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Herb Approach Company Information

Herb Approach is an online dispensary that provides a plethora of high-quality strains. They get their cannabis from BC growers who uphold high growing standards. They focus on trust, service, delivery, quality, and security.

Ordering cannabis online is a simple process with Herb Approach. You need to provide your government-issued Identification Card, add items to your cart, and make a payment. Delivery comes shortly after completing this simple process. Herb Approach prides itself in having top-quality BC bud at affordable prices. You can tell that they have premium strains by looking at the pictures of each of their cannabis products. Reviews (Reddit, Trustpilot)

As reviewed on Reddit, Herb Approach has an easy to use site and account system. Users receive a confirmation on their orders almost immediately. The company also stays true to its shipping estimation of two to three business days. Their products arrive in a vacuum-sealed box which is small enough to fit in a standard mailbox.

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As reviewed on Trustpilot, Herb Approach has a wide cannabis variety. They also have excellent customer service and offer edible, tincture, and topical options. Users can also use promotional codes to get discounts on their orders. The company also offers some benefits for shipping, exchanges, and returns.

Is Herb Approach Legit?

Herb Approach is a legit company. This dispensary has an extensive selection of flowers. The flowers are broken down into five categories: Moon Rocks, indica, pre-rolled, sativa, and hybrid. With Herb Approach, finding the right flower is easy. All you need to do is choose one of the categories and set filters that specify your price range, new arrival, or popularity.

Herb Approach also has cannabis concentrates. They offer phoenix tears, hash, distillate, wax, oil, shatter, and vaporizers. All these are extracted from premium buds to produce unmatched quality products with high THC.

Herb Approach offers edibles. When you browse the site’s edible section, you will see various categories, including candies, drinks, chocolates, cakes, and foods. The dispensary also offers CBD. The most popular CBD products they offer are the Lemon Grass Temple CBD Tea and the 450mg CBD Tincture.

Herb Approach Pricing and Loyalty Programs

When you buy weed from Herb Approach, you get to enjoy special pricing and loyalty programs. The dispensary offers special pricing and special discounts according to store policy. They do not provide the following discounts: teacher discounts, military discounts, student discounts, and senior discounts.

Herb Approach has the best loyalty point system. All the company’s members earn 2% money back on their purchases. They have flash sales which provide massive savings on select cannabis products. When a flash deal is on, a strain such as the Sweet Tooth which goes for $316 is reduced to $175.

Shipping Process

Covid-19 update from Herb Approach: Your order via Canada Post may be delayed up to a couple days due to Covid-19.

If you order cannabis from Herb Approach and your payment is processed before 9 am, they will ship your package that same day. All orders placed after 9 am are shipped out the following day. The minimum amount you can spend on an order is $100. When you spend more than $150, you will get free shipping. If the total amount of your order is below $150, you will be charged $15 for shipping.

Your mail-order will be sent via Canada Post Xpress Post. Your order will also be insured if you select that option during checkout. An additional fee is charged when you choose to insure your package. You will be given a tracking number when your package is shipped.

Personal Experience with Herb Approach

Ordering cannabis from Herb Approach was a simple process for me. Once I got into their easy-to-navigate-website, I registered my account and proceeded to browse through their vast array of marijuana products. They have everything from flowers, concentrates, CBD, edibles, topical, and tinctures.

As soon as I found the strain I was looking for, I placed an order and received confirmation almost immediately. The package arrived two days after I placed my order. This proved that the dispensary is trustworthy since they were true to their shipping estimation.

As for their products, the flower I received was neatly packaged and labeled. The flower arrived in a vacuum-sealed box which fit right into my mailbox. In terms of freshness and fragrance, the flower checked out.

I proceeded to weigh the flower when I retrieved it from the box because I wanted to confirm if its weight coincided with what I ordered. The weight was not exact. It was -0.05g, which is not a considerable difference.

Herb Approach tops the list when it comes to fast shipping, fair priced items, and discreet packaging. I also got to enjoy their point system where you exchange points for a discount on your next order. The point system took off $30 on my second order.

Final Thoughts about Herb Approach

Herb Approach is a reliable company that should be on the radar of all cannabis users. They have a wide cannabis variety, good delivery times, and incredible customer service. They also offer tincture, edible, topical, concentrates, and CBD options. So, if you have any cannabis needs, they will be met by Herb Approach.

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  1. herber says:

    There are only a few online dispensaries I can trust, and herb approach is definitely one of them. You’re always guaranteed of safe transaction and high quality flowers. And this one I ordered from them is potent. Smooth smoke and the taste and aroma are just so divine. Shishkaberry hits me just right.

    1. Gregory Loewen says:

      I got 2 ounces of ghost train haze smoking bugs I’ve never been a fan of. FIZZ POP. Care to help me? Gregory Loewen *** *** **** thanks, I thought I was going to be a big fan. Maybe this slipped by your experts.

      1. steve miller says:

        Wasnt the ghost train haze around $130? Usually you shouldn’t expect the highest quality for strains on the cheaper pricing.. but if you get the high quality strains around $170 + they are really nice!

  2. Amber says:

    Do they ship to Oklahoma

  3. john hartman says:

    Herb Approach uses lost leaders to attract customers, buds are wet at times, customer support is snarky, bud quality is not always great, product has been shipped late more than once. Their free expresspost shipping does not always arrive in two days. Save the headaches, shop elsewhere.

  4. Liane says:

    Bad experience so far. First time I ordered online, and product never arrived; said it was delivered elsewhere. In my opinion, they should send me replacement product free of charge, but that won’t happen. All they’ve done is open an investigation with Canada Post. At the end of the investigation, they’ll “reach back to me for a resolution.” It’s not so much the $ I care about, it’s that I’m desperate for product and now have nothing. If a company cannot figure out a more reliable way to ship, or allow customers to choose a different method to ship (FedEx, Purlolator), then they won’t be in business very long IMHO.

    1. Jason V. says:

      I am in the exact same situation. Looking at the “Deliver Confirmation” from CP it says: Signature option not requested.

      I paid for this option so this very thing did not happen. I have all the chat logs, even requesting to cancel the order when they did not ship it until days later. CP confirmed when the product was physically received, so I was basically lied to when I asked to cancel the order.
      Full review, chat logs and timeline to follow. NOT impressed.

  5. Charlie says:

    Hey do you ship to ireland

  6. Michelle Archibald says:

    herb approach on many occasions have sent me faulty items ( such as there are pyro vape battery. I had purchased 2, both faulty. Paid $65 just to get credited points back totalling $20.) recently I ordered a luck charm square edible off them. When I received it I opened the bag super excited to smell marshmallows and got a nice smell of chemicals/salt. I took one bite and sure enough it was as if I just drank a cup of salt. Someone f***** up and clearly added salt instead of sugar. I paid $19 for this item. I then reached out to herb approach who basically told me the treat just isn’t to my standards and I should purchase something else such as a brownie. The fact they implied it’s just me blew my mind … and then guess what? They offered me HALF OF MY MONEY back AS A CREDIT. In the end I got upset and asked for a refund to my debit card at which point I was basically told it was half credit or nothing. I now have nothing as they left chat:) super unimpressed!!! I do not recommend ever trusting these people.

  7. Lindsey waters says:

    Not impressed. Due to Canada Post offered as the only shipping provider I will have to continue to look else where for a more reliable source. I don’t know about you but having $500+ in the mail and tracking has no idea where it is makes my condition far worse than helping it. What a shame 🙁

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