Pure Green Express Review Company Profile and Overview

puregreenexpress review

First Look at the Site

The first glance of their website is enough to let you know the kind of products that they sell and that it is a legit company. Their log has a weed picture, enough to tell you that you have come to the right place for purchasing cannabis. They also have a menu from which you can choose your preferred product. You will see a chat box where you can reach out to their customer service team. A “get rewarded” button directs you to the referral section. Who doesn’t like rewards, right? I find this to be enough to get someone interested in the online dispensary.

What Can We Find About on the Internet?

Searching their company name “pure green express” will take you to a direct link to their online dispensary. Hence, getting to their site does not require one to maneuver several areas on the internet. The company has no information on craigslist. Their search result on Reddit indicates some of the reviews from clients who have used their services before.

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What Does Pure Green Express Sell?

Online dispensary sells plenty of weed products. They have categorized them into flowers, edibles, and concentrates. The categories make it easy for an individual to search for their preferred item. Besides, they have a list of products for beginners, pet products, CBD, topicals, and Tinctures. It is a wide variety to choose from, right? The best part about their products is that they have pictures, a price, and a short description written about each one of them. If you are seeking to buy weed and are unsure of a product, you can simply read the description, and you will get an insight into what it is. You can also choose to be notified when a product is available on stock.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

The online dispensary has the best prices that you can think of. They have categories for the different marijuana products, and each one of them has the amount indicated below the item. Therefore, this makes it easy for the buyer to choose an item that best fits their budget. Besides, they offer $50 to their first clients. All that you need to do is sign up an account and redeem the bonus. The shop rewards its clients by giving them a referral bonus. It is up to you to find new clients and convince them to join using your link. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a great bonus that you can use to purchase your preferred product. The invite links have been personalized to make it easy for the clients to redeem their rewards. The best part is that the shop offers free shipping for all orders above $200. The offer is also inclusive of up to three edibles.

The Shipping Process

The company ensures to deliver their products within two to four business days. The shipping process requires the buyer to create an account or sign in to their existing account. This is followed by adding the desired goods to the cart. Once satisfied with the products on your cart, it is time to click the “checkout” button. You are then directed to a page that requires you to fill in your billing information, and a selection of the billing method. After that, you can now place your order, and you will have the item delivered within the stated working days by mail order.

Experience with Pure Green Express

Our editor purchased the Bubba Kush flower, and within a few days, it was delivered to the doorstep. The purchase process is quite simple since all that you have to do is add the selected item to the cart, payout, and the product will be delivered to your address. When our tester received the package, it was neatly packaged such that you could not guess what was inside. On opening the flower, he could smell the sweet and aromatic earthiness. It was certain that the dispensary delivered precisely what our staff member ordered for.

Final Thoughts about Pure Green Express

I think the company’s website is easy to maneuver. They have categorized their products hence making it easy for an individual to search for a particular marijuana product. Their prices are quite affordable as compared to those of other dispensaries. Therefore, if you are seeking a trusted supplier to purchase the product from, this is the best place that you can think of. I have used their services and can ascertain that they offer quality products and have an excellent customer service team. To add on, they have pictures of every product on its name, and hence, it would be easy to confirm that it the precise product you have been looking for. Their list of products for beginners is a reliable strategy for helping individuals with no knowledge of what to buy.

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