Ganja Express Reviews From Real Customers

First Look at Ganjaexpress Online Dispensary

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The company site is easy to maneuver since they have clearly outlined all the products that they sell as well as their prices. They have the option of creating an account in order to place an order. As well, they have a step by step explanation of the shipment process in the case of beginners and new customers. Their site has a review section whereby a client can get information about the experience that other users had by purchase g their products from this company. Ganjaexpress is all about satisfying their client by offering a variety of affordable weed products.

When we search the company on the internet, we can be able to get an example of the products that they offer. We are also able to see their guiding principles whereby their aim is to change the perception of marijuana in the world. They indicate that all Canadians above the age of 19 years have access to marijuana since it offers plenty of benefits to the body. As well, their name pops out when you search about the legalization of marijuana in Canada. This acts as a guiding step for individuals to access an online company from where they can purchase weed. Available reviews about the company help in knowing how legit it is.

Is Ganjaexpress legit?

Ganjaexpress offers a variety of weed products which range from marijuana edibles, marijuana concentrates, and marijuana buds. They also have Vape pens and marijuana flowers. Each of these products comes in different strains of weed from which a customer can choose from. The online dispensary always ensures that they rarely run out of stock for either of the products. In addition, each of the assortments has been clearly indicated on their website with pictures to aid the buyer is looking for the exact product that they wish to purchase. The products have their prices indicated to allow the client to choose a product that they can afford.

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Prices and loyalty programs

The prices of the products vary depending on the product that the buyer wishes to have. The cannabis massage oil goes for $30 while the cannabis-infused massage oil (arnica) goes for $35. Therefore when purchasing a product, you have to be very specific on what you want since most of the products vary by little differences. They are, however, clearly labeled to aid you chose the correct weed product.

Shipping process

The shipping process requires an individual to create an account on their site from whereby one can maneuver the various products. Once you identify the desired product, you add it to the cart while specifying the required amount. This is followed by the checkout step whereby you insert the address that you want the product shipped to. Finally, you enter the payment details on your app and complete the payment process. Your item will now be ready for shipment by mail order to the specified address.

Personal experience with Ganja Express

Having some craving from weed could be traumatizing, especially in a case whereby you do not know a trustworthy and reliable source that you can buy from. I have previously lost money to fraudsters after ordering a product online, and it was never delivered. Some of the companies would require an individual to pay before delivery, and this could be challenging in the case whereby the company is not legit. I always prefer a pay on the delivery basis, but in the case of weed from this company, you have to pay before delivery to facilitate the shipment process. Therefore, I ordered the live resin from

At first, I was not sure about its name, but I knew it was a marijuana concentrate. Therefore, all I did was to open the marijuana concentrates section, and there I found my product costing only $35. I found this price to be lower than my expectations. I then placed an order with my home address as the shipping destination. After three days, I received the product an I must say it was exactly what I had ordered for. I loved the product, and since then, ganja express has become my favorite shop whenever I want to purchase any marijuana product. I find all the variety of products to be amazing since I also plan to try new products.

Final Thoughts about Ganja Express

I think this company offers the best services possible because I found their customer service team to be friendly. They even help you out in selecting the desired product as well as maneuvering through their company site. You can easily search the company on the internet due to its unique name. In regard to what we can find about them on the internet, an individual is able to differentiate them from other companies that have similar names. Their products are unique, affordable, and being sold by a legit company that will not fraud your money. Therefore, any time you feel like you need to buy weed online, just reach out to their website and order any product of your preference.

2 comments on “Ganja Express Reviews From Real Customers

  1. ganjalover says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about Amnesia and wanted to give this a try. So far, I am not disappointed. The high was exceptional. It completely blew me away. I’ll buy more of this from this MOM and maybe even try another strain. Thanks for the smooth transaction and speedy shipment by the way. Excellent quality bud too.

  2. SB says:

    Worst compagny ever!
    Jamie, the customer service, has wrote to me that they don’t give a shit about their customer because weed buyer are dumb and will buy again anyway…

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