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WhitePalm Company Information

WhitePalm is an online dispensary that offers new cannabis products every day. These cannabis products range from high potency flowers to premium exotic marijuana flowers. WhitePalm has a vast array of high-quality strains. They strive to provide excellent service, delivery, quality, and security. They also have growers who specialize in producing premium cannabis flowers.

WhitePalm serves members in major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec. They also serve members in small towns in rural areas. The goal of this company is to build long-term relationships. It further aims to promote cannabis consumption in the healthiest manner possible. Review According to Trustpilot and Reddit

According to Trustpilot, WhitePalm is a great online dispensary. They are fast when it comes to approving new customer profiles. Customers also enjoy the free pen deal that they offer for first-time users. The company’s live chat function is also a bonus. You can talk to someone if you have any queries or need guidance with buying strains.

According to Reddit, WhitePalm has terrific customer service. It is a company that knows how to exceed their promises. WhitePalm ensures that there are clear lines of communication. Their email contact, communication, and support are excellent. These go toward building trust with existing and new customers.

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Is Legit?

WhitePalm is a legit company. They have a wide range of craft cannabis and extracts. They provide their members with direct access to a vast array of premium strains. With WhitePalm, you can buy high CBD strains, high THC strains, sativa, indica, and hybrid.

WhitePalm also provides premium extracts. These include THC pills, Budder, Phoenix Tears, Rosin, Hash, CBD Oils, and Shatter. The dispensary also has the vastest selection of premium cannabis extracts. It has over thirty different exotic marijuana strains from many brands.

You will find original cannabis AAAA strains on These include Hazes, Indicas, Kush, Sativas, Diesels, and Hybrids. Each week, the company restocks from its exclusive strains. They also bring in new treats each week for customers to try. Their sources are consistent. No switch or bait takes place on

WhitePalm Prices and Loyalty Programs

WhitePalm sets the best prices for each of its products. With them, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy premium weed. You can buy high-quality marijuana from this website for as little as $20.

WhitePalm has the best loyalty point system. All the company’s members earn 7.5% money back on their next purchases. Another aspect of this company’s loyalty program is being rewarded for inviting friends. Members are also rewarded for spreading the word about the online dispensary. If a member invites a friend to join the company, they receive $10 credit. This is a simple way to earn free cannabis.

WhitePalm Shipping Process

If you buy weed on WhitePalm, note that the company processes all payments before 11 am PST. So, the company will ship your package the following day after you make your payment. When you spend more than $150, you get free shipping. If your total is below $150, the company will charge you for shipping.

WhitePalm will send your package through Canada Post Xpress Post. If you want, you can insure your package, but, it comes at an extra fee. You will also receive a tracking number to track your order. Your package will arrive at your doorstep within the estimated delivery time.

Personal Experience with WhitePalm

After sending in my registration and ID, WhitePalm approved me on that very day. After my approval, I took it upon myself to browse through the extracts and strains they offer. Their product range is impressive. It took me quite a while before I settled on a single product because I was spoilt for choice.

I was a little bit nervous before placing my order because I have little trust in mail orders. But, WhitePalm proved to be trustworthy. I received my package 48 hours after placing my order. The package was secure and was vacuum-sealed to reduce any damage that may occur during transportation.

The Purple Candy and Tuna Kush I received was exactly what I ordered from the website. The leaves were fresh and vibrant, and the fragrance was pungent. I was happy and satisfied with the quality of the product. Smoking it was even better as it produced rich, thick smoke with an unforgettable citrusy flavor.

My experience with WhitePalm was amazing. Even though delivery was very fast, they did not compromise on the quality of their strains. I was happy about the quality, flavor, and effects I received from their Purple Candy and Tuna Kush.
WhitePalm has succeeded in changing my mind about mail orders. It can be stressful to deal with some online dispensaries. But, when you find a reliable dispensary like WhitePalm, the process is easy breezy.

Final Thoughts about WhitePalm

WhitePalm focuses on some key principles which give members the best online experience. They have tight member security and ensure that they encrypt their members’ personal data. Their loyalty program is also an attractive feature. It attracts new members while rewarding existing ones.

WhitePalm also showcases new cannabis product each week. As such, customers always get new products to quench their cannabis thirst. The company has excellent customer service. You can talk to a live person any time of day or night because they have 24/7 online customer service. If you are looking for high-quality premium strains, WhitePalm should be on your radar. With this dispensary, you cannot go wrong. Review review

The Ontario Cannabis Store Profile and Overview

The Ontario Cannabis Store is an online dispensary that provides premium marijuana products. The OCS provides safe, responsible, and legal access to marijuana for Canadians. The OCS is Ontario’s only online wholesaler and retailer of legal marijuana.

The OCS ensures that customers only receive safe cannabis products by working with BC’s finest craft cannabis brands. This dispensary prioritizes education about cannabis products. It provides opportunities for new and existing consumers to learn more about marijuana and responsible use. The OCS puts customer privacy first. That is why the company encrypts all customer data.

This mail order marijuana dispensary has one of the best customer care centers. Its customer care center has helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff members. The OCS does not compromise on social responsibility. Every order is a top priority. Review According to Reddit and Trustpilot

According to Reddit, customers assert that the OCS has impeccable customer service. Customers commend the OCS for having a wide selection of premium strains. But, a common complaint that was prevalent among customers is product quality. Look-wise, customers complain that the buds are uneven with no crystals. Customers also complained that a majority of the buds they ordered were smaller than anticipated. Here is the link to official OCS subreddit.

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According to company`s Trustpilot, customers state that the OCS has done a great job with providing information about cannabis use. Customers also love the OCS’s customer service, product range, and incredible discounts. Many customers assert that San Rafael and Redcan are the best strains from the OCS. Customers complain that the OCS is poor at executing orders, and are not reliable. Customers also find the quality of some of their strains to be poor.

