Ganja Express Reviews From Real Customers

First Look at Ganjaexpress Online Dispensary

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The company site is easy to maneuver since they have clearly outlined all the products that they sell as well as their prices. They have the option of creating an account in order to place an order. As well, they have a step by step explanation of the shipment process in the case of beginners and new customers. Their site has a review section whereby a client can get information about the experience that other users had by purchase g their products from this company. Ganjaexpress is all about satisfying their client by offering a variety of affordable weed products.

When we search the company on the internet, we can be able to get an example of the products that they offer. We are also able to see their guiding principles whereby their aim is to change the perception of marijuana in the world. They indicate that all Canadians above the age of 19 years have access to marijuana since it offers plenty of benefits to the body. As well, their name pops out when you search about the legalization of marijuana in Canada. This acts as a guiding step for individuals to access an online company from where they can purchase weed. Available reviews about the company help in knowing how legit it is.

Is Ganjaexpress legit?

Ganjaexpress offers a variety of weed products which range from marijuana edibles, marijuana concentrates, and marijuana buds. They also have Vape pens and marijuana flowers. Each of these products comes in different strains of weed from which a customer can choose from. The online dispensary always ensures that they rarely run out of stock for either of the products. In addition, each of the assortments has been clearly indicated on their website with pictures to aid the buyer is looking for the exact product that they wish to purchase. The products have their prices indicated to allow the client to choose a product that they can afford.

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Prices and loyalty programs

The prices of the products vary depending on the product that the buyer wishes to have. The cannabis massage oil goes for $30 while the cannabis-infused massage oil (arnica) goes for $35. Therefore when purchasing a product, you have to be very specific on what you want since most of the products vary by little differences. They are, however, clearly labeled to aid you chose the correct weed product.

Shipping process

The shipping process requires an individual to create an account on their site from whereby one can maneuver the various products. Once you identify the desired product, you add it to the cart while specifying the required amount. This is followed by the checkout step whereby you insert the address that you want the product shipped to. Finally, you enter the payment details on your app and complete the payment process. Your item will now be ready for shipment by mail order to the specified address.

Personal experience with Ganja Express

Having some craving from weed could be traumatizing, especially in a case whereby you do not know a trustworthy and reliable source that you can buy from. I have previously lost money to fraudsters after ordering a product online, and it was never delivered. Some of the companies would require an individual to pay before delivery, and this could be challenging in the case whereby the company is not legit. I always prefer a pay on the delivery basis, but in the case of weed from this company, you have to pay before delivery to facilitate the shipment process. Therefore, I ordered the live resin from

At first, I was not sure about its name, but I knew it was a marijuana concentrate. Therefore, all I did was to open the marijuana concentrates section, and there I found my product costing only $35. I found this price to be lower than my expectations. I then placed an order with my home address as the shipping destination. After three days, I received the product an I must say it was exactly what I had ordered for. I loved the product, and since then, ganja express has become my favorite shop whenever I want to purchase any marijuana product. I find all the variety of products to be amazing since I also plan to try new products.

Final Thoughts about Ganja Express

I think this company offers the best services possible because I found their customer service team to be friendly. They even help you out in selecting the desired product as well as maneuvering through their company site. You can easily search the company on the internet due to its unique name. In regard to what we can find about them on the internet, an individual is able to differentiate them from other companies that have similar names. Their products are unique, affordable, and being sold by a legit company that will not fraud your money. Therefore, any time you feel like you need to buy weed online, just reach out to their website and order any product of your preference. Review

bmwo review

BMWO Review

Domain Created: 2015

Operational Time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am -5:00 pm PST and excluding British Columbia’s statutory holiday’s

Promotions/Referal Programs/Affiliate Programs: Available

How to get in touch:, twitter

Looking for a reliable online company to purchase weed from is a really big concern, especially with the number of scam sites out there. One of the popular websites to order weed online is Today, we will look into the company and see if it is really the best place to order weed.

First Impressions

Looking into the website of pack a simple interface that is easy to navigate.  Ordering is secure and the products are well organized. You can easily find the information you are looking for. There is even a search bar added for customers who have a specific product they want to buy or wants to go over a specific category. The site also has an online chat pop-up that makes interacting with customer service easier.

