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WhitePalm Company Information

WhitePalm is an online dispensary that offers new cannabis products every day. These cannabis products range from high potency flowers to premium exotic marijuana flowers. WhitePalm has a vast array of high-quality strains. They strive to provide excellent service, delivery, quality, and security. They also have growers who specialize in producing premium cannabis flowers.

WhitePalm serves members in major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec. They also serve members in small towns in rural areas. The goal of this company is to build long-term relationships. It further aims to promote cannabis consumption in the healthiest manner possible. Review According to Trustpilot and Reddit

According to Trustpilot, WhitePalm is a great online dispensary. They are fast when it comes to approving new customer profiles. Customers also enjoy the free pen deal that they offer for first-time users. The company’s live chat function is also a bonus. You can talk to someone if you have any queries or need guidance with buying strains.

According to Reddit, WhitePalm has terrific customer service. It is a company that knows how to exceed their promises. WhitePalm ensures that there are clear lines of communication. Their email contact, communication, and support are excellent. These go toward building trust with existing and new customers.

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Is Legit?

WhitePalm is a legit company. They have a wide range of craft cannabis and extracts. They provide their members with direct access to a vast array of premium strains. With WhitePalm, you can buy high CBD strains, high THC strains, sativa, indica, and hybrid.

WhitePalm also provides premium extracts. These include THC pills, Budder, Phoenix Tears, Rosin, Hash, CBD Oils, and Shatter. The dispensary also has the vastest selection of premium cannabis extracts. It has over thirty different exotic marijuana strains from many brands.

You will find original cannabis AAAA strains on These include Hazes, Indicas, Kush, Sativas, Diesels, and Hybrids. Each week, the company restocks from its exclusive strains. They also bring in new treats each week for customers to try. Their sources are consistent. No switch or bait takes place on

WhitePalm Prices and Loyalty Programs

WhitePalm sets the best prices for each of its products. With them, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy premium weed. You can buy high-quality marijuana from this website for as little as $20.

WhitePalm has the best loyalty point system. All the company’s members earn 7.5% money back on their next purchases. Another aspect of this company’s loyalty program is being rewarded for inviting friends. Members are also rewarded for spreading the word about the online dispensary. If a member invites a friend to join the company, they receive $10 credit. This is a simple way to earn free cannabis.

WhitePalm Shipping Process

If you buy weed on WhitePalm, note that the company processes all payments before 11 am PST. So, the company will ship your package the following day after you make your payment. When you spend more than $150, you get free shipping. If your total is below $150, the company will charge you for shipping.

WhitePalm will send your package through Canada Post Xpress Post. If you want, you can insure your package, but, it comes at an extra fee. You will also receive a tracking number to track your order. Your package will arrive at your doorstep within the estimated delivery time.

Personal Experience with WhitePalm

After sending in my registration and ID, WhitePalm approved me on that very day. After my approval, I took it upon myself to browse through the extracts and strains they offer. Their product range is impressive. It took me quite a while before I settled on a single product because I was spoilt for choice.

I was a little bit nervous before placing my order because I have little trust in mail orders. But, WhitePalm proved to be trustworthy. I received my package 48 hours after placing my order. The package was secure and was vacuum-sealed to reduce any damage that may occur during transportation.

The Purple Candy and Tuna Kush I received was exactly what I ordered from the website. The leaves were fresh and vibrant, and the fragrance was pungent. I was happy and satisfied with the quality of the product. Smoking it was even better as it produced rich, thick smoke with an unforgettable citrusy flavor.

My experience with WhitePalm was amazing. Even though delivery was very fast, they did not compromise on the quality of their strains. I was happy about the quality, flavor, and effects I received from their Purple Candy and Tuna Kush.
WhitePalm has succeeded in changing my mind about mail orders. It can be stressful to deal with some online dispensaries. But, when you find a reliable dispensary like WhitePalm, the process is easy breezy.

Final Thoughts about WhitePalm

WhitePalm focuses on some key principles which give members the best online experience. They have tight member security and ensure that they encrypt their members’ personal data. Their loyalty program is also an attractive feature. It attracts new members while rewarding existing ones.

WhitePalm also showcases new cannabis product each week. As such, customers always get new products to quench their cannabis thirst. The company has excellent customer service. You can talk to a live person any time of day or night because they have 24/7 online customer service. If you are looking for high-quality premium strains, WhitePalm should be on your radar. With this dispensary, you cannot go wrong.

6 comments on “ Review

  1. Steven says:

    I ordered a vial of Gorilla Glue #4 distillate – produced by God’s Own Concentrates – from GetWhitePalm. It was inert. A large drop placed under my tongue – at least 15 mg. of THC – produced no effect whatsoever. Presumably, it was from a bad batch. GetWhitePalm’s response? I was dismissed. No interest was shown in my returning the product. No compensation was offered. I am now trying to contact God’s Own Concentrates directly.

    It’s truly disappointing. Many online marijuana vendors talk about having you join their “family” or their “community”. Then, when you have a product complaint, you are treated like a stranger.

    1. Birdman says:

      Really guy??? Move on.. is it worth all that for a vile? I’ve personally never had a issue with these guys but vape carts can be hit and miss no matter where you get them. Smoke a fatty and let it go.

  2. Carl says:

    Hey, are they out of business now? I can’t get on their website!

  3. Jamie Sutherland says:

    It isn’t white palm that sucks. It’s God’s own concentrates. Absolute garbage. Now sure a high quality site like white palm sells there garbage

  4. Catherine says:

    Get White Palm is the Best Online Dispensary in Canada. I ordered Weed Edibles along with some Pink Kush and GG#4 and the quality was good. Shipping was fast even in this Covid Situation and they were using Canada Post. I am sure they have good quality control. The packaging was the only thing that needs to be more better I guess.

  5. Derrick says:

    They have upgraded their site and now it has much more options than before, especially Craft Cannabis. I ordered some and it arrived via Canada Post in 3 days. Overall Happy with the them. Will order again.

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