Is Legit?

The OCS is a legit company. Here is why:

  • It is the only wholesaler and retailer of legal recreational marijuana in Ontario.  
  • It only sells cannabis to individuals who are 19 years and over
  • It buys cannabis products from vendors licensed by Health Canada
  • They have licensed suppliers
  • They pack their products in a safe manner
  • Their assortment of cannabis products are premium
  • All their marijuana products are natural

The OCS endeavors to provide Canadians with reliable and unbiased information. This helps inform their choices when it comes to marijuana consumption. The OCS has a vast assortment of products.

In their cannabis section, they provide:

  • Dried Flower
  • Capsules
  • Oils
  • Pre-Rolled

In their Accessories section, they have

  • Weighing Scales
  • Vaporizers
  • Infusers
  • Bongs & Water Pipes
  • Trays
  • Handheld Pipes
  • Storage
  • Papers & Filters
  • Tools & Kits
  • Grinders 

In its Concentrate Section, the OCS provides:

  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Live Resin

In its edible section, the OCS offers

  • Drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Candies 
  • Baked Products
  • Cooking

The OCS’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

The OCS has top-quality and affordable products. You do not have to stretch your wallet to buy their high-end products. The OCS has flash deals and sales, which provide the best prices available online. During their flash sales, a product that goes for more than $200 can go for $100. The OCS makes it possible for customers to buy weed at low prices.

The OCS has an amazing loyalty program. If you invite new members, the company rewards you with points. You can use these points to buy any of their products. If you do not like a product, you can return it within 14 days of delivery. The OCS will refund your money via the original method you used to make your order.

The OCS’S Shipping Process

The OCS ships all orders using Canada Post Xpress. It applies a fee of $5 + HST to every order. The OCS delivers all orders within 1-3 business days. But, for individuals in select rural areas, the delivery period can increase up to 10 business days.

Anyone in your home or apartment over the age of 19 can sign for and receive your package. Your package will arrive in a plain and nondescript box. Ensure that you put it away in a safe place away from pets and children.

Personal Experience with the OCS

When I was browsing through the OCS for this review, the Royal High and Altavie strains caught my eye. But, before I could buy these products, I had to complete four things:

  1. Create an account with the OCS
  2. Verify my age by providing my ID
  3. Add the items to my cart
  4. Make a payment

I made my order on Monday morning. The OCS shipped it later that day, and it arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday. The arrival was fast. This made me happy because I was eager to try out the Royal High and Altavie.

The packaging was simple. My order arrived in a plain, nondescript box. Out of the box, the Royal High had a sweet, spicy, paprika smell. It had popcorn-like buds with red hairs. The smoke from the Royal High was harsh. But, the flavor was terrific. It produced a paprika, pepper, salt-like flavor.

The Altavie had a fruity, tangy, citrusy fragrance. The buds were well-trimmed with bright orange hairs. When cracked opened, the buds produced a stronger tangy scent. The smoke experience was harsh. It gave me cottonmouth and dried my eyes. Both products had a nice flavor, but the smoking experience was poor.

Final Thoughts about the OCS

The OCS does an excellent job when it comes to informing customers about cannabis products. It is a trustworthy company that strives to provide top-tier marijuana products to Canadians. What sets them apart is their assortment of products and their comprehensive product information. Another bonus of the company is that all their products are natural.

Their packaging is plain and simple. But, their product is not as impressive. Their buds were scraggy and messy looking. The smoking experience was poor. The OCS excels in customer service, product information, and safe cannabis. They need to improve the quality of their cannabis products.

Green Society Review, Feedback From Real Customers!

Greensociety Dispensary Profile and Overview is shut down, new domain name is Be careful and attentive!

Green Society is a well-known and established online dispensary. The dispensary delivers premium quality and affordable medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and CBD. Green Society strives to provide Canadians with high-quality cannabis products. The dispensary sources its products from BCs best craft marijuana brands. With Green Society, quality is never an issue.

Green Society is serious about what they do. The company caters to individuals with conditions that call for the benefits of cannabis. Thereby, whether an individual suffers from chronic pain or muscle spasms, Green Society has a remedy. This mail order cannabis dispensary ensures that individuals get the treatment they need. The dispensary has an easy to navigate website. It also has professional virtual staff and enhanced fulfillment procedures. It is easy for individuals of all legal ages without much internet savvy to buy weed from Green Society. Reviews on the Web

According to Reddit, customers assert that Green Society has enticing sales. Green Society has some of the best quality OZs under $150. When you make your first order, you get 20% off. Customers appreciate how Green Society always provides free samples for first-time buyers. If you want to try out a strain, you can email the company and ask for a sample if possible. Another bonus that customers also appreciate is the boveda packs that come with every package.

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According to Trustpilot, customers say that Green Society offers more for less. With Green Society, you can get your hands on your favorite marijuana strains and save loads. If you are not happy with your product, you can send it back and get a replacement. Customer satisfaction is a priority at Green Society. The company also has a large variety of cannabis to cater to the varying needs of different customers.

Is Green Society Legit?

Green Society is one of the best online dispensaries in the market. It is a legit company with a reputation of value and excellence. The online reviews of Green Society are positive. You will find hundreds of satisfied customers praising the excellent services of Green Society.

