Reviews Review is an online dispensary that supplies a large variety of organically grown cannabis. Mail Order Marijuana has one of the largest assortments of fresh strains in Canada. Professional growers grow all cannabis products sold by Mail Order Marijuana. These growers have more than 20 years of experience in growing cannabis in Kootenay.

This mail order cannabis dispensary does not compromise on security and privacy. It uses top-notch security, including PCI and SSL compliance. It also uses an encrypted email service to secure payments. With Mail Order Marijuana, privacy and security are guaranteed. Customers can enjoy organically grown cannabis without having to worry about their safety online. Reviews According to Reddit and Trustpilot

According to Reddit, customers state that Mail Order Marijuana has an impressive selection of cannabis products. Customers assert that Mail Order Marijuana has impeccable customer service. Mail Order Marijuana’s representatives are always available online. As such, they cater to the cannabis needs and wants of their clientele effectively. Mail Order Marijuana also has an easy to use interface. Canadians without much tech-savvy can navigate and find their desired marijuana products with ease.

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According to Trustpilot, Mail Order Marijuana is one of the best MOMs in Canada. Customers assert that Mail Order Marijuana is an excellent dispensary with amazing strains. Customers also state that their customer service is dedicated, cooperative, and friendly. Their buds are fresh, pungent, and healthy-looking. Delivery is also fast. If there is an issue with an order, Mail Order Marijuana gives you a discount your next order.

Is Mail Order Marijuana Legit?

Mail Order Marijuana is a legit company. Mail Order Marijuana upholds the safety of its clientele. The company encrypts emails and order information with SSL security. If a customer is found to be below 19 years, the company cancels that order. Mail Order Marijuana only sells marijuana to individuals of legal ages.

Mail Order Marijuana has a vast product range.

In its Marijuana section, the company provides

  • Sativa Cannabis Strains
  • Indica Cannabis Strains
  • Hybrid Weed Strains

In its Concentrate section, the company offers:

  • THC Distillate
  • Hash and Hashish 
  • Weed Oil Vape Cartridges
  • Marijuana Budder Wax
  • Shatter Weed Concentrate
  • Solvent Free Rosin
  • Live Resin

 In the Edibles section, the company offers:

  • Candy
  • Cooking
  • Baked Goods
  • Beverages
  • Chocolate

In the Devices and Accessories section, the dispensary provides:

  • Grinders
  • Vaporizers
  • Trays
  • Weighing Scales
  • Papers and Filters

Mail Order Marijuana has a vast array of cannabis, edibles, concentrates. For the convenience of the customer, Mail Order Marijuana grades their products from AAAAA to AA. So, when you buy weed from this dispensary, you can rest easy knowing that you get the potency you want.

Mail Order Marijuana’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Mail Order Marijuana has the best prices for its marijuana products. Added to this, Mail Order Marijuana has an awesome price match policy. If an identical product goes for let’s say $10 on Mail Order Marijuana and $5 on another dispensary, Mail Order Marijuana will sell it to you using their competitor’s price. All you have to do is send a link or a screenshot of the product that shows the product price, name, and company. Amazing, right?

Mail Order Marijuana’s loyalty program is equally amazing. When you invite new members to join Mail Order Marijuana, you get points. When you write a review of the company, you also get rewarded with points. Another perk of Mail Order Marijuana’s loyalty program is their refund policy. If your product is incorrect or defective, you can return it. Mail Order Marijuana will refund your purchase, including the shipping fee.

Mail Order Marijuana’s Shipping Process

Mail Order Marijuana ships all its packages via Canada Post. Under its shipping guarantees, Mail Order Marijuana insures the ‚ÄúDo Not Safe Drop‚ÄĚ and not the ‚ÄúSafe Drop‚ÄĚ delivery option. Unfortunately, this dispensary does not ship to Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario, and Nunavut. This is because of the high theft rate. If Mail Order Marijuana ships your package to any of these locations, they will not send you a replacement package if your package is stolen or lost in transition. If your shipment is rendered ‚Äúnot recoverable,‚ÄĚ this reliable dispensary will send you a replacement package. All packages are delivered between 1-3 business days.

Personal Experience with Mail Order Marijuana

When I was browsing through Mail Order Marijuana, the Durban Poison and the Champagne Kush caught my eye. But, before I could order these items, I had to complete a few steps. These included:

  1. Creating an account with Mail Order Marijuana
  2. Uploading a copy of my ID for age verification
  3. Adding my chosen items to the cart
  4. Sending my payment via Interac E-Transfer

I placed my order on Tuesday morning. Mail Order Marijuana shipped it later that day, and it arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. The delivery was fast. This was a bonus for Mail Order Marijuana because I expected my package at a later date, but it arrived early.

My items were shipped in vacuum-sealed, smell-proof bags. Out of the box, the Durban Poison had fresh, vibrant, forest green leaves. When smoked, it produced a sweet, piney, and earthy flavor. It left me with an uplifting, relaxed, and happy sensation.

The Champagne Kush had a mixture of green and orange buds. It has a sweet, citrusy, sour, fragrance. When smoked, it produced high notes of sweet, sugary, grape, and berry flavors. The smoke experience from these two strains was smooth and gave me the high I desired.

I was impressed by the customer service, fast delivery, and quality of the cannabis products. Mail Order Marijuana has found a repeat customer in me.

Final Thoughts on Mail Order Marijuana

Mail Order Marijuana is a trustworthy dispensary that delivers premium marijuana products. What you see on their website is what you get. This dispensary has a wide selection of cannabis product. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it on their product database.

Mail Order Marijuana knows that discretion is important. As such, they bubble-wrap your weed for maximum protection and vacuum seal your weed products for freshness. Another great feature of Mail Order Marijuana is the option of canceling of your order. As long as your order has not been shipped, you can edit it, or cancel it.

Mail Order Marijuana is an incredible dispensary. I would recommend Mail Order Marijuana to any cannabis lover.

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