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Get Kush Online Dispensary – First Impression is the fairly newly-formed online dispensary that sells a large variety of weed. Their online presence through their website is quite remarkable. Other online weed sellers do not the same quality presence as their user experience is very poor. GetKush uses a simple to navigate website that showcases its wide variety of product range with very competitive prices.

The website does not allow you to navigate without signing up or logging in with your existing ID which makes it a reliable seller. If you do not have any these details you can log in with either your Facebook or Google ID. A great feature of the website is that it has broken-down products in many categories. These categories are based on their prices and customersā€™ choice (mix and match).

The website also has a section of customer Reviews which is an honest approach to attract the customers.

Get Kush Online Reviews

There are not many websites and (or) blogs that have reviewed the GetKush. Albeit, two trustworthy reviews are available that have reviewed the Canadian online weed seller in depth.

Check Reddit links below:

Products Range

If you want to buy weed, GetKush provides you a large selection of products with multiple packages to choose from. It sells Cannabis (Sativa, Balanced-Hybrid, Indica) and Concentrates (Shatter, Budder/Wax, Hash, Oils, Live Resin, and Extracts). The company also sells some unique edible lines such as Candies, Chocolate bars, Capsules, and Cereal bars. It also has an extended range of vapes and topicals. All these products are of very high quality as the company does not believe in compromising on customersā€™ expectations.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

The pricing model devised by GetKush is very competitive. You may feel at some point that some lines are expensive, but you must bear in mind the quality also. Depending on the product you like and the ounces you require the prices will vary on these two factors.

The company runs multiple programs to reward its loyal customer and to attract new customers as well. The three programs are named Refer a Friend, Rewards and Become an Affiliate. A customer must buy something from the company first in order to be part of any these programs. These three programs can be availed as single or as a combination, dependent on the scenario.

For instance, under the Rewards program, a new customer will receive 250 points on signing up. Every product bought through them will get the points as well based on the product value. If you write a review on the company website you will receive 25 points for this. Every 25 points you earn will be equal to the value of $1. The company allows you to utilize your points at every checkout made on the website. With Refer a Friend program, you receive $25 credit in your account if your invited friend spends $175 or more.

Streamlined Shipping Process

GetKush has established great contacts with many leading Canadian couriers including Canada Post Xpresspost. The delivery process is extremely streamlined with a team of professionals working in all the departments. Once a customer makes a purchase online, and his payment is successful this marks the beginning of the shipping process. The finance team confirms the payment to packaging department who carefully boxes the items.

The boxes used in shipping are strong, and plastic bags are air-sealed to keep the items fresh. Dependent on the product type, the humidity controlled small plastic containers are also used. Once the packaging is completed the fleet team is informed for collection which will deliver it. This entire process is done in a very orderly fashion to enhance the customer experience.

Personal Experience with

I ordered some products from GetKush for myself and my friends last week. The ordered range includes Tetra Bites Gummy Candies, Capsules and Bruce Banner. The order value was over $250 which made me eligible for free delivery. I was slightly confused during the whole process, so before making the payment I rang the helpline. The customer service team was very friendly and actively listened to my queries and offered their help.

After I felt confident, I made the payment, and the mail order was received within 48 hours which was great. The received box had everything packed in a safe manner. I was very happy with the high-quality service I received.

Get Kush Coupons

  • thx10 = $10 off your order
  • youarethebest5 = 5% off your order

Last Words

GetKush is a legit company that has a very honest approach in all the ways it is doing business. The company offers a huge variety of weed related products. Without compromising on the quality of the products the set prices are very competitive. Given the real-time customer experience, exceptional website and a streamlined delivery process make this company my very first choice to buy weed.

3 comments on “GetKush Reviews From Real Customers!

  1. reacher says:

    Cant reach their Canadian website. What is the situation with ?

    1. patrick lacroix says:

      now it is .

  2. patrick lacroix says:

    never had problem with them , always as fast as they could since im on the east coast ( including week end , 4 to 6 days )
    the green was always fine .

    but as today with the covid crisis and canada post is overwhelmed by the situation delivery is slow as hell if not lost , ordered for nearly 500$ may 21 , stuck in Richmond since may 22 ….and did not move yet as today .
    by the way they credited me my order in points so the day i trust again canada post i have for 504$ in credit waiting there . i contacted them to give them the advice of not doing business outside of their province since delay are just to much to handle and they did not waste time , they concidered my order as lost and credited me . if i finaly get my order before i spend the points they gave me , if this order is not lost too i will contact them so they could get the points they gave me back . you say im crazy ? i say that’s why i dont have friends , cant trust anybody those days ^^

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