However, browsing through the site you cannot immediately see the website security certificates that most high end online stores have. This does not mean that transacting via the website is not secure since most dealings with them have been quite secure. (Update on 10.07.19, BMWO has security certificate now).

Is Legit?

When you look for reviews on the internet, the majority of customers find the site trustworthy. Majority of the customers mostly give the company a rating of 4 and above. The company’s rating at averaged at 4.7 which higher than most online mail order marijuana providers out there. Although there are some setbacks, they are minor and are often offset by more favorable responses. This just proves that the products are indeed provided by a legit company.

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Here you can check reviews on at TrustPilot your own:


Products Range

The company sells varied products. Mainly, these products are weeds under either: Cannabis and Concentrates. Cannabis is for those who prefer the old fashioned that wish to savor the plant itself. Cannabis strains offered are Indica, Sativa, Balanced-hybrid, AAAAA, AAAA, AAA, AA strains. Concentrates are more for those who want higher kick and more concentrated effects. Concentrates can either Shatter, Live-Resin/Rosin, Oil, Budder/Wax, Hash, and Edibles.  The site also has vape products, tinctures/topical, CBD, pet health weed products, and accessories such as rolling papers, pipes, bongs, lighters, and more.

Majority of the customers flock into buying from AAAAA strains with the highest-rated products Black Gold, Pink Panther, Tesla Hash, and Pink Rockstar. Vape liquids are also popular finds with the increasing popularity of vapes in Canada.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

The company offers a competitive pricing scheme much similar, if not a tad bit more expensive than the competitors. Most prices range from $20 – $50 for Cannabis and around $40 to $200 for Concentrates. Though maybe a bit expensive, you can buy cheaper if you avail the special offers.

Of course, with the popularity of the company, they also do not forget to give back to their customers by giving them some promotions. So far, the site only caters to Special Ounce Offers, where there are discount offers if you order by the ounce. The company also hold weekly flash sales and give monthly giveaways to lucky participants. Soon, the site will also have a loyalty program for loyal patrons and a referral program for those who can others to purchase their hash needs from

Shipping Process

If you are looking for an online dispensary for your marijuana needs, BMWO does not disappoint. If you buy items totaling to $99 and above, shipping is guaranteed free. Not only that, but the process is also easy. Reddit has separate thread according shipping from BMWO, check the link.

Here are the steps of order:

  1. Choose the product you want then add to cart.
  2. Proceed to the checkout where you will also be prompted to enter a discount code if you have one.
  3. Log in if you have an account of register you are not yet a member.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. During checkout confirmation, follow the instructions on how to pay via Interac E-transfer.
  6. Once payment is confirmed and received, your items will then be processed for shipping on the next business day.
  7. You will receive your Xpresspost tracking number after shipping is finalized. The item will then be delivered right to your doorstep.

Our Experience with BMWO

I have been dealing with for a while now. I have tried various other online dispensaries in the past and all of them disappointed me. One of those previous companies has scammed me almost $200 already which made me very picky on which sites I order my hash from. A friend then recommended So, I went to the website and purchased $3.5 grams of Black Gold (AAAAA) which cost me $42. Black Gold (AAAAA) was sold by grams with 3.5 grams at $42, 7 grams at $82, 14 grams at $150, and 28 grams at $260. The more your purchase, the higher the discount you will get on the prices.

bmwe strains

The strain attributes are also presented which makes it easier to compare which strain works best for you. The Black Gold, for example, showed the strain properties: 100% happiness, 75% relaxation, 74$ arousal, 67% uplifting nature, and $50 euphoria. The medical effects as well negative effects were also shown.

Aside from that, the products also have star ratings where customers can rate the product and write a review for future customers to view. I think that this feature is very helpful since this is what I mainly look at when I buy my weed but not all online sellers have this feature.

Paying via Interac E-transfer was good although it would’ve been better if they accept PayPal or credit card. The shipping is fast. I live in Ontario and I received the package just 2 days after I ordered which is great!


