Stashclub Review, What Happened To Stash Club Weed Store? review

First View at Stash Club Online Dispensary

Stachclub is Closed! Try Some Alternatives is a fully legit company that is based in Canada. The company specializes in weed-related products. When you open the website it treats you with a beautiful blue banner. The wide range of products displayed on its website is enhanced with the use of beautiful and high-quality images. The user experience of the website is very smooth and no complex design mechanism.

Your experience to buy weed from Stashclub is made very simple with categorically showcased items. Within the homepage, these categories include staff picks, on sale items, topicals, accessories, vape pens so on and so forth. The website also displays the prices in a very orderly fashion to add to positive customer experience.

Stashclub is the first online dispensary that allows other vendors to display their product on its website. If you want to utilize this opportunity, there is a form that needs filling for this purpose.

Another thing that makes this company stand out is that it has a strong social media presence. It also sells what they call Stash Gear that includes hats, pants, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Online Presence

It is one of the few weed sellers if not only, that has a variety of reviews available on the internet. Since the company is big, it has a mixture of good and bad reviews, mostly good though.

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What do They Sell (Product Lines)

If you have been recently disappointed by a seller then do not worry as Stashclub has everything on the table. It has a big range of edibles (sweet treats, liquid capsules, oil, brownies, gummies, THC and CBD capsules, cookies and chocolates). It also sells cannabis sativa and hybrid sativa, indica and hybrid indica.

Another big range in extracts such as distillate, shatter, hash, rosin, and live resin can also be bought from its online store.

Prices and Stash Miles

Is it a legit company? Stashclub does not disappoint its customers at any stage and keeps it prices at the lowest possible level. The company offers premium quality products to enhance the user experience. The prices are competitive and are dependent on the required quantity.

The Canadian weed company runs a very transparent and reliable loyalty program, called Stash Miles. Is it possible to buy weed? Each dollar spent gets you 10 Stash Miles. And if you want to redeem your earned points you need to have 1000 Stash Miles, equivalent to $1. Customer will earn 100 Stash Miles every day if they sign up regularly, buying is not a compulsion here. If you want to earn more points when reviewing a product is a good option. It will get you 5000 Stash Miles. If you introduce your friend to the company you get maximum Stash Miles, 10000.

These Stash Miles can be redeemed at any time on any product at the time of checkout.

The Shipping Process

Stashclub has a very trustworthy packing and shipping process. The company does not rely on the third-party agent, like other companies in the same industry, for its shipping process. It has a large dedicated area where the process takes place.

They use a packing material which is specially imported from abroad to ensