’s loyalty program is being rewarded for inviting friends. Members are also rewarded for spreading the word about the online dispensary. If a member invites a friend to join the company, they receive $10 credit. This is a simple way to earn free cannabis.

WhitePalm Shipping Process

If you buy weed on WhitePalm, note that the company processes all payments before 11 am PST. So, the company will ship your package the following day after you make your payment. When you spend more than $150, you get free shipping. If your total is below $150, the company will charge you for shipping.

WhitePalm will send your package through Canada Post Xpress Post. If you want, you can insure your package, but, it comes at an extra fee. You will also receive a tracking number to track your order. Your package will arrive at your doorstep within the estimated delivery time.

Personal Experience with WhitePalm

After sending in my registration and ID, WhitePalm approved me on that very day. After my approval, I took it upon myself to browse through the extracts and strains they offer. Their product range is impressive. It took me quite a while before I settled on a single product because I was spoilt for choice.

I was a little bit nervous before placing my order because I have little trust in mail orders. But, WhitePalm proved to be trustworthy. I received my package 48 hours after placing my order. The package was secure and was vacuum-sealed to reduce any damage that may occur during transportation.

The Purple Candy and Tuna Kush I received was exactly what I ordered from the website. The leaves were fresh and vibrant, and the fragrance was pungent. I was happy and satisfied with the quality of the product. Smoking it was even better as it produced rich, thick smoke with an unforgettable citrusy flavor.

My experience with WhitePalm was amazing. Even though delivery was very fast, they did not compromise on the quality of their strains. I was happy about the quality, flavor, and effects I received from their Purple Candy and Tuna Kush.
WhitePalm has succeeded in changing my mind about mail orders. It can be stressful to deal with some online dispensaries. But, when you find a reliable dispensary like WhitePalm, the process is easy breezy.

Final Thoughts about WhitePalm

WhitePalm focuses on some key principles which give members the best online experience. They have tight member security and ensure that they encrypt their members’ personal data. Their loyalty program is also an attractive feature. It attracts new members while rewarding existing ones.

WhitePalm also showcases new cannabis product each week. As such, customers always get new products to quench their cannabis thirst. The company has excellent customer service. You can talk to a live person any time of day or night because they have 24/7 online customer service. If you are looking for high-quality premium strains, WhitePalm should be on your radar. With this dispensary, you cannot go wrong. Review review

The Ontario Cannabis Store Profile and Overview

The Ontario Cannabis Store is an online dispensary that provides premium marijuana products. The OCS provides safe, responsible, and legal access to marijuana for Canadians. The OCS is Ontario’s only online wholesaler and retailer of legal marijuana.

The OCS ensures that customers only receive safe cannabis products by working with BC’s finest craft cannabis brands. This dispensary prioritizes education about cannabis products. It provides opportunities for new and existing consumers to learn more about marijuana and responsible use. The OCS puts customer privacy first. That is why the company encrypts all customer data.

This mail order marijuana dispensary has one of the best customer care centers. Its customer care center has helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff members. The OCS does not compromise on social responsibility. Every order is a top priority. Review According to Reddit and Trustpilot

According to Reddit, customers assert that the OCS has impeccable customer service. Customers commend the OCS for having a wide selection of premium strains. But, a common complaint that was prevalent among customers is product quality. Look-wise, customers complain that the buds are uneven with no crystals. Customers also complained that a majority of the buds they ordered were smaller than anticipated. Here is the link to official OCS subreddit.

Check Reddit links below:

According to company`s Trustpilot, customers state that the OCS has done a great job with providing information about cannabis use. Customers also love the OCS’s customer service, product range, and incredible discounts. Many customers assert that San Rafael and Redcan are the best strains from the OCS. Customers complain that the OCS is poor at executing orders, and are not reliable. Customers also find the quality of some of their strains to be poor.

Is Legit?

The OCS is a legit company. Here is why:

  • It is the only wholesaler and retailer of legal recreational marijuana in Ontario.  
  • It only sells cannabis to individuals who are 19 years and over
  • It buys cannabis products from vendors licensed by Health Canada
  • They have licensed suppliers
  • They pack their products in a safe manner
  • Their assortment of cannabis products are premium
  • All their marijuana products are natural

The OCS endeavors to provide Canadians with reliable and unbiased information. This helps inform their choices when it comes to marijuana consumption. The OCS has a vast assortment of products.