In terms of customer satisfaction, buymyweedonline does not disappoint. I have personally dealt with them before until now and they still live up to their promise. In terms of pricing, they can be more expensive than other online weed sellers out there, but you can be sure though that the quality is good. You will get what you paid for. The website is easy to navigate.

However, the payment scheme is not that convenient. As of the moment, they only accept payments in Interact email transfer. For those who are used to paying via PayPal or credit cards, this system may not be that convenient although it becomes easier once you get the hang of it.PONS

GetKush Reviews From Real Customers!

Get Kush Online Dispensary – First Impression is the fairly newly-formed online dispensary that sells a large variety of weed. Their online presence through their website is quite remarkable. Other online weed sellers do not the same quality presence as their user experience is very poor. GetKush uses a simple to navigate website that showcases its wide variety of product range with very competitive prices.

The website does not allow you to navigate without signing up or logging in with your existing ID which makes it a reliable seller. If you do not have any these details you can log in with either your Facebook or Google ID. A great feature of the website is that it has broken-down products in many categories. These categories are based on their prices and customers’ choice (mix and match).

The website also has a section of customer Reviews which is an honest approach to attract the customers.

Get Kush Online Reviews

There are not many websites and (or) blogs that have reviewed the GetKush. Albeit, two trustworthy reviews are available that have reviewed the Canadian online weed seller in depth.

Check Reddit links below:

Products Range

If you want to buy weed, GetKush provides you a large selection of products with multiple packages to choose from. It sells Cannabis (Sativa, Balanced-Hybrid, Indica) and Concentrates (Shatter, Budder/Wax, Hash, Oils, Live Resin, and Extracts). The company also sells some unique edible lines such as Candies, Chocolate bars, Capsules, and Cereal bars. It also has an extended range of vapes and topicals. All these products are of very high quality as the company does not believe in compromising on customers’ expectations.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

The pricing model devised by GetKush is very competitive. You may feel at some point that some lines are expensive, but you must bear in mind the quality also. Depending on the product you like and the ounces you require the prices will vary on these two factors.

The company runs multiple programs to reward its loyal customer and to attract new customers as well. The three programs are named Refer a Friend, Rewards and Become an Affiliate. A customer must buy something from the company first in order to be part of any these programs. These three programs can be availed as single or as a combination, dependent on the scenario.

For instance, under the Rewards program, a new customer will receive 250 points on signing up. Every product bought through them will get the points as well based on the product value. If you write a review on the company website you will receive 25 points for this. Every 25 points you earn will be equal to the value of $1. The company allows you to utilize your points at every checkout made on the website. With Refer a Friend program, you receive $25 credit in your account if your invited friend spends $175 or more.

Streamlined Shipping Process

GetKush has established great contacts with many leading Canadian couriers including Canada Post Xpresspost. The delivery process is extremely streamlined with a team of professionals working in all the departments. Once a customer makes a purchase online, and his payment is successful this marks the beginning of the shipping process. The finance team confirms the payment to packaging department who carefully boxes the items.

The boxes used in shipping are strong, and plastic bags are air-sealed to keep the items fresh. Dependent on the product type, the humidity controlled small plastic containers are also used. Once the packaging is completed the fleet team is informed for collection which will deliver it. This entire process is done in a very orderly fashion to enhance the customer experience.

Personal Experience with

I ordered some products from GetKush for myself and my friends last week. The ordered range includes Tetra Bites Gummy Candies, Capsules and Bruce Banner. The order value was over $250 which made me eligible for free delivery. I was slightly confused during the whole process, so before making the payment I rang the helpline. The customer service team was very friendly and actively listened to my queries and offered their help.

After I felt confident, I made the payment, and the mail order was received within 48 hours which was great. The received box had everything packed in a safe manner. I was very happy with the high-quality service I received.

Get Kush Coupons

  • thx10 = $10 off your order
  • youarethebest5 = 5% off your order

Last Words

GetKush is a legit company that has a very honest approach in all the ways it is doing business. The company offers a huge variety of weed related products. Without compromising on the quality of the products the set prices are very competitive. Given the real-time customer experience, exceptional website and a streamlined delivery process make this company my very first choice to buy weed.

