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Quick Greens Profile and Overview

Quick Greens is an online dispensary that provides CBD and THC based cannabis products. Quick Greens does not pretend to address Canadiansā€™ medical needs like other online dispensaries. This is because they are not physicians and do not want to insult their clientele by masquerading as such.

Quick Greens are purveyors of high-quality flowers. The end product this dispensary delivers to your doorstep is nothing less than sensational. The quality of their flower is evident in their photo gallery. With Quick Greens, what you see is what you get.

This mail order cannabis dispensary has two main goals. The first is client satisfaction. And, the second is developing a long-lasting relationship with the client. Canadians of all legal ages can buy top-quality CBD and THC from Quick Greens. Review According to the Web

According to Reddit, customers state that Quick Greens has top-tier cannabis products. Customers assert that Quick Greens has a vast selection of flower and amazing prices. A common issue that was prevalent among customers is missing items, and no reply to emails. Customers also complain that they have had instances where they pay for their items, but the items are never delivered.

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According to Trustpilot, customers state that Quick Greens has bad customer service, and is nit recommended.

Is Quick Greens Legit?

Quick Greens is a legit company with a reputation for top-tier products. Unlike other online dispensaries, Quick Greens does not promise to address Canadiansā€™ medical needs. Instead, Quick Greens strives to provide premium THC and CBD based cannabis products.

In its Flower section, Quick Greens provides:

  • Sativa
  • Hybrid
  • Indica

In its Concentrates section, Quick Green offers:

  • Live Resin
  • Shatter
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Distillate

In the Edible section, the dispensary provides:

  • Cooking
  • Drinks
  • Baked Goods
  • Candy
  • Chocolate

In its Vape and Accessories section, Quick Greens offers:

  • Grinders
  • Rolling Papers
  • Rolling Trays
  • Distillate Pens

Quick Greens has a wide selection of cannabis products. If you are looking to buy weed from Quick Greens, go ahead and enjoy the varieties they offer. 

Quick Greensā€™ Prices and Loyalty Programs

Quick Greens sets the most affordable prices for its cannabis products. With Quick Greens, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy high-quality marijuana products. Their premium rolling papers go for as low as $1.25, and their grinders go for as low as $5. Quick Greens has crazy discounts. Currently, on their site, Quick Greens is offering two shatters for the price of one. Quick Greens makes it affordable to buy and enjoy marijuana products and accessories.

Quick Greens has an amazing loyalty program. If you invite new members to Quick Greens, the dispensary rewards you with Quick Greens points. The dispensary also rewards you if you write a review on their site. Another perk of their loyalty program is their refund policy. If you dislike a product, you can return it for a full refund within seven days. Quick Greens will reimburse return shipping if the problem is due to an error from their side.

Quick Greens is a trustworthy company that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Quick Greensā€™ Shipping Process

Quick Greens ships their products via Canada Post. After placing an order with Quick Greens, expect it to arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 business days. This waiting period applies to large cities in Canada. But, for remote locations, the waiting period can extend up to 5 business days. Quick Greens provides free shipping on all orders over $100. The dispensary also offers a 10% discount on all non-sale items for registered users.

Personal Experience with Quick Greens

Before I could buy any cannabis product on Quick Greens, I had to:

  1. Register and create a Quick Greens
  2. Upload a picture of my ID for age verification
  3.  Browse Quick Greensā€™ wide inventory to choose a cannabis product
  4. Add my Quick Greens selection to the cart
  5. Send my payment through Interac E-Transfer

I ordered Quick Greensā€™ OG Kush and Godā€™s Green Crack for $140 on Tuesday evening and got them on Friday morning. Quick Greensā€™ customer service gave me a tracking number on Thursday. The tracking number was useless because the status said ā€œpendingā€ the entire waiting period. 

The customer service was disappointing. The company representatives were incoherent in the way they respond to emails. It was like trying to decode a message meant for an FBI spy. Nonetheless, the package arrived and was dropped in my mailbox. No signature was required. The packaging was neat, and all items were bubble-wrapped. I did not like the fact that the bags were not labeled, but I could tell that there were two different strains. 

The OG Kush and Godā€™s Green Crack were fresh, vibrant, and pungent. They both had a strong earthy flavor and produced rich, thick smoke. The taste and quality of these strains made up for the less than perfect customer service. These strains were worth every buck I spent. 

Final Thoughts on Quick Greens

Quick Greens has an impressive collection of cannabis products. The prices for flower, concentrates, edibles, and accessories are reasonable. I wish Quick Greens had more shatter products, but the strains they have are top-shelf.

