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Peak 420 Company Profile and Overview

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Peak 420 is an online dispensary that provides high-quality medical and recreational cannabis. Based out of Vancouver, Peak 420 offers premium cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and CBD. Peak 420 ensures that all its cannabis products are lab tested. Peak 420’s cannabis products are also sought from BC’s finest craft cannabis brands.

Peak 420 is serious about what they do. The dispensary strives to provide mail order access to Canada’s finest marijuana. Peak 420 has an easy to navigate website which makes looking for a product a simple task. The dispensary also has a professional staff that works 24/7 to serve its customers. Individuals of all legal ages without much tech-savvy can buy top tier products from Peak 420.

Peak420 Reviews According to the Web

According to Reddit, customers hail praises about Peak 420’s lovely customer service. Customers also commend Peak 420 for their fresh flower and fast delivery. Peak 420 has a wide selection of cannabis products. If there is an issue with an order, Peak 420 gets working on diffusing the problem as soon as possible.

Check Reddit links below:

According to Trustpilot, Peak 420 is one of the best MOMs in Canada. Customers assert that Peak 420 is an excellent dispensary with fantastic bud. Customers also state that their customer service is top-notch, helpful, and friendly. Their flower is fresh, vibrant, and pungent, and delivery is fast. If there is an issue with your order, Peak 420 gives you a coupon to use with your next order. According to weedmaps company has 4.6 / 5.

Is Legit?

Peak 420 is a popular and established MOM. It is a legit company with a reputation of top tier marijuana products. Peak 420 reviews online are positive. Thousands of satisfied customers throughout Canada are praising Peak 420 for their products. The dispensary also has an impressive assortment of premium cannabis products.

In Peak 420’s Flower Section, the dispensary provides:

  • CBD Flower
  • Pre-Rolled
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

In the Vape Section, the dispensary offers:

  • Distillate Vape Cartridge
  • Distillate Vape Pens

In its Concentrate Section, Peak 420 Provides:

  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Live Resin

In its Edibles Section, the Company Provides:

Peak 420 has a vast selection of cannabis products. If you are looking to buy weed, you will find your preferred product at

Peak 420’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

Peak 420 sets the most affordable prices for its products. The dispensary has flash deals which provide the best prices you will find online. Peak 420 brings all your favorite cannabis brands and makes them available to you. From concentrates to CBD, Peak 420 mail you lab tested marijuana at bargain prices.

Peak 420 has an excellent loyalty system. If you invite new members to Peak 420, the dispensary rewards you with Peak 420 points. Another perk of their loyalty program is their refund policy. If you do not like a product, you can return it for a full refund within 14 days. Peak 420 will reimburse return shipping if the issue is due to an error from their side. Peak 420 is a trustworthy company that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Peak 420’s Shipping Process

Peak 420 ships via XpressPost. After placing an order with Peak 420, expect your package to arrive between 2-3 business days. The arrival period remote locations can extend up to 5 business days. Your order will arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging. Peak 420 provides free shipping on orders above $150. Peak 420 also provides free shipping on orders over $75 for Greater Vancouver.

Personal Experience with

Before I could buy any cannabis order from Peak 420, I had to:

  1. Create a Peak 420 account
  2. Upload a picture of my ID for age verification
  3. Add items to my shopping cart
  4. Make a payment with Interac E-Transfer

I made my order on a Friday morning. I ordered Purple Kush and Juicy Fruit. Peak 420 shipped it later that day and provided tracking information. My order arrived the following Monday afternoon. The arrival was fast considering they do not ship over the weekend.

The packaging was impressive. The box was neat, with minimal identifying customer information. The flowers were in individual air-sealed Ziploc bags. The box protected the wrapping from getting damaged. The air-sealed bags prevented the fragrance from escaping.

The quality of the flower was top-notch. The flowers were well-cured and had minimal stems and leaves. The flowers also had the perfect amount of freshness. The purple Kush was more on the fluffy side, and the Juicy Fruit had compressed buds.

The flavor from these two flowers was out of this world. But, the high was even better. I had a great experience with Peak 420. Their products are remarkable. This reliable dispensary has earned itself a regular customer.

Final Thoughts on Peak 420

Peak 420 should be on the radar of every cannabis user in Canada. The dispensary has a wide selection of top-quality cannabis products. The dispensary further provides essential smoking accessories such as papers and grinders. The Peak 420 website makes it simple to filter the kind of products you want. Whether it is indica, hybrid, or Sativa, you will find it.

Peak 420 is one of a few online dispensaries that accept payment via PayPal. You can pay through Interac E-Transfer. But the convenience of buying weed and paying through PayPal is a bonus. Peak 420 is a fantastic company that deserves all the recognition it is getting.

7 comments on “Peak420 Dispensary Review, Real Feedback From Customers!

  1. peakman says:

    I’ve always loved the skunky and pungent flavor and aroma of weed, and Grease Monkey delivered. I ordered this from peak420 and shipment and delivery were fast. Received them right on time. Potent stuff from them as well. I will definitely be buying more from this online dispensary.

  2. Lettie Probert says:


    I have a question,
    I want to order a Flower product from your store.
    but i can’t find it. anymore on your site,
    it looks like this picture on this site removed link

    I hope you will sell it again soon.
    I’ll wait.


    “Sent from my iPhone”

  3. Paul says:

    Website seems down. Customer service has stopped completely. No return emails or phone calls on any of my inquiries. A bit frustrated today.

    1. Trevor says:

      was this resolved i am having same issue now i ordered thursday Mar 12

      1. M says:

        Order March 9. No response to email and website is down. Stole my money. Total scam.

      2. Jeff Meloche says:

        I was able to place an order last week and it arrive Monday. Tried going to there site and I think it has been hacked. Google will not let me go to it and says they are trying to stop someone from stealing my credentials

  4. Jay says:

    Website was confiscated by authorities

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