Stashclub Review, What Happened To Stash Club Weed Store? review

First View at Stash Club Online Dispensary

Stachclub is Closed! Try Some Alternatives is a fully legit company that is based in Canada. The company specializes in weed-related products. When you open the website it treats you with a beautiful blue banner. The wide range of products displayed on its website is enhanced with the use of beautiful and high-quality images. The user experience of the website is very smooth and no complex design mechanism.

Your experience to buy weed from Stashclub is made very simple with categorically showcased items. Within the homepage, these categories include staff picks, on sale items, topicals, accessories, vape pens so on and so forth. The website also displays the prices in a very orderly fashion to add to positive customer experience.

Stashclub is the first online dispensary that allows other vendors to display their product on its website. If you want to utilize this opportunity, there is a form that needs filling for this purpose.

Another thing that makes this company stand out is that it has a strong social media presence. It also sells what they call Stash Gear that includes hats, pants, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Online Presence

It is one of the few weed sellers if not only, that has a variety of reviews available on the internet. Since the company is big, it has a mixture of good and bad reviews, mostly good though.

Check Reddit links below:

What do They Sell (Product Lines)

If you have been recently disappointed by a seller then do not worry as Stashclub has everything on the table. It has a big range of edibles (sweet treats, liquid capsules, oil, brownies, gummies, THC and CBD capsules, cookies and chocolates). It also sells cannabis sativa and hybrid sativa, indica and hybrid indica.

Another big range in extracts such as distillate, shatter, hash, rosin, and live resin can also be bought from its online store.

Prices and Stash Miles

Is it a legit company? Stashclub does not disappoint its customers at any stage and keeps it prices at the lowest possible level. The company offers premium quality products to enhance the user experience. The prices are competitive and are dependent on the required quantity.

The Canadian weed company runs a very transparent and reliable loyalty program, called Stash Miles. Is it possible to buy weed? Each dollar spent gets you 10 Stash Miles. And if you want to redeem your earned points you need to have 1000 Stash Miles, equivalent to $1. Customer will earn 100 Stash Miles every day if they sign up regularly, buying is not a compulsion here. If you want to earn more points when reviewing a product is a good option. It will get you 5000 Stash Miles. If you introduce your friend to the company you get maximum Stash Miles, 10000.

These Stash Miles can be redeemed at any time on any product at the time of checkout.

The Shipping Process

Stashclub has a very trustworthy packing and shipping process. The company does not rely on the third-party agent, like other companies in the same industry, for its shipping process. It has a large dedicated area where the process takes place.

They use a packing material which is specially imported from abroad to ensure the products are kept safe. It does not mean that safer packing materials are not available locally. The company pays special attention to detail and uses only tried and tested material.

When the packaging process is done, the contracted shipper will then collect the parcel to deliver to the customer. The whole network of fleets is also traceable with a unique ID which gives customer extra confidence. During the entire process of shipping, the customer is notified with text messages and emails to enhance their experience.

Personal Experience

It is a reliable option? I recently moved to Canada from the United States, so I was not familiar with the company first. When I searched on the internet, Stashclub popped up, and I decide to place an order due to attractive offers and product range.

I was looking for an online dispensary, as I am always curious about spending extra money on delivery charges, so I spent $183 to have free delivery. I bought Tuna Kush Special ($149) and Moonshine Honey Oil ($34). After I paid with my card I received an email with a tracking number and confirmation of payment. I felt impressed with the service straight away.

Although I was able to track my package on every stage I was not sure that Stashclub could be that quick in this process. I was proved wrong when I received my mail order on the second day so that tracking was the real-time I thought.

My two items were packed in a beautifully designed box, and I really enjoyed their freshness.

Final Thoughts

Where do I give my mail order? Stashclub is a highly professional MOM company in Canada that sells premium quality cannabis products. Customers can enjoy fresh lines at a highly competitive price. They can also earn points (Stash Miles) that can be redeemed as discount coupons on the website. Review

Since the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana, many online dispensaries have risen. Indeed, there are many choices and existing reviews to help you in choosing one. On this article, we would review The as company that delivers quality weed, marijuana concentrates and edibles.