Quick Greens should strive to improve its customer service. I was impressed by the strains I got when I first ordered from them, so I made another order. I ordered an ounce and got a different ounce with a sticker on it saying that they were out of stock. When I reached out to them, they offered me free weed if I ordered from them again. That was it!

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  1. weeduser says:

    Hands down the best online dispensary for me is Quick Greens. Staff is friendly and accommodating. Most important of all, their buds are high quality. Tried their Mimosa, definitely one of their top sellers. Hits fast and hard, just the way I like it. I will be ordering again soon.

    1. Richard Douglas says:

      Their buds are DEFINITELY not all high quality as they just sent me some very low quality garbage as a substitution after I explicitly asked them NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLZ

  2. Danno says:

    I’ve been dealing with them for many months now and have tried about 15 or so of their strains by now and only one of those was not what I was used to from them so I emailed them really to give them the feedback because the product wan’t terrible just not AAAA which is what I’m used to from them. It took a little while to get a response but they did get back to me and apologized for the fact that I was displeased with the product because they had only had positive feedback about the strain prior to me. While they didn’t offer to take the product back they did offer me a discount on my next order which also came with freebies in it so I was ok with that because as I said it wasn’t terrible and I knew someone that wasn’t as chronic as me being a 40+yr user would definitely smoke it. All I will say is I’ve seen many negative reviews mostly due to customer service issues but I had one customer service issue and they more than reimbursed me for my inconvenience in that matter so my experience has been the complete opposite of so many reviews ( I almost want to just shut up about them and keep them stocked up for me lol) but from all my experiences with them, people should know if you want in most cases 2-3 business day shipping times (from them to a couple of hours north of Toronto for me) and top quality bud for a great price (I often take advantage of their Sunday sale and I’m always happy) then QG will give you just that also for me other than one minor CS issue that was resolved quickly with the resolution being more than adequate I have to while it pains me a little to tell others this (not really because we need to help each other with this stuff) I would highly recommend QG and suggest if you have an issue and need to deal with CS be patient and polite and I think they’ll try and help you out with whatever your problem is. Right now I need to get out and get this
    God Bud blazing šŸ™‚ definitely one of my current favs from them and free shipping over a $100 win, win for me.
    PS can’t speak for their lower end stuff but there quad bud is comparable to many other sites that charge much more for the same quality bud.

    1. Lee says:

      I ordered an 0z and they shipped It to a random business in town here. To “Not my adress or place” at this point I’ve already received orders to my place prior.
      Somehow their systems messed up And they admitted it. So instead of being able to pick up the package at the post office they had it sent back to their dispensary In calgary. Post office shows they signed for it. While those at quickgreens claim it has not been recieved. As is they refuse to replace the product or reimburse me for it. So in the end. Quick greens is in the buisness of stealing or re selling the stolen packages for more money. For the love of god dont order from these crooked thieves. Any site that doesnt have customer insurances avoid whole heartedly.

    2. Lee says:

      Also if any site moderates messages don’t trust them either. Sites that moderate posts/messages often obscure the truth. For example, by not posting the post or editing it to their liking. Much like quickgreens. I can only hope that this site is honest. If not I’ll buy my own web page and properly allow others to post proper & truthful reviews and personal experiences of products purchased from online and or establishments.

  3. K says:

    I ordered from them a few times, with no problem. January 12th 2020, I ordered, they excepted money transfer. Janury 17th still waiting I have tried emailing,now I can’t even get web site….Very disappointed, feeling ripped off!

  4. Richard Douglas says:

    Im sorry but Quickgreens no longer has top shelf cannabis. I used to order from them back when they had nice quality buds but I recently purchased an oz from them and it war a horrible experience. This is the second time Quickgreens has screwed up HUGE. I email ALL my MOM’s ahead of time to ensure they have the strain I want and to make sure its everything I am looking for which is TOP SHELF AAAA ONLY. High THC, Low CBD ultra high quality. So I placed an order for an oz of King Tut as most of the other ones I want are sold out. The King Tut looks to be what Im looking for so I email them and get a reply, yes they have stock and no problem for my order. So I place it. I also place a very specific memo in the notes section of my order informing them of how very picky I am and that under no circumstances are they to send me a substitution. Not only did they send me a sub, but a low quality sub at that. I am bipolar and it is taking everything in me to stay calm but I cant help but feel screwed over.

  5. Brad says:

    Been a week since i ordered. They took my $, no emails! Must be busted, f**kers…

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