Sky High Exotics Review

First Look At The Sky High Exotics Site

Are you seeking to buy weed online? There are plenty of dispensaries from which you can make a purchase. Among them is The first look of the company is a guarantee that your purchase is legit and will be delivered on time. For an individual to access their products, they have to sign up an account with the shop. Such requires the user to send their identification via mail for the company to confirm their registration. Once the application has been accepted, you will be able to access their shop, which has a variety of weed products. The products have pictures, a price, and a proper description to guide in the purchase process. 

What Can We Find About

Searching the company on the internet brings a direct link to their shop. People have written so much about it on craigslist, hence, being the source of information where most people hear about it. As well, searching the company on Reddit brings some of the reviews that previous clients have written about. Therefore, if you are seeking more information about SkyHighExotics, all that you need to do is search it on the internet, and you will have all your questions answered. Trustpilot does not have any consumer reviews regarding this legit company. Review and What Do They Sell?

The company’s cannabis shop consists of plenty of assortments from which the consumer can choose from. The products have been categorized in terms of flowers, concentrates, edibles, and vapes. The assortment of the menu makes it easy for the user to locate the specific product that they are looking for. Pictures have been attached to the product description to allow the customer to identify their product. Each of the categories has plenty of products from which they can choose from depending on their budget. All that you have to do is go to the specific category and scroll down to search for the product of your choice. Their prices are relatively fair to accommodate all types of customers. In addition, the variety of products and different prices provides the consumer with an opportunity to make choices. 

Prices and Loyalty Programs

SkyHighExotics is dedicated to the provision of affordable prices to its consumers. They have introduced plenty of products that act as a substitute for some of the most expensive cannabis products. Therefore, consumers can now choose what they can afford. As well, they have a price attached to each of the products, and therefore, before a customer adds a product to the cart, they can be assessing their budget and choose what they can afford. Among their loyalty programs are occasional discounts offered to the customers. Such discounts depend on the number of products purchased. 

Shipping Process

The shipping process is a simple one. Once you have identified your preferred product, all that you have to do is add it to the cart. The process is repeated until one has added all the products that they intended to purchase. Such is followed by a check-out process where the customer confirms the shipment address and authorizes the payment. Within two to four working days, the product will be delivered to the specified address. 

My Experience with SkyHighExotics

Every time I intend to purchase weed products online, I always remember how I was conned $500 for a product that was never delivered. It took me almost a year before I could make another purchase online. One day I was sharing my experience with some friends, and they referred me to SkyHighExitics. They were somehow shocked to find out that I knew nothing about this company. My friends consider it to be one of the most trustworthy online dispensaries and have been making purchases through it for a long period. To cut the story short, knowing this dispensary has been the best experience I had when it comes to purchasing weed products online. I send the company my ID, and it only took them a few hours to confirm my identity. Looking at their website, I was able to get every product that I intended to purchase. Their shipping process is simple since my product was delivered at my doorstep in the next two days through mail order. Their packaging is just awesome. It was difficult to tell what the package contained until I opened it. All my products were intact. Since then, SkyHighExotics has become my most reliable online dispensary. 

Final Thoughts About the Company

I think the company is one of the most legit online dispensaries that an individual can purchase cannabis products. Most of the online shops provide potential clients with a list of their products without any requirements. However, in the case of SkyHighExotics, one has to sign up for an account for them to access their products. Such is an indication of how protective the company is for the young generation who are not allowed to purchase weed products. As well, their confidentiality policy prevents them from leaking their customer’s information to third parties, and hence, all the purchases are safe.

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