About (former

The company is composed of a team of skilled growers, ecommerce and logistic specialists that aims to deliver high quality and affordable marijuana products. As the company assures consumers’ convenience, their website is user-friendly where you can easily explore different products such as marijuana, weed concentrates, edibles, CBD and accessories.

Moreover, the company offers the following benefits:

  1.  Satisfaction guarantee
  2.  Price match guarantee
  3.  Free shipping (if you buy over $99 worth of products)
  4.  Large variety
  5.  Highest quality
  6. Security and privacy

The website also features easy-to-follow instructions on how to buy weed and frequently asked questions on ordering, payment, fees, prices, shipping and handling. You can also check on some reviews of its customers and blogs to gain more knowledge about weeds. Lastly, you can join their club to receive free stuffs and discounts.

Is online-dispensary legit?

The Online Dispensary Canada is a legit company that delivers different grades and strains of marijuana and its derivatives in the country. Currently, it has an average of 3.2 on Google Reviews from a total of 6 reviews. Some customers complemented its excellent service while some had problems on delayed shipping for which the company had already addressed.

Products and Prices

The Online Dispensary based in Canada have a wide range of marijuana products for which you can choose from—weed, concentrates, edibles like sweets and accessories. The company’s staffs are hands-on in delivering purity, safety, potency and quality on these products. Here is the list of company’s products and their corresponding prices. On the other hand, prices may vary without prior notice.


  • Golden Panda Pre-Rolls- $5.00
  • Girl Scout Cookies Pre-Rolls- $5.50
  • Super-Lemon Haze Pre-Rolls- $5.50
  • Bruce-Banner Pre-Rolls- $6.00
  • Golden Panda (3.5 g) – $24.00
  • Green Hornet (3.5 g)- $24.00
  • OG Kush (3.5 g)- $26.50
  • Strawberry Banana (3.5 g)- $26.50
  • Purple Candy (3.5 g)- $26.50
  • Cinderella 99 (3.5 g)- $26.50
  • Sensi Star (3.5 g)- $26.50
  • Grand Daddy Purple Kush (3.5 g)- $27.50
  • King Tut (3.5 g) -$27.50
  • White Rhino (3.5 g) – $27.50
  • Orange Cookies (3.5 g) -$27.50
  • Cannalope Haze (3.5 g)- $29.50
  • Girl Scout Cookies (3.5 g)- $30.00
  • Sour Diesel (3.5 g)- $30.00
  • Zombie Kush (3.5 g)- $30.00
  • Tangerine Dream (3.5 g)- $30.00
  • Blackberry OG (3.5 g)- $32.50
  • Gorilla Glue (3.5 g)- $32.50
  • Amnesia Haze (3.5 g)- $35.00
  • Durban Poison (3.5 g)- $35.00
  • Super Skunk (3.5 g)- $35.00
  • Super Lemon Haze (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Hawaiian (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Grapefruit (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Trainwreck (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Rockstar Tuna (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Gorilla Bomb (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Purple Haze (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Shiska Berry (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Bruce Banner (3.5 g)- $40.00
  • Alien OG (3.5 g)- $42.50

