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Company Profile and Overview

Cheebas is a mail order marijuana dispensary that is located out of BC. Despite this, Cheebas delivers to every territory and province within Canada. Cheebas has a couple of philosophies, but their main philosophy is, “We’re only happy if you’re happy.” The dispensary takes pride in doing whatever it takes to satisfy its clientele. This means speedy shipping, premium cannabis products, the privacy of customers, and reliable customer service.

Cheebas has an easy-to-navigate website. The simple menu has a step-by-step layout that takes customers through the ordering process and provides information about what is needed before placing an order. Most of Cheebas’ staff consists of pot-lovers, and they want to make the process of buying weed as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Customers’ Opinions about

Craigslist has both positive and negative reviews of Cheebas; but, the positives outweigh the negatives. Customers state that Cheebas has fast delivery, excellent quality, and amazing customer service. Moreover, many first time customers state that they received a free sample shatter with their first order. Customers also complain that some of the pictures and descriptions of the vapes are exactly the same but priced differently. For example, one vape is $65.00, and the other is $110.00, but it is not clear why the same product is priced differently.

Customer opinions about Cheebas from Reddit are mostly negative. Customers assert that Cheebas has an outstanding flower lineup, as well as delicious edibles. However, Cheebas fall short when it comes to getting orders correct. Customers complain that Cheebas mixes up orders on a regular basis. One particular customer even gave an account whereby Cheebas mixed up his order three times. Another prevalent complaint among the customers was poor packaging. Some customers state that their packages were not vacuum-sealed, partially open, or airtight.

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Cheebas Product Assortment

Cheebas has a vast assortment of cannabis and cannabis-based products.

In the Flower Section, the dispensary provides:

  • Indica,
  • Sativa,
  • Hybrid, and
  • Living Soil Organics.

In the Concentrate Section, the dispensary offers; 

  • High Grade,
  • Shatter,
  • Diamonds,
  • Rosin, and
  • Live Resin, distilled THC.

In the Edibles Section, Cheebas provides:

  • Brownies,
  • Beverages,
  • Cookies,
  • Chocolate, and 
  • Candies 

Cheebas also provides:

  • Pre-Rolls,
  • Hash,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Vapes,
  • Pets,
  • Combos,
  • CBD, and
  • Capsules and Oils. 

When you buy cannabis from Cheebas, you will get to choose from their large variety of cannabis products. You will also get to enjoy delicious edibles and high-quality imported and domestic hash. 

Cheebas’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Cheebas is one of the cheapest MOMs in Canada. You do not have to rush to the bank every time you need to buy weed from Cheebas. The top sellers that are currently on their site are going for low prices. For example:

  • Gold Seal Hash –  $5.00 per gram,
  • Death Bubba Indica – $6.00 per gram,
  • Moby Dick Sativa – $8.25 per gram, and
  • Afghani Cream Hash – $14.00 per gram.

Cheebas has a great loyalty program. If you tell a friend about Cheebas and persuade them to make an order, the online dispensary will give you $30 credit, and your friend will receive $20 on their second order.

When your friend makes a payment for their order, you can request them to write your name in the comment section of their E-transfer. When Cheebas representatives see your name, they will issue credits.

Cheebas’s Shipping Process

Immediately Cheebas receives your payment, they prepare and ship your package. If you place and pay for your order before noon on a business day, the company will ship your order that same day.

Cheebas ships all orders above $200 for free. Orders less than $200 have a flat rate of $18.50. All orders are shipped via Canada Post Express and take 2-3 business days for major cities in Canada, and 3-5 business days for remote locations.

Cheebas covers all orders until they get to the buyer’s hands. If there is an issue in the post, the dispensary will replace your order. This is a legit company that strives to ensure that customers get what they ordered.

Personal Experience with Cheebas

As I was going through Cheebas’s website, I eyeballed the Lemon Sour Diesel, but before I could order and purchase cannabis from Cheebas, I had to:

  1. Create an account. 
  2. Provide valid, government-issued ID for registration,
  3. Place my order,
  4. Pay for my products via E-transfer, and
  5. Check my email for tracking information.

I placed my order on Wednesday morning, and it was delivered at my doorstep on Friday afternoon. This was impressive because they delivered it within the estimated period. However, I was disappointed with the packaging. As far as I know, a package is supposed to be vacuum-sealed, but my package was partially sealed, which dried out the Lemon Sour Diesel.

Even though the Lemon Sour Diesel was dried out, it had a citrusy lemon scent that lived up to its namesake. The nuggets were medium-sized, with a pale green complexion and bright orange pistils. When smoked, it produced a cloud of heavy, thick smoke that irritated my throat on inhale, causing me to cough. It also gave me cottonmouth, so I recommend having a glass of water on hand. The high was non-sedating and heavy-hitting, which is exactly what I wanted.

Final Thoughts on Cheebas

Cheebas is not the most trustworthy MOM, but when it comes to product quality, customer service, and product variety, it is one of the best. Cheebas weighs heavy when packing orders, so you get a little bit more on top of what you ordered, and sometimes the company throws in freebies to show their appreciation. The best feature about Cheebas is that it insures all orders and you do not have to pay an insurance fee. This is something I have not seen with other MOMs out there.

Cheebas needs to step up when it comes to packaging because so far, their packaging is one of the poorest I have seen. Their cannabis is potent and pungent, and the smoke experience is excellent.

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