In their cannabis section, they provide:

  • Dried Flower
  • Capsules
  • Oils
  • Pre-Rolled

In their Accessories section, they have

  • Weighing Scales
  • Vaporizers
  • Infusers
  • Bongs & Water Pipes
  • Trays
  • Handheld Pipes
  • Storage
  • Papers & Filters
  • Tools & Kits
  • Grinders 

In its Concentrate Section, the OCS provides:

  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Live Resin

In its edible section, the OCS offers

  • Drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Candies 
  • Baked Products
  • Cooking

The OCS’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

The OCS has top-quality and affordable products. You do not have to stretch your wallet to buy their high-end products. The OCS has flash deals and sales, which provide the best prices available online. During their flash sales, a product that goes for more than $200 can go for $100. The OCS makes it possible for customers to buy weed at low prices.

The OCS has an amazing loyalty program. If you invite new members, the company rewards you with points. You can use these points to buy any of their products. If you do not like a product, you can return it within 14 days of delivery. The OCS will refund your money via the original method you used to make your order.

The OCS’S Shipping Process

The OCS ships all orders using Canada Post Xpress. It applies a fee of $5 + HST to every order. The OCS delivers all orders within 1-3 business days. But, for individuals in select rural areas, the delivery period can increase up to 10 business days.

Anyone in your home or apartment over the age of 19 can sign for and receive your package. Your package will arrive in a plain and nondescript box. Ensure that you put it away in a safe place away from pets and children.

Personal Experience with the OCS

When I was browsing through the OCS for this review, the Royal High and Altavie strains caught my eye. But, before I could buy these products, I had to complete four things:

  1. Create an account with the OCS
  2. Verify my age by providing my ID
  3. Add the items to my cart
  4. Make a payment

I made my order on Monday morning. The OCS shipped it later that day, and it arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday. The arrival was fast. This made me happy because I was eager to try out the Royal High and Altavie.

The packaging was simple. My order arrived in a plain, nondescript box. Out of the box, the Royal High had a sweet, spicy, paprika smell. It had popcorn-like buds with red hairs. The smoke from the Royal High was harsh. But, the flavor was terrific. It produced a paprika, pepper, salt-like flavor.

The Altavie had a fruity, tangy, citrusy fragrance. The buds were well-trimmed with bright orange hairs. When cracked opened, the buds produced a stronger tangy scent. The smoke experience was harsh. It gave me cottonmouth and dried my eyes. Both products had a nice flavor, but the smoking experience was poor.

Final Thoughts about the OCS

The OCS does an excellent job when it comes to informing customers about cannabis products. It is a trustworthy company that strives to provide top-tier marijuana products to Canadians. What sets them apart is their assortment of products and their comprehensive product information. Another bonus of the company is that all their products are natural.

Their packaging is plain and simple. But, their product is not as impressive. Their buds were scraggy and messy looking. The smoking experience was poor. The OCS excels in customer service, product information, and safe cannabis. They need to improve the quality of their cannabis products. Review

Company Profile and Overview

Green Society is a well-known and established online dispensary. The dispensary delivers premium quality and affordable medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and CBD. Green Society strives to provide Canadians with high-quality cannabis products. The dispensary sources its products from BCs best craft marijuana brands. With Green Society, quality is never an issue.

Green Society is serious about what they do. The company caters to individuals with conditions that call for the benefits of cannabis. Thereby, whether an individual suffers from chronic pain or muscle spasms, Green Society has a remedy. This mail order cannabis dispensary ensures that individuals get the treatment they need. The dispensary has an easy to navigate website. It also has professional virtual staff and enhanced fulfillment procedures. It is easy for individuals of all legal ages without much internet savvy to buy weed from Green Society. Reviews on the Web

According to Reddit, customers assert that Green Society has enticing sales. Green Society has some of the best quality OZs under $150. When you make your first order, you get 20% off. Customers appreciate how Green Society always provides free samples for first-time buyers. If you want to try out a strain, you can email the company and ask for a sample if possible. Another bonus that customers also appreciate is the boveda packs that come with every package.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Trustpilot, customers say that Green Society offers more for less. With Green Society, you can get your hands on your favorite marijuana strains and save loads. If you are not happy with your product, you can send it back and get a replacement. Customer satisfaction is a priority at Green Society. The company also has a large variety of cannabis to cater to the varying needs of different customers.