Weed Concentrates

  • THC Extract Capsules 25mg-1500mg- $3.50-$150.00
  • THC Extract Capsules 100mg-6000mg-$6.25-$345.00
  • Goo Goodness Oil Pen- $10.00
  • CO2 Full Plant Extract- AAA+ Blend- $40.00 per gram
  • Everest Extracts Shatter-Space Cookies/ Gelato/ Zombie Kush/ Jack Herer- $40.00 per gram
  • Goo Goodness Oil Cartridge- Mojito/Natural/Blueberry/Watermelon/Root Beer/Cotton Candy/Lime/Winter Mint/Cherry/Cookies and Cream/Peach Mango/Pear/Spearmint/Strawberry Banana/Strawberry Kiwi/Apple/Plum- $45.00 per gram
  • Solvent Free- Hash Rosin- $45.00 per gram
  • Solvent Free Rosin- Northern Lights Purple Kush/Purple Kush/Cowboy 53- $45.00 per gram
  • Goo Goodness Distillate- $50.00 per gram
  • Miss Envy- Tincture 500mg THC- $50.00
  • Goo Goodness Oil Cartridge- CBD- $55.00 per gram
  • Miss Envy- Tincture 1:1 CBD THC- $55.00
  • Miss Envy- Tincture 3:1 CBD THC- $55.00
  • Live Resin- Super Lemon Haze/ Chronic/ Diesel/ Mango Kush/ Maui Wowie – $60.00 per gram
  • Terpene Sauce- Hawaiian Snow- $60 per gram
  • CBD Extract Capsules 400mg- $78.00
  • THC Extract Capsules 2000mg-$122.00

Weed Edibles

  • THC Extract Capsules 25mg-1500mg- $3.50-$150.00
  • THC Extract Capsules 100mg-600mg- $6.25-$345.00
  • Apple Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts- 80mg THC- $13.50
  • Mango Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts- 80mg THC- $13.50
  • Mango Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts- 40mg THC 40mg CBD- $13.50
  • Watermelon Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts- 40mg THC 40mg CBD-$13.50
  • Grape Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts- 40mg THC 40mg CBD-$13.50
  • Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts- 80mg THC (Sativa)- $14.00
  • Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts- 80mg THC (Indica)- $14.00
  • Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts-40 mg THC 40 mg CBD (Indica)-$14.00
  • Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts- 40mg THC 40mg CBD (Sativa)-$14.00
  • Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Bar Edible- 150mg THC- $20.00
  • Assorted Gummy Edibles- 100mg THC/100 mg CBD- $20.00
  • Root Beer Hard Candy- 100mg CBD-$20.00
  • Mile High Mint Chocolate Bar Edible- 210mg THC- $22.00
  • Sunshower Gummies- Double Strength 150mg THC/ 150mg CBD- $32.00
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie Edible- 400mg THC- $40.00
  • Miss Envy Coconut Oil- 400mg THC- $40.00

Weed Accessories

  • Prague Gold Premium Papers- $2.00
  • Prague Gold Premium Papers- King Size- $2.85
  • Prague Gold Premium Filters- $2.90
  • Prague Gold Premium Rolls- 5m- $5.10
  • Goo Goodness Oil Pen- $10.00

Loyalty Programs

The company provides corresponding loyalty points for every purchase of weed products. The consumers can redeem these accumulated points to buy marijuana products at the Online Dispensary. Moreover upon signing up to their loyalty program, you will be eligible to members’ exclusive discounts, incentives, rewards, promos and free stuffs.

Shipping Process

You can mail order marijuana and other related products of the company via online, provided that you can prove you are 19 year old and above. Next is you can send your payment via interac e-transfer to The company will then process your order and pack it in vacuum-sealed smell-proof bags ready for shipping. Finally, your package will be delivered 1-3 business days for major cities and 3-4 business days for urban locations.

Personal Experience

As I was searching on other alternatives to relieve my insomnia, I came across at the Indica Marijuana Strain. Well at first I was hesitant because I might experience unwanted effects, but I’m glad that there are already edibles like the Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts- 40 mg THC 40 mg CBD (Indica) being sold by The Online Dispensary Canada.

I called their phone number to ask them some of my questions regarding its effect and they also said that it can help in alleviating the pain of my recent appendectomy. As they answered all my queries, I comfortably placed my order through their website. With just few clicks, my order and payment was completed. While waiting for my package to arrive, I browsed on their website and found some helpful blogs on other great benefits of marijuana like what would be the best weed strains for anxiety and how could weed improve my exercise workout.

After three days, my package arrived fully sealed. As I opened my Cara-Melts, I almost forgot that it had weed in itself because it looked and smelled like caramel candy. It is very creamy, chewy and sweet. And it really helped in relieving my insomnia and post-operative pain in a delightful way. I’m really glad that I bought it and I will definitely buy it again soon and try the other products of The Online Dispensary Canada.

