MJN Express Review

mkn express review

MJN Express Company Information

MJN Express is an online dispensary that provides high-quality cannabis products to Canadians. This dispensary has a great selection of flower, edibles, extracts, concentrates, and accessories. Additionally, this dispensary knows and understands the demands of the cannabis market.

MJN Express is king when it comes to customer care. The dispensary has a chat function that is active 24/7. So, members can talk to a live person about their inquiries and concerns. MJN Express also provides premium strains at affordable prices.

MJN Express has been featured on HERB, Morning Star, Daily Hive, and Business Insider. Experts in mail order marijuana, MJN Express test all marijuana products. The company ensures that all products are top-quality and meet their high standards. Web Reviews

According to Reddit, customers who have used are happy with their services. Customers commend the dispensary for their supportive and cooperative staff. Additionally, customers appreciate how the company has set reasonable prices for its products. MJN Express has deals every week. Ordering from this company is ideal because they are trustworthy and guarantee excellent quality and fast delivery.

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According to Trustpilot, when you buy weed from MJN Express, you get high-quality strains. But, many customers complain that the company’s response rate is slow. Customers love how affordable their prices are. Even though their products are cheap, they do not compromise on quality. Their flower selection is also impressive.

Is legit?

The internet has many fake online dispensaries. But, MJN Express is not one of them; it is a legit company.

In their edible category, MJN Express provides:

  • Chocolate,
  • Candies,
  • Baked goods,
  • Beverage, and
  • Cooking

In their flower category, the dispensary provides:

  • Hybrid,
  • Indica,
  • Sativa, and
  • CBD.

In their accessory category, the dispensary provides:

  • Rolling papers,
  • Glass, and 
  • Hemp wraps.

In their concentrate section, MJN Express offers:

  • Vape pens,
  • Hash
  • Distillate, and 
  • Shatter

MJN Express’s product range is impressive. The company has an amazing collection of marijuana products. But, they do not have a vast assortment of cannabis accessories.

MJN Express’s Prices and Loyalty Program

The prices of MJN Express products are affordable. It was their low prices that drew me to their site. With this dispensary, you can buy good quality weed at low prices. Their flexible price range allows cannabis consumers from all income levels to buy their products.

MJN Express offers a remunerative loyalty program for its dedicated clients. The company’s loyalty program allows clients to earn points. The clients can use these points to buy marijuana products from their site.

MJN Express gives points to clients who invite new members. They also give points to clients who refer their dispensary and spend over $150.

MJN Express Shipping Process

MJN Express ships all orders above $150 for free. The company will charge you $15 for shipping if your total is less than $150. After placing your order, you will receive your package between 3-4 business days. All orders placed over the weekend are shipped on the following business day. This dispensary ensures that it ships and delivers all orders as per the estimated time frame.

MJN Express ships it packages via Xpresspost. The company also has a coupon code which buyers can use to get 5% off their order. MJN Express knows that times are tough. That is why they ensure that they make shipping your order as affordable and reliable as possible.

Personal Experience with MJN Express

Before I could buy cannabis from MJN Express, I had to do three things:

1. Create an account,

2. Attach and send a picture of my national identification card, and

3. Make a secure payment.

Once I completed these steps, all I could do was wait for my package to arrive.

My package arrived three days late. I do not know if this was the fault of MJN Express or Xpresspost. But this was disappointing. I was in desperate need of the product, but it arrived late, which was not a good sign.

The products I received were satisfactory. The Pineapple Express hit the mark. It burned the way I wanted it to, and its smoke was dense. The fragrance was lovely, but the flavor was even better. It had an earthy, citrusy taste.

The High Octane Indica was too harsh for me. It gave me cottonmouth, so I had to sip some water every now and then. The buzz was fine, but I did not like the taste. I will buy this product from another dispensary to see if there is a difference in taste.

The products arrived in vacuum-sealed packages. The package was small enough to fit into a standard-sized mailbox. This was a bonus because it canceled out any possible trips to the post office.

Final Thought about MJN Express

The most attractive feature of MJN Express is its pricing. As a cannabis user, you do not have to stretch your wallet to buy their products. Another attractive feature that the company has is its vast herb selection. You are sure to find any cannabis product of your choice on their search function.

The dispensary has excellent customer service. The staff is cooperative and supportive. But, there are delays when it comes to replying to emails and delivering packages. I would like MJN Express to work on improving the quality of some of their products. My rate for them would be 3 out of 5 stars. The company has the potential to improve.

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6 comments on “MJN Express Review

  1. STAFF420 says:

    MJN Express’ staff is the best! I had no idea what to buy, just something that can pep me up. Their staff told me try Jack Frost and I loved it! Wonderful people as well, explaining to me the effects of the different strains. Fast delivery, too!

  2. biggie says:

    I ordered Dubstar from mjn express last week. Great product! Premium bud at its best, smooth smoke and excellent high. I had tried some other online dispensary in the past, but I loved them best for their fast delivery and excellent flowers.

  3. chilling says:

    Boy was I wrong when I thought online dispensaries will never be as good as a real one. But proved me wrong! The NY Diesel buds I ordered were A grade! Quick delivery from them too and wrapped in discreet packaging. Will order from them again.

  4. 02kgb says:

    I tried Grapefruit the other day. Great bud from this online dispensary. I just wish their courier delivered the stuff faster since it was a day late. But all in all, I am satisfied and will definitely buy from them again.

  5. Carol says:

    MJN express gave great service until this month. Ordered two cartridges and pen they don’t work. No response from customer service. Made another order before realizing problems with the first order. They took e transfer to a JAMES C and never sent the products paid for. Again no response from customer service. I’m out 300.00 for this. NEVER USE THEM.

  6. Jason Willett says:

    My ORDER has been sent and delivered to WRONG PROVINCE for the SECOND TIME in a month, WTF. I have been dealing with MJN for a few years and everything was fine but since the domain change in early 2020, I have had two orders in a row go to SASKATOON (where I have never lived).  I had to pay an extra $15 shipping last time to get my order (over $200 is free) resent and not reimbursed for it. Now my second order in a month has been sent and delivered to the wrong province again and MJN will not even reply to my inquires.  I am a person on assistance and diagnosed with PTSD and others. Marijuana is  my medication and without it I get anxiety and become unfocused, I count on it.  DO NOT ORDER from MJN if you are a person who lives pay check to pay check, or is on assistance because WHEN they do LOSE your order you are SOL.

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