Is Green Society Legit?

Green Society is one of the best online dispensaries in the market. It is a legit company with a reputation of value and excellence. The online reviews of Green Society are positive. You will find hundreds of satisfied customers praising the excellent services of Green Society.

In the Green Room, Green Society provides:

  • Indica
  • Hybrid
  • Sativa
  • Top Shelf Collection

In the concentrates section, the dispensary offers:

  • Shatter
  • Hashes and Extracts
  • Phoenix Tears
  • High Terpenes Full Spectrum Extracts

In the Edibles section, Green Society offers:

  • Candies
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Beverages
  • Chocolates
  • Baked Goods

In its CBD Section, the dispensary provides:

  • CBD Oil and Tears
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD Edibles

Green Society also provides

  • Vape Pens
  • Batteries
  • Cartridges
  • Kits 

Green Society creates all its products with high safety procedures. In my experience so far, Green Society has the most extensive selection of weed. If you are looking for a particular cannabis product, you are sure to find it on their website.

Green Society’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Green Society sets low prices for its products. The company has a “buy two get one” offer. currently has a buy 2 get 1 offer for its Green Supreme Sauce and Green Supreme Vape. It has regular sales where it lowers the prices of certain cannabis products. Green Society has weekend sales, which start every Friday. Customers can use the code “FLASH15” to get 15% off selected products.

Green Society has a fantastic loyalty point system. If you invite your friends to join Green Society, the company rewards you with points. The company also rewards you if you spread the word about them online and attract new members. You can use these points to buy cannabis products from the company’s website.

Green Society Shipping Process

Green Society ships through Canada Post Xpresspost Service. With Green Society, the majority of your orders will arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 business days. But, this arrival period may extend up to 5 business days for remote locations. Green Society ships to all major cities through Canada, including Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal. Green Society will ship their marijuana, extracts, edibles, and concentrates straight to your door.

Personal Experience with Green Society

As I was browsing through the Green Society website, their OG Diesel caught my eye, and I had some questions about its batch information. I emailed their support, and they replied in a few minutes with the information I was seeking. This showed that they are reliable. Nothing disheartens a buyer more than needing more product information and not getting a response. It results in an abandoned cart, well at least for me it does. 

Before I could buy the OG Diesel and Skunkberry from Green society, I had to complete four steps:

  1. Create an account
  2.  Provide my Identification Card for age verification
  3.  Place an order
  4. Make a payment

After completing these steps, I waited for my package, which was set to arrive between 2-3 business days. 

My package arrived in two days, which was great. It was vacuum-sealed to prevent damage during transportation. The OG Diesel arrived in perfect condition. It had healthy green leaves and beautiful orange hairs. It had a pungent octane fragrance and a light green rich smoke.  

The Skunkberry had healthy forest green leaves. It had a pleasant aroma of mango with pungent skunk scent. It was a great smoke which gave me a solid head change. 

I got 20% off my order since it was my first time ordering from Green Society. I also got a $20 discount after signing up for their newsletter.

Final Thoughts on Green Society

Green Society makes it easy to buy high-quality weed. They have cheap ounces on sale on their sales page. Every weekend, customers can save 15% on select extract and strains. One of the best features of Green Society is their coupon page. On this page, there are daily deals, miscellaneous offers, and coupons. There are also new member freebies, such as filter books, Green Society key chain, and branded rolling papers. All these are perks that customers get to enjoy when they become members of this trustworthy dispensary. Green Society also strives to provide premium strains for all its medicinal and recreational cannabis users.


Up to a 15% discount on the top fresh picks announced before the weekend – FLASH15

Save 20% Off Your Purchase at Green Society – 20OFF

20% Off on Your Purchase $50+ at Green Society (Site-Wide) –GS20

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