Final thoughts

The Online Dispensary Canada is a great find to buy weed products online with its wide assortment of various grades and strains of marijuana, concentrates, edibles and accessories. You can get your money’s worth with their high quality and affordable products. The company has also fast and convenient system on processing orders up to shipment. The staff is fully dedicated to serve you in answering all your queries through chat, call or email. The company is reliable and trustworthy with its promise of satisfaction and delivery guarantee, where you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Buds2Go Reviews From Real Customers

buds2go review Website Is Down!

A lot of online cannabis sellers exist today claiming that can give you the best hash there is. However, because of the many cases of people being scammed and extorted hundreds of dollars from, it is quite dangerous to deal with just any online cannabis seller.

One of the most popular mail order medical cannabis providers out there is The company claims that they are legit and is the best in the industry today. Well, we will soon find out.

Basic Information about

Right off the bat, let us first talk about the company’s website. When you visit, you will immediately be met with a pop-up asking if you are over 19. Once you check the Yes option, you will be redirected to their homepage.

The website design is simple and easy to work with. When you navigate around to find what you are looking for, it is fairly easy. The categories are also in the main menu along with a search bar, which adds to the convenience of locating items. Also, the site posts daily news about things related to cannabis in their site which helps customers be updated of current events relevant to cannabis.

You should remember though the site doesn’t accept anonymous “guest” buyers. Customers will have to log-in before they can purchase anything.

Is Legit?

Now, the golden question. Is legit? Because of the increasing number of people getting swindled online, the number of people who are skeptic about dealing with online sellers to purchase weed from is also increasing. Hence, people are asking whether is a legit company. Well, the answer is yes. The company has been in the service of selling marijuana online for many years already and one of the top sellers in the market today. They sell good quality stuff and excel in providing convenient service.

Check Reddit links below:

What Can You Buy Here?

When you decide to test out buds2go and buy weed from them, you will be given quite a plethora of choices. The products are mainly categorized according to their plant type: Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. You can also decide on which form you want to buy them in: Pre-rolls or Dried flowers.

There are several brands to choose from, depending on which brand fits your needs best. Some of the brands include, but are not limited to, Agmedica, Black Mamba, Canna Farms, Cannmart, Canveda, G-Tec, Mediwanna, Pax, and more. The products are also color-coded according to the hydrocarbon most abundance in the cannabis such as myrcene, alpha-pinene, limonene, and more.

If you are not sure which strain or type fits you or any other concern, you can also contact a reliable healthcare professional to guide you.

Prices and Special Offers

When you buy weed from, prices average at around $99 an ounce. However, the site holds Flash Sales every week which cuts costs on ounce price or shipping. You can also avail of the free shipping if you purchase items amounting to over $100. They currently also have a promo where you can receive an additional gram of marijuana at your very first order. The free gram is a surprise though and you cannot choose the strain. It is still a great deal though.  

Ordering and Shipping Process

To order, you need to be registered at the site first. To register for an account, you will be asked to provide your name, email address, contact number, and a picture of a valid ID to verify your age. Being asked to provide an ID and a contact number may not be the usual trend in other online weed sellers but the company asserts their trustworthy transactions and claim to retain confidentiality and will not keep any information about their customers.

Once you have registered, you can now choose which item you want and add it to your cart. At the checkout, you will receive instruction on how to pay using Interact Money Transfer and other important details. Once the payment is confirmed, your package will be delivered within 5-6 days depending on your location.

Personal Review

Of course, like you, I was also quite doubtful of the legitimacy of as an online dispensary. So, I had scoured the internet about reviews by previous customers, asked some friends who have dealt with the service, and finally decided to try.

My first order was in the evening of February 18. I ordered an Indica strain totaling to about $100. I availed the free shipping so I got that covered. At that time, they collected HST but recently they have removed the additional fee.

At first, paying was a bit challenging for me because they don’t accept PayPal. As of the moment, they only accept money transfer by Interact. After I submitted my order, I received an email containing the instructions on how to send the payment via money transfer. You will also get a password and order number. Once you have paid, you will enter these details in the comment section.

