Mari Jane Depot Review

marijanedepot review

First Look at the Company’s Site

Once you open the company’s website, you can quickly tell what they deal it. Their cover page is that of a weed plant, and their logo has a marijuana picture too. The cover page displays a menu of the various products that they deal with. The company has categorized the various weed products into different sections, such as those of flowers, concentrates, and edibles, among others. Another unique feature is a drop-down list of some of the benefits of using marijuana. Therefore, if you want to buy weed, you can look up some of the benefits to ensure you are doing the right thing.

What Can We Find About on the Internet?

By searching the company’s name “MariJane depot,” it takes you to a direct link to their website. There is no information about them on craigslist. The results of the company on Reddit present some of the reviews written by their clients. Therefore, getting to the company’s website does not require an individual to maneuver much on the internet. You can also find the company by searching for a list of dispensaries selling medical marijuana in Canada.

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What does Mari Jane Depot Sell

The online dispensary sells a variety of weed products which have been placed in different categories. The categories include flowers, concentrates, edibles, and vaporizers. Prices and pictures have clearly been indicated on each of the products. To meet the rising demand for marijuana, they have a section for new arrivals and promotions. The company has an extensive list of marijuana products to choose from, and this provides the buyers with an opportunity to purchase all that they need in one dispensary.

Prices and Loyalty Program

The company has various promotion program such as for super 4 variety mix, the Rolex Style Hash 2 Grams, and the hallowed special. Clients also get a 10% off on their first order. Promo codes are regularly issued to help in the reduction of prices for their clients. Marijane Depot has created a list of the best-selling weed products to make it easy for users to identify the best product.

Shipping Process

Similar to other online shopping platforms, the shipping process is simple and does not require much knowledge about the internet for one to purchase weed products. The initial step is becoming a member of the online dispensary by signing up for an account. The process is followed by adding the various items to the cart. Once you have confirmed that you have the right items in your cart, it is time to check out by paying through Interac. Ensure to have the correct mail address, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep with two to four business working days.

Personal Experience with

Our tester Ering had been battling with unreliable marijuana suppliers until a friend of her recommended Friend had been purchasing weed products from this dispensary and assured Erin that it was a legit company to deal with. Therefore, she created an account and directly went for the flower’s category. Erin needed to purchase something that she could not have many struggles using. Hence, she went for the lemon Kush and Jelly Bean Pre-Rolled joints. The package consists of 2 pre-rolled joints, and it only cost $16. She found this to be much affordable as compared to the street suppliers who would sometimes deliver what Erin had not ordered. Now you are yet to hear the best part of purchasing marijuana from

Erin had her product delivered by mail order to the doorstep within two business working days. The package was small and discrete; you could not even tell what was inside of it. After unwrapping them, she could obviously tell that it is the exact product that Erin ordered for. Both sticks matched the picture that our staff member had seen on the website. Erin consider this to be one of the most convenient online dispensaries, and she would definitely purchase weed products from them in the future. It is a trustworthy company with an excellent customer service team.

Final Thoughts about the MJD

Having purchased products from the company more than twice, we think it is a reliable dispensary that any weed user should think about. Their menu makes it easy for an individual to find the product that they intend to buy. Each of the categories has a list of the products being sold in the store. A picture and price tag accompany the products. Therefore, if you are unsure of the name of a product, the picture would guide you in its identification. Besides, their website is easy to maneuver and has affordable prices as compared to what other dispensaries are offering. The company is precise about the time taken to deliver products to their clients.

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