KanaPost Review

KanaPost Review

Kana Post Company Information

Kana Post is an online dispensary that provides premium cannabis strains to Canadians. This dispensary strives to provide the best experience when buying cannabis online. Kana Post provides cannabis products, including edibles, concentrate, accessories, and extracts. They also uphold high standards when it comes to customer care, quality, and delivery. Experts in mail order cannabis, Kana Post test all cannabis products. Further, Kana Post examines all products to ensure they meet the company’s high standards. This dispensary serves members in major cities including Ontario, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal. They also reach members in rural and remote areas. The goal of Kana Post is to provide top-quality cannabis to Canadians at affordable prices.

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According to customer reviews from Reddit, Kana Post is an incredible online dispensary. The company is keen on delivering packages as per the estimated time-frame. Each order arrives in a Tupperware container with Boveda packs for each bag. They are quick and reliable. They even go as far as giving free freebies on customers’ first orders.

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Customer reviews from Trustpilot highlight Kana Post’s creativity. Many customers assert that their packages have arrived in containers that crack them up. These include Ben 10, Ninja Turtle, and Star Wars containers. Customers also commend Kana Post for their excellent customer service. This trustworthy company goes out of its way to ensure it meets its customers’ needs.

Is Legit?

For those wondering if Kana Post is legit, Kana Post is a legit company with a vast selection and affordable prices. This online dispensary provides flower, edibles, therapeutics, extracts, and cannabis accessories. When it comes to flower, they provide Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, QP, and Quads (AAAA). In their concentrates section, they provide Hash, Shatter, Distillate, Vape Pens, and Sugar Wax. In their edible section, they provide cooking, beverage, cookies, candies, and chocolate. In their accessories category, they provide Hemp wraps, Boveda, Rolling Papers, and Glass. In their therapeutic category, they provide capsules Topical, Tinctures, Pet, and Phoenix Tears. Kana Post’s vast range of products makes them stand out from other online dispensaries. If you are looking for a particular cannabis product, you will not fail to find it on Kana Post.

Kana Post’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

All products listed on are affordable. You can enjoy premium strains for as little as $18. So, with Kana Post, you do not have to break the bank to buy top-quality weed. Kana Post offers a lucrative loyalty program for its dedicated members. The dispensary’s loyalty program enables members to earn Kana Points. Members can spend these points on their wide variety of products. This reward program takes 5% off every order made on Kana Post. The company also gives points to members who write reviews on their website or refer a friend. Further, after spending over $149, shipping is free.

Kana Post’s Shipping Process

Kana Post ships all orders above $149 for free. If your total is below $149, the company will charge you $15 for shipping. If you place your order on a business day, the company will ship your package between 3-4 days. If you place your order over the weekend, you will receive your package on the following business day. If it is your first time ordering from Kana POST, you can use the coupon code “KanaWelcome” to get 10% off your order. Kana Post mails all orders through Canada Post Xpresspost. The company ships and delivers all orders as per the estimated delivery time.

Personal Experience with Kana Post

As a first-time buyer of mail order cannabis, I was a bit skeptical. Once I got on to the website, I completed four steps, including:

  1. Creating an accounting,
  2. Sending a picture of my government-issued Identification Card,
  3. Placing my order, and
  4. Paying for my order through Interac E-Transfer

After completing these steps, all I had to do was wait for the arrival of my package. Kana Post’s packaging is out of this world. I ordered the Alien OG and the Gorilla Glue which arrived in individual zip lock bags. Each bag had a two-way humidity control. The bags were set inside a Tupperware container and sealed in a food saver bag. I also noticed that Kana Post used reflective material to safeguard against x-rays. The package gave off no odor. The buds were not squished. The humidity control was a genius idea. And the flowers were fresh, vibrant, and pungent. Kana Post’s packaging is by far, the most impressive in the industry. Kana Post also sent me a flavored Hemp Cone and a Sativa Mango Jelly Bomb which I appreciated.
Kana Post has the most discreet, secure, and professional packaging. Added to these, the quality of their flower is jaw-dropping.

Final Thoughts on Kana Post

Kana Post is a force to reckon with in the online dispensary market. When you buy weed from them, you get premium products at affordable prices. The company’s online staff is available 24/7. This allows members to make inquiries or raise concern if they have any issue. A bonus of the company is that they offer multi-language services. With this feature, they can serve Canada’s multi-cultural population with ease. Kana Post is a gift to individuals who use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. With its high-quality products, effective customer care, and unmatched packaging, the company comes in first as the best online dispensary.

7 comments on “KanaPost Review

  1. leader says:

    I never liked ordering anything online, especially from an online dispensary. But Kana Post changed my mind. I ordered Pineapple Express from them and wooo it was potent! Loved it! I definitely enjoyed its well balanced high. I will definitely buy more from them.

  2. mrshady1212 says:

    I was looking for a strain that can help me relax and de-stress since my migraines have been acting up. But with all the different weeds to choose from, I got pretty lost. Fortunately the staff of kanapost helped me. I decided to buy Seawarp and it was the most perfect strain that relieved my pain and helped me cope with my migraines.

  3. Iwantmyweednow says:

    They stopped replying to my emails after My package had several delays while shipping

  4. geazy says:

    Easy and fast transaction from the best online dispensary (kanapost) that I know. Bought Death Bubba the other week from them and loved it! The buzz was so powerful I could feel it in my toes. Slept like a log the whole night. I want more and I will order soon.

  5. seed says:

    Great taste, great scent, great high – exactly what I wanted from Blue Sherbert. I bought this from Kana Post, one of the best online dispensaries with fast shipping. It was premium bud indeed, smooth smoke, and mellow high. Haven’t felt this so relaxed in some time.

  6. Jon says:

    Kana post is garbage sold me garbage then gave me a 50$ coupon because I was not happy with my order. I decided not to use it right away then when I went to use the couple it’s only 23$ so they went and took more then half the money back that they gave to me… horrible service not impressed at all ripping people off selling then bud with 98% seeds in it :@

  7. Dave says:

    Kana post are great. Third time ordering had product in 2 days. Great quality product that has pretty much got rid of constant leg pain i have had for 5 years do to fall down mountain. Awesome company I have nothing bad to say about these guys.

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