In the Green Room, Green Society provides:

  • Indica
  • Hybrid
  • Sativa
  • Top Shelf Collection

In the concentrates section, the dispensary offers:

  • Shatter
  • Hashes and Extracts
  • Phoenix Tears
  • High Terpenes Full Spectrum Extracts

In the Edibles section, Green Society offers:

  • Candies
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Beverages
  • Chocolates
  • Baked Goods

In its CBD Section, the dispensary provides:

  • CBD Oil and Tears
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD Edibles

Green Society also provides

  • Vape Pens
  • Batteries
  • Cartridges
  • Kits 

Green Society creates all its products with high safety procedures. In my experience so far, Green Society has the most extensive selection of weed. If you are looking for a particular cannabis product, you are sure to find it on their website.

Green Society’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Green Society sets low prices for its products. The company has a “buy two get one” offer. currently has a buy 2 get 1 offer for its Green Supreme Sauce and Green Supreme Vape. It has regular sales where it lowers the prices of certain cannabis products. Green Society has weekend sales, which start every Friday. Customers can use the code “FLASH15” to get 15% off selected products.

Green Society has a fantastic loyalty point system. If you invite your friends to join Green Society, the company rewards you with points. The company also rewards you if you spread the word about them online and attract new members. You can use these points to buy cannabis products from the company’s website.

Green Society Shipping Process

Green Society ships through Canada Post Xpresspost Service. With Green Society, the majority of your orders will arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 business days. But, this arrival period may extend up to 5 business days for remote locations. Green Society ships to all major cities through Canada, including Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal. Green Society will ship their marijuana, extracts, edibles, and concentrates straight to your door.

Personal Experience with Green Society

As I was browsing through the Green Society website, their OG Diesel caught my eye, and I had some questions about its batch information. I emailed their support, and they replied in a few minutes with the information I was seeking. This showed that they are reliable. Nothing disheartens a buyer more than needing more product information and not getting a response. It results in an abandoned cart, well at least for me it does. 

Before I could buy the OG Diesel and Skunkberry from Green society, I had to complete four steps:

  1. Create an account
  2.  Provide my Identification Card for age verification
  3.  Place an order
  4. Make a payment

After completing these steps, I waited for my package, which was set to arrive between 2-3 business days. 

My package arrived in two days, which was great. It was vacuum-sealed to prevent damage during transportation. The OG Diesel arrived in perfect condition. It had healthy green leaves and beautiful orange hairs. It had a pungent octane fragrance and a light green rich smoke.  

The Skunkberry had healthy forest green leaves. It had a pleasant aroma of mango with pungent skunk scent. It was a great smoke which gave me a solid head change. 

I got 20% off my order since it was my first time ordering from Green Society. I also got a $20 discount after signing up for their newsletter.

Final Thoughts on Green Society

Green Society makes it easy to buy high-quality weed. They have cheap ounces on sale on their sales page. Every weekend, customers can save 15% on select extract and strains. One of the best features of Green Society is their coupon page. On this page, there are daily deals, miscellaneous offers, and coupons. There are also new member freebies, such as filter books, Green Society key chain, and branded rolling papers. All these are perks that customers get to enjoy when they become members of this trustworthy dispensary. Green Society also strives to provide premium strains for all its medicinal and recreational cannabis users.


New Members Deal – bonuses include: Green Society Rolling Papers, Green Society Filter Books, and an Assorted Free Gram.

Up to a 15% discount on the top fresh picks announced before the weekend – FLASH15

Save 20% Off Your Purchase at Green Society – 20OFF

20% Off on Your Purchase $50+ at Green Society (Site-Wide) –GS20 Review

Quick Greens Profile and Overview

Quick Greens is an online dispensary that provides CBD and THC based cannabis products. Quick Greens does not pretend to address Canadians’ medical needs like other online dispensaries. This is because they are not physicians and do not want to insult their clientele by masquerading as such.

Quick Greens are purveyors of high-quality flowers. The end product this dispensary delivers to your doorstep is nothing less than sensational. The quality of their flower is evident in their photo gallery. With Quick Greens, what you see is what you get.

This mail order cannabis dispensary has two main goals. The first is client satisfaction. And, the second is developing a long-lasting relationship with the client. Canadians of all legal ages can buy top-quality CBD and THC from Quick Greens. Review According to the Web

According to Reddit, customers state that Quick Greens has top-tier cannabis products. Customers assert that Quick Greens has a vast selection of flower and amazing prices. A common issue that was prevalent among customers is missing items, and no reply to emails. Customers also complain that they have had instances where they pay for their items, but the items are never delivered.

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According to Trustpilot, customers state that Quick Greens has bad customer service, and is nit recommended.

Is Quick Greens Legit?

Quick Greens is a legit company with a reputation for top-tier products. Unlike other online dispensaries, Quick Greens does not promise to address Canadians’ medical needs. Instead, Quick Greens strives to provide premium THC and CBD based cannabis products.

In its Flower section, Quick Greens provides:

  • Sativa
  • Hybrid
  • Indica

In its Concentrates section, Quick Green offers:

  • Live Resin
  • Shatter
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Distillate

In the Edible section, the dispensary provides:

  • Cooking
  • Drinks
  • Baked Goods
  • Candy
  • Chocolate

In its Vape and Accessories section, Quick Greens offers:

  • Grinders
  • Rolling Papers
  • Rolling Trays
  • Distillate Pens

Quick Greens has a wide selection of cannabis products. If you are looking to buy weed from Quick Greens, go ahead and enjoy the varieties they offer. 

Quick Greens’ Prices and Loyalty Programs

Quick Greens sets the most affordable prices for its cannabis products. With Quick Greens, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy high-quality marijuana products. Their premium rolling papers go for as low as $1.25, and their grinders go for as low as $5. Quick Greens has crazy discounts. Currently, on their site, Quick Greens is offering two shatters for the price of one. Quick Greens makes it affordable to buy and enjoy marijuana products and accessories.

Quick Greens has an amazing loyalty program. If you invite new members to Quick Greens, the dispensary rewards you with Quick Greens points. The dispensary also rewards you if you write a review on their site. Another perk of their loyalty program is their refund policy. If you dislike a product, you can return it for a full refund within seven days. Quick Greens will reimburse return shipping if the problem is due to an error from their side.

Quick Greens is a trustworthy company that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Quick Greens’ Shipping Process

Quick Greens ships their products via Canada Post. After placing an order with Quick Greens, expect it to arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 business days. This waiting period applies to large cities in Canada. But, for remote locations, the waiting period can extend up to 5 business days. Quick Greens provides free shipping on all orders over $100. The dispensary also offers a 10% discount on all non-sale items for registered users.

Personal Experience with Quick Greens

Before I could buy any cannabis product on Quick Greens, I had to:

  1. Register and create a Quick Greens
  2. Upload a picture of my ID for age verification
  3.  Browse Quick Greens’ wide inventory to choose a cannabis product
  4. Add my Quick Greens selection to the cart
  5. Send my payment through Interac E-Transfer

I ordered Quick Greens’ OG Kush and God’s Green Crack for $140 on Tuesday evening and got them on Friday morning. Quick Greens’ customer service gave me a tracking number on Thursday. The tracking number was useless because the status said “pending” the entire waiting period. 

The customer service was disappointing. The company representatives were incoherent in the way they respond to emails. It was like trying to decode a message meant for an FBI spy. Nonetheless, the package arrived and was dropped in my mailbox. No signature was required. The packaging was neat, and all items were bubble-wrapped. I did not like the fact that the bags were not labeled, but I could tell that there were two different strains. 

The OG Kush and God’s Green Crack were fresh, vibrant, and pungent. They both had a strong earthy flavor and produced rich, thick smoke. The taste and quality of these strains made up for the less than perfect customer service. These strains were worth every buck I spent. 

Final Thoughts on Quick Greens

Quick Greens has an impressive collection of cannabis products. The prices for flower, concentrates, edibles, and accessories are reasonable. I wish Quick Greens had more shatter products, but the strains they have are top-shelf.

Quick Greens should strive to improve its customer service. I was impressed by the strains I got when I first ordered from them, so I made another order. I ordered an ounce and got a different ounce with a sticker on it saying that they were out of stock. When I reached out to them, they offered me free weed if I ordered from them again. That was it! Review

West Coast Supply Company Overview

West Coast Supply is an online dispensary that provides top-tier, medical-grade mail order cannabis. West Coast Supply has a vast assortment of marijuana, extracts, edibles, vape, and CBD. West Coast Supply ensures that all its marijuana products are lab tested. Additionally, West Coast Supply sources its marijuana products from BC’s finest craft cannabis brands.

West Coast Supply is serious about what they do. The dispensary strives to provide first-rate cannabis products to Canadians of legal age. The dispensary also has a professional, helpful, and friendly virtual staff, which works 24/7 to cater to the needs of its clientele. West Coast Supply does not compromise on safety and privacy. With West Coast Supply, safety is never an issue. Reviews on the Web

According to Reddit, customers state that West Coast Supply has some reasonable prices. Customers also assert that West Coast Supply has a vast product range. As I delved deeper into the reviews, I noticed that a common complaint among customers was long shipping times. Customers also complained that West Coast Supply is slow to respond to emails and messages sent through their chat function.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Trustpilot, customers assert that West Coast Supply is slow at sending confirmation emails. Customers also complain that West Coast Supply can be unresponsive once a complaint is made. Some customers even state that it took 10+ days to get a response from West Coast Supply. And, when the dispensary finally responds, they do not have a solution for the complaints made. It is like going round in circles with the customer care representatives.

Is West Coast Supply Legit?

West Coast Supply thrives in terms of product quality and product range. The company has a vast array of marijuana products to cater to the varying needs of its clientele. The online reviews of West Coast Supply are mostly negative. You will find hundreds of unsatisfied customers bashing their not so excellent services. Slow response and unresponsive representatives emerge as the top complaints. West Coast Supply is not a legit company.

Since West Coast Supply thrives in product variety and product quality, here is a list of what they offer if you want to buy weed from them.

In its marijuana section, the dispensary provides:

  • Hybrid Strains
  • Sativa Strains
  • Indica Strains

In its edibles section, West Coast Supply provides:

  • Chocolate Bars
  • Drinks
  • Capsules
  • Brownies
  • Candies
  • Cookies

In its Extracts section, the dispensary offers:

  • Shatter
  • Tinctures
  • Budder
  • Oils
  • Rosin
  • Hash
  • Distillate 

West Coast Supply’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

West Coast Supply sets affordable prices for its weed. You can enjoy their weed for as little as $10. Additionally, West Coast Supply had ridiculous discounts. Currently, if you:

  • Buy 5 ounces, you get 20% off
  • Buy 6 ounces, you get 22% off
  • Buy 7 ounces, you get 24% off
  • Buy 8 ounces, you get 26% off

West Coast Supply has a fantastic loyalty program. The company makes earning money with them very easy. All you have to do is submit a review on a popular platform and send them an email to get rewarded.

For example, West Coast Supply will give you monetary rewards, including:

  • $10 Per Reddit Review
  • $20 Per YouTube Video Unboxing Review
  • $5 Per Reddit MOM Picture
  • $10 Per Review
  • $5 Per Bud Hub Canada Review

After leaving a review, you have to send a link to the review page or a screenshot to The company will then reward you accordingly.

West Coast Supply’s Shipping Process

West Coast Supply ships all packages through Canada Post. All orders over $150 are shipped for free. The company also offers free express shipping on orders over $200. A flat rate of $20 is applied to orders under $150.

West Coast Supply has different shipping times for different locations:

Major Urban Areas: 1-2 Business Days
Remote Areas & Northern Regions: 3-5 Business Days
Non-Major Urban Areas: 2-3 Business Days

Personal Experience with West Coast Supply

When I was shopping on West Coast Supply for this review, I was impressed by the Blue Dream and the Lemon Drop. But, before I could buy these items, I had to complete a few steps.

1. Create a West Coast Supply account

2. Upload a picture of my government-issued ID for age verification

3. Add items to my shopping cart

4. Pay for my order via Interac E-Transfer

I made an order on Monday morning. I ordered the Blue Dream and Lemon Drop, which Coast me $140. West Coast Supply shipped it later that day but did not provide tracking information. The estimated waiting period I was given was 2-3 business days. My package arrived on Friday, which was one day later than estimated.

The packaging was remarkable. The box was neat, with minimal identifying customer information. The package was vacuum-sealed. The strains were in individual air-sealed Ziploc bags. None of the strains were squished or compressed. They made it to my doorstep in good condition.

The quality of the strains was top-tier. The lemon Drop had an amazing flavor and smoked nicely. The buds of the Blue Dream were a bit small with a few stems, but the flavor and smoke experience were good.

Final Thoughts on West Coast Supply

West Coast Supply makes it easy to buy weed in Canada. The dispensary has set affordable prices for its marijuana products. With West Coast Supply, you do not have to stretch your wallet to buy high-quality weed. West Coast Supply has an impressive assortment of cannabis products. The company also has crazy discounts and an amazing loyalty program.

West Coast Supply has impressive packaging. The package has minimal identifying customer information, and the strains arrive in perfect condition. The smoke experience of their strains is out of this world. West Coast Supply is reliable when it comes to product quality. But, the company is not trustworthy as it needs to improve its customer service and how they respond to and communicate with clients via email.

MJN Express Review

mkn express review

MJN Express Company Information

MJN Express is an online dispensary that provides high-quality cannabis products to Canadians. This dispensary has a great selection of flower, edibles, extracts, concentrates, and accessories. Additionally, this dispensary knows and understands the demands of the cannabis market.

MJN Express is king when it comes to customer care. The dispensary has a chat function that is active 24/7. So, members can talk to a live person about their inquiries and concerns. MJN Express also provides premium strains at affordable prices.

MJN Express has been featured on HERB, Morning Star, Daily Hive, and Business Insider. Experts in mail order marijuana, MJN Express test all marijuana products. The company ensures that all products are top-quality and meet their high standards. Web Reviews

According to Reddit, customers who have used are happy with their services. Customers commend the dispensary for their supportive and cooperative staff. Additionally, customers appreciate how the company has set reasonable prices for its products. MJN Express has deals every week. Ordering from this company is ideal because they are trustworthy and guarantee excellent quality and fast delivery.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Trustpilot, when you buy weed from MJN Express, you get high-quality strains. But, many customers complain that the company’s response rate is slow. Customers love how affordable their prices are. Even though their products are cheap, they do not compromise on quality. Their flower selection is also impressive.

Is legit?

The internet has many fake online dispensaries. But, MJN Express is not one of them; it is a legit company.

In their edible category, MJN Express provides:

  • Chocolate,
  • Candies,
  • Baked goods,
  • Beverage, and
  • Cooking

In their flower category, the dispensary provides:

  • Hybrid,
  • Indica,
  • Sativa, and
  • CBD.

In their accessory category, the dispensary provides:

  • Rolling papers,
  • Glass, and 
  • Hemp wraps.

In their concentrate section, MJN Express offers:

  • Vape pens,
  • Hash
  • Distillate, and 
  • Shatter

MJN Express’s product range is impressive. The company has an amazing collection of marijuana products. But, they do not have a vast assortment of cannabis accessories.

MJN Express’s Prices and Loyalty Program

The prices of MJN Express products are affordable. It was their low prices that drew me to their site. With this dispensary, you can buy good quality weed at low prices. Their flexible price range allows cannabis consumers from all income levels to buy their products.

MJN Express offers a remunerative loyalty program for its dedicated clients. The company’s loyalty program allows clients to earn points. The clients can use these points to buy marijuana products from their site.

MJN Express gives points to clients who invite new members. They also give points to clients who refer their dispensary and spend over $150.

MJN Express Shipping Process

MJN Express ships all orders above $150 for free. The company will charge you $15 for shipping if your total is less than $150. After placing your order, you will receive your package between 3-4 business days. All orders placed over the weekend are shipped on the following business day. This dispensary ensures that it ships and delivers all orders as per the estimated time frame.

MJN Express ships it packages via Xpresspost. The company also has a coupon code which buyers can use to get 5% off their order. MJN Express knows that times are tough. That is why they ensure that they make shipping your order as affordable and reliable as possible.

Personal Experience with MJN Express

Before I could buy cannabis from MJN Express, I had to do three things:

1. Create an account,

2. Attach and send a picture of my national identification card, and

3. Make a secure payment.

Once I completed these steps, all I could do was wait for my package to arrive.

My package arrived three days late. I do not know if this was the fault of MJN Express or Xpresspost. But this was disappointing. I was in desperate need of the product, but it arrived late, which was not a good sign.

The products I received were satisfactory. The Pineapple Express hit the mark. It burned the way I wanted it to, and its smoke was dense. The fragrance was lovely, but the flavor was even better. It had an earthy, citrusy taste.

The High Octane Indica was too harsh for me. It gave me cottonmouth, so I had to sip some water every now and then. The buzz was fine, but I did not like the taste. I will buy this product from another dispensary to see if there is a difference in taste.

The products arrived in vacuum-sealed packages. The package was small enough to fit into a standard-sized mailbox. This was a bonus because it canceled out any possible trips to the post office.

Final Thought about MJN Express

The most attractive feature of MJN Express is its pricing. As a cannabis user, you do not have to stretch your wallet to buy their products. Another attractive feature that the company has is its vast herb selection. You are sure to find any cannabis product of your choice on their search function.

The dispensary has excellent customer service. The staff is cooperative and supportive. But, there are delays when it comes to replying to emails and delivering packages. I would like MJN Express to work on improving the quality of some of their products. My rate for them would be 3 out of 5 stars. The company has the potential to improve.

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Peak420 Dispensary Review, Real Feedback From Customers!


Peak 420 Company Profile and Overview

Peak 420 Is Closed! Try Some Alternatives

Peak 420 is an online dispensary that provides high-quality medical and recreational cannabis. Based out of Vancouver, Peak 420 offers premium cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and CBD. Peak 420 ensures that all its cannabis products are lab tested. Peak 420’s cannabis products are also sought from BC’s finest craft cannabis brands.

Peak 420 is serious about what they do. The dispensary strives to provide mail order access to Canada’s finest marijuana. Peak 420 has an easy to navigate website which makes looking for a product a simple task. The dispensary also has a professional staff that works 24/7 to serve its customers. Individuals of all legal ages without much tech-savvy can buy top tier products from Peak 420.

Peak420 Reviews According to the Web

According to Reddit, customers hail praises about Peak 420’s lovely customer service. Customers also commend Peak 420 for their fresh flower and fast delivery. Peak 420 has a wide selection of cannabis products. If there is an issue with an order, Peak 420 gets working on diffusing the problem as soon as possible.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Trustpilot, Peak 420 is one of the best MOMs in Canada. Customers assert that Peak 420 is an excellent dispensary with fantastic bud. Customers also state that their customer service is top-notch, helpful, and friendly. Their flower is fresh, vibrant, and pungent, and delivery is fast. If there is an issue with your order, Peak 420 gives you a coupon to use with your next order. According to weedmaps company has 4.6 / 5.

Is Legit?

Peak 420 is a popular and established MOM. It is a legit company with a reputation of top tier marijuana products. Peak 420 reviews online are positive. Thousands of satisfied customers throughout Canada are praising Peak 420 for their products. The dispensary also has an impressive assortment of premium cannabis products.

In Peak 420’s Flower Section, the dispensary provides:

  • CBD Flower
  • Pre-Rolled
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

In the Vape Section, the dispensary offers:

  • Distillate Vape Cartridge
  • Distillate Vape Pens

In its Concentrate Section, Peak 420 Provides:

  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Live Resin

In its Edibles Section, the Company Provides:

Peak 420 has a vast selection of cannabis products. If you are looking to buy weed, you will find your preferred product at

Peak 420’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Peak 420 sets the most affordable prices for its products. The dispensary has flash deals which provide the best prices you will find online. Peak 420 brings all your favorite cannabis brands and makes them available to you. From concentrates to CBD, Peak 420 mail you lab tested marijuana at bargain prices.

Peak 420 has an excellent loyalty system. If you invite new members to Peak 420, the dispensary rewards you with Peak 420 points. Another perk of their loyalty program is their refund policy. If you do not like a product, you can return it for a full refund within 14 days. Peak 420 will reimburse return shipping if the issue is due to an error from their side. Peak 420 is a trustworthy company that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Peak 420’s Shipping Process

Peak 420 ships via XpressPost. After placing an order with Peak 420, expect your package to arrive between 2-3 business days. The arrival period remote locations can extend up to 5 business days. Your order will arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging. Peak 420 provides free shipping on orders above $150. Peak 420 also provides free shipping on orders over $75 for Greater Vancouver.

Personal Experience with

Before I could buy any cannabis order from Peak 420, I had to:

  1. Create a Peak 420 account
  2. Upload a picture of my ID for age verification
  3. Add items to my shopping cart
  4. Make a payment with Interac E-Transfer

I made my order on a Friday morning. I ordered Purple Kush and Juicy Fruit. Peak 420 shipped it later that day and provided tracking information. My order arrived the following Monday afternoon. The arrival was fast considering they do not ship over the weekend.

The packaging was impressive. The box was neat, with minimal identifying customer information. The flowers were in individual air-sealed Ziploc bags. The box protected the wrapping from getting damaged. The air-sealed bags prevented the fragrance from escaping.

The quality of the flower was top-notch. The flowers were well-cured and had minimal stems and leaves. The flowers also had the perfect amount of freshness. The purple Kush was more on the fluffy side, and the Juicy Fruit had compressed buds.

The flavor from these two flowers was out of this world. But, the high was even better. I had a great experience with Peak 420. Their products are remarkable. This reliable dispensary has earned itself a regular customer.

Final Thoughts on Peak 420

Peak 420 should be on the radar of every cannabis user in Canada. The dispensary has a wide selection of top-quality cannabis products. The dispensary further provides essential smoking accessories such as papers and grinders. The Peak 420 website makes it simple to filter the kind of products you want. Whether it is indica, hybrid, or Sativa, you will find it.

Peak 420 is one of a few online dispensaries that accept payment via PayPal. You can pay through Interac E-Transfer. But the convenience of buying weed and paying through PayPal is a bonus. Peak 420 is a fantastic company that deserves all the recognition it is getting.

KanaPost Review

KanaPost Review

Kana Post Company Information

Kana Post is an online dispensary that provides premium cannabis strains to Canadians. This dispensary strives to provide the best experience when buying cannabis online. Kana Post provides cannabis products, including edibles, concentrate, accessories, and extracts. They also uphold high standards when it comes to customer care, quality, and delivery. Experts in mail order cannabis, Kana Post test all cannabis products. Further, Kana Post examines all products to ensure they meet the company’s high standards. This dispensary serves members in major cities including Ontario, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal. They also reach members in rural and remote areas. The goal of Kana Post is to provide top-quality cannabis to Canadians at affordable prices. Reviews According to the Web

According to customer reviews from Reddit, Kana Post is an incredible online dispensary. The company is keen on delivering packages as per the estimated time-frame. Each order arrives in a Tupperware container with Boveda packs for each bag. They are quick and reliable. They even go as far as giving free freebies on customers’ first orders.

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Customer reviews from Trustpilot highlight Kana Post’s creativity. Many customers assert that their packages have arrived in containers that crack them up. These include Ben 10, Ninja Turtle, and Star Wars containers. Customers also commend Kana Post for their excellent customer service. This trustworthy company goes out of its way to ensure it meets its customers’ needs.

Is Legit?

For those wondering if Kana Post is legit, Kana Post is a legit company with a vast selection and affordable prices. This online dispensary provides flower, edibles, therapeutics, extracts, and cannabis accessories. When it comes to flower, they provide Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, QP, and Quads (AAAA). In their concentrates section, they provide Hash, Shatter, Distillate, Vape Pens, and Sugar Wax. In their edible section, they provide cooking, beverage, cookies, candies, and chocolate. In their accessories category, they provide Hemp wraps, Boveda, Rolling Papers, and Glass. In their therapeutic category, they provide capsules Topical, Tinctures, Pet, and Phoenix Tears. Kana Post’s vast range of products makes them stand out from other online dispensaries. If you are looking for a particular cannabis product, you will not fail to find it on Kana Post.

Kana Post’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

All products listed on are affordable. You can enjoy premium strains for as little as $18. So, with Kana Post, you do not have to break the bank to buy top-quality weed. Kana Post offers a lucrative loyalty program for its dedicated members. The dispensary’s loyalty program enables members to earn Kana Points. Members can spend these points on their wide variety of products. This reward program takes 5% off every order made on Kana Post. The company also gives points to members who write reviews on their website or refer a friend. Further, after spending over $149, shipping is free.

Kana Post’s Shipping Process

Kana Post ships all orders above $149 for free. If your total is below $149, the company will charge you $15 for shipping. If you place your order on a business day, the company will ship your package between 3-4 days. If you place your order over the weekend, you will receive your package on the following business day. If it is your first time ordering from Kana POST, you can use the coupon code “KanaWelcome” to get 10% off your order. Kana Post mails all orders through Canada Post Xpresspost. The company ships and delivers all orders as per the estimated delivery time.

Personal Experience with Kana Post

As a first-time buyer of mail order cannabis, I was a bit skeptical. Once I got on to the website, I completed four steps, including:

  1. Creating an accounting,
  2. Sending a picture of my government-issued Identification Card,
  3. Placing my order, and
  4. Paying for my order through Interac E-Transfer

After completing these steps, all I had to do was wait for the arrival of my package. Kana Post’s packaging is out of this world. I ordered the Alien OG and the Gorilla Glue which arrived in individual zip lock bags. Each bag had a two-way humidity control. The bags were set inside a Tupperware container and sealed in a food saver bag. I also noticed that Kana Post used reflective material to safeguard against x-rays. The package gave off no odor. The buds were not squished. The humidity control was a genius idea. And the flowers were fresh, vibrant, and pungent. Kana Post’s packaging is by far, the most impressive in the industry. Kana Post also sent me a flavored Hemp Cone and a Sativa Mango Jelly Bomb which I appreciated.
Kana Post has the most discreet, secure, and professional packaging. Added to these, the quality of their flower is jaw-dropping.

Final Thoughts on Kana Post

Kana Post is a force to reckon with in the online dispensary market. When you buy weed from them, you get premium products at affordable prices. The company’s online staff is available 24/7. This allows members to make inquiries or raise concern if they have any issue. A bonus of the company is that they offer multi-language services. With this feature, they can serve Canada’s multi-cultural population with ease. Kana Post is a gift to individuals who use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. With its high-quality products, effective customer care, and unmatched packaging, the company comes in first as the best online dispensary.

Buyweedonlineshop Review, Dispensary Is Down!

buyweedonlineshop review

First Look at Buyweedonlineshop Online Dispensary

Upon visiting the site, buyweedonlineshop automatically takes you to everything that you need. They made all the information and products easily accessible and understandable. You can see at first glance pages of their different kinds of products such as cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and pens. Information about the purchasing process, packaging, and shipping is effortlessly visible as well. The products can be seen at the home page itself plus the discounted specials. It is no doubt a fairly easy to use and hassle-free online dispensary. A customer service box for inquiries is readily available as well, so there really is barely any reason to find it difficult to shop.

Available information about

It is easy to find the necessary information about this shop as well as answers to any of your curiosities. They have a Frequently Asked Questions page that explains some questions like how to join and if it needs ID in order to be a member, what the requirements are in order to be allowed to buy, if doing transactions with the shop is safe, how the package looks like or how is its condition when shipped, how long it takes to receive the mail order, what methods of payment are possible, if it is possible to order in huge amounts, and some what ifs like what if the package gets delayed, does not arrive, or has some mistakes about it.

What are they selling?

People buy weed from them such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, and pens. They have indica, sativa, and hybrids. Among those are Black Label Kush, Critical Mass, Blue God, God’s Green Crack, and Animal Cookie to name just a few. Under concentrates, they have Resin, Gold Therapy, and CBD Oil. They sell good pens as well like disposable THC pen, gold therapy pen, and tank. They have some specials as well such as discounted ones, packs, and those that you can build by yourself. They sell the good kinds of weed with high quality, that is why many people find them reliable.

Prices and Promos

Despite the excellence of their products and services, this legit company offers them at very reasonable prices. Sometimes they put some items in relatively lower prices in clearance sales. In others, they make some products into a pack so you can save more in a larger quantity of weed. Becoming a member in order to be able to purchase is very easy as signing up in social media. If there is more than you are concerned of regarding the signing up process, you can always just shoot them a message.

There are no active buyweedonlineshop coupons at the moment!


The whole shopping process in the online shop for weed is not taxing at all. One can either browse around and shop first and sign in later or sign in first then shop later. Either way, all you need to do is put items freely on your cart, purchase your order, fill in the necessary information such as delivery address, securely pay for it online, and then what remains for you is to simply wait for it to arrive.

How legit is is? Here’s our experience:

Based on my experiences, it is undeniably trustworthy. I can browse through it through any of my devices, which makes it very convenient to look at any times. Sometimes I shop through my computer, most of the time on my phone, in other times on my tablet. And since it is not difficult to check the products every now and then, I do not fall discouraged and lazy about making a purchase. One more thing is that it comes in discreet packages.

Consequently, I do not have to worry about anyone judging me or anyone getting their nose in my business at all. It gives so much freedom and privacy to be the only person to know what kind of delivery I am getting today. Although many people are pretty open minded these days but it is really so much better when everyone minds their own business and the discreet packaging is truly a great help to that. Besides that, the shipping is equally excellent as well. It is incredibly fast and relaxingly secure. With orders for over $150, one can get the shipping for free! I know I am praising the packaging and shipping a lot but the truth is a appreciate everything about this shop.

Check Reddit links below:

Final Thoughts on buyweedonlineshop

Everything about it is just very convenient and of fine quality. The products are good, the prices are reasonable, the purchasing process is not challenging, transaction is fast and safe, packaging is discreet, and finally shipping is quick and can possibly be free. I would not be making such a review if I was not immensely impressed with how operates. You can trust that you would be experiencing the same cloud nine I went through with them.

Weedsmart Review, Feedback From Real Customers Online Dispensary Complete Review was replaced by

Even at first glance, is very easy to understand and so convenient to navigate around. It does not take too much effort or need to go through so much hassle to browse around the products that a customer wants to buy. Right then and then it showcases the best deals you can find! It makes it easier to make a decision right away. It openly gives information about free express shipping, large collection, and about their exceptional customer service.

One can also spot right away their different categories of items such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, and also some sample packs. With this arrangement, one can easily glide through the whole purchasing process unlike difficult or lousy online dispensary which discourages customers with its dissuasive website.

Information About

Some people find it difficult to buy weed online. If the shop’s site is not user-friendly, then many people cannot breeze through purchasing from them. And if not many people are getting their weed through a certain shop, then it can affect how reliable the shop seems. The reviews clearly reflects how trustworthy it is among various customers. It is not only easy to find a lot of information about the goods that people want but it is as well fairly effortless to find good feedback and background about them.

Products Range

And even more wonderfully, they sell really good weed! From flowers, to concentrates, to edibles, they have all the incredible stuff! Under flowers alone are more than a hundred different kinds. There is Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and premium flowers. Among the Indica flowers are Afghan Kush, Angel OG, Black Diamond, Blueberry Skunk, Darth Vader OG AAA, and over 50 more. Even the names itself are pretty much enticing.  Concentrates has nearly 80 items such as Shatter – Bruce Banner, Shatter Godfather Og, Shatter – Lemon Skunk, Shatter – Raspberry Cough, and Aura Extract: Northern Lights to name a few. Don’t they all sound interesting. Imagine how much more fascinating they are when you finally try it! Trust me, I know. Some people prefer edibles. As fun as they are, this shop has really amusing ones such as cherry bombs, strawberry daze, sour gummy bears, rainbow sherbet, and grape crush among the 70 equally great others.

Rates and Discounts

Although all their products are of high quality, their prices are reasonable. They even have promos and deals that allows you to get the best products for a decent price just like their cleverly named 420 deal. Smart! Besides the affordability, they also have a rewards system. Subscribing to the website itself gives one a hundred points, while writing a review gives 5 points more. And for every dollar in a purchase, one gets an equivalent of 1 point as well. As the points reach to 25, you get $1 discount. But you have to remember though to sign up for membership, otherwise you wouldn’t get any points upon purchasing at all!


Ordering and shipping is not that taxing and complicated at all. The first step of course is to create an account. Once you have registered your membership, then you can start shopping for the products that you want – put in your cart, review order, and finally pay for the items to complete the purchase. Once you send your transaction to the email address shown to your after paying, then all you need to do is wait for the item to arrive. When you order for over $149, you can get the shipping for free! is Legit!

My personal experience with this shop has really been amazing that is why I have been so moved to share a detailed review. From the usage of their website, to online shopping, to the effortless process, and to finally receiving and using the products – everything had been fantastic. Their website alone has been very user-friendly, that it got me even more hyped up to buy instead of getting confused and discouraged resulting to having to walk away and doing it the traditional way. Instead, I am so happy of the availability and accessibility of such high grade weed, and being able to get so many diverse products in just one store. Before, I had to get different things from different sources, but now I can get all of them from the same shop, and most especially I can get it very conveniently. Without having to leave the house, I can receive the goods right on my doorsteps. I am pretty sure many weed users can understand how comfy that is!

Check Reddit links below:


It is like a dream come true for many people to have quality weed delivered to them. Is legit? Of course it is! Besides the professional appearance of their website, and the quantity and quality of products that they have, the security of transactions, the dependability of the purchasing and shipping process, and most especially the satisfied reviews of its customers, one can’t deny how legit weedsmart is.

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