I live in Toronto and had to wait around 5 days before I received my package via Canada Post Xpresspost. Tracking is also easy since you will be provided with the tracking number. They live up to their confidentiality claim with their packaging since it is pretty discrete and generic. There is no label indicating that it is from Buds2go nor any indication of what the package contains.


My overall interaction with is fairly good. In terms of user-friendliness, the site hit a jackpot. It is easy to navigate and the contents are easy to find. I liked the news updates since other weed sellers do not have this feature on their site. In terms of pricing, they may not be one of the cheapest out there but they are fairly decent. The special offers they have are good and can save you some good deals if you can avail them. I just wish that the payment option is broader though. Money transfer is not always convenient so they should add more options in the future.  

AC Medical Review

AC Medical Website Is Down! is a Canada based online dispensary that sells weed at a nominal price without compromising the quality. When we open the website all the product range is displayed in a very neat and clean manner. A simple and colorful theme along with easy to navigate website present a good image of the company!

All the prices are clearly laid out and do not attempt to confuse the customers with any sort of complex pricing. Also, there is a video on the homepage that shows how as a customer you can order the product(s) of your choice and can have them delivered on your doorstep in no time.

Online Presence

AC Medical has a fair bit of presence on the Internet.  There are a couple of websites (blogs) that have reviewed the products and services of AC Medical, and they give positive feedback. To attract new customers, it will be great if existing customers are requested to give feedback so it can be helpful for potential customers to make up their mind.

Check Reddit links below:

Products Range

The company sells a good range of weed related products that include Flowers (Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookie, Khalifa Kush, King Louis XIII, Mango and more), high-quality AAA and AAAA concentrates (Afghani Hash, Blonde Keif, Live Resin, Extracted Oils, Shatter and more) and some range of edibles such as capsules.

Pricing Policy

AC Medical has a loyalty program on its website to reward their customers. This program works in both ways; for the company, it is a viable marketing strategy to attract the customers, and for customers, it is a reward for staying loyal to the company. The registered members can get 1 percent (of their total purchase value) back in the form of points. Once they have enough points, they can use them for the next purchase which ultimately brings down the price for them.

The prices, as touched upon above, are very nominal and competitive. AC Medical uses a pricing model that is fair and trustworthy.

Shipping/Delivery Process

When you buy weed from the AC Medical the company will ship the order from its head office in Vancouver. The nearby customer will have a delivery window of 1-2 hours where customers living further away will have a delivery window of 3-5 days. The company has a streamlined mail order system in place and ensures that the customer does not face any problems in receiving their packages.

Once a customer makes a successful purchase on their website the accounts department then confirms the payment to packaging department who then starts the process of packaging with clearly labeled boxes.

The online weed seller offers free delivery on the order above $200 and charges its customers a reasonable delivery fee of $15 on orders below $200.

Personal experience with AC Medical

A few weeks ago, my friends wanted me to get them some weed as they thought I am good at it. I could not say no to them, so I decided to place an order online in accordance to their requirement and to save my time as well.

I came across this website (AC Medical) which seemed to be a legit company after doing some research and prices were also very cheap. So, I registered on the website and uploaded my ID. I ordered Bubble Gum and Love Potion (flowers) and some Capsules. After making the payment I received a confirmation email detailing the transaction and shipment details (2-3 days delivery window).

I received my package on the second day which was very efficient, but I found out that box I received was tempered and one of the flowers was missing. I panicked a little bit because my friends had trusted me with their money. I quickly got in touch with the support team and explained the situation. Allen, on the other end patiently listened to my complaint and promised to deal with this as soon as he can and he would give me a call back within 24 hours.

I got a call back from him within few hours confirming that he has made arrangements for the missing item to be delivered through their Fast Track system. He also provided me with the tracking number. I was really impressed and thanked him for his professionalism.

Once I received the missing flower the next day when I shared this experience with my friends also, and they seemed very impressed too with great customer service.

Final remarks

AC Medical is a reliable online company to buy the weed from. It has a great system in place to handle the orders, payments and a swift and effective delivery system is one of the many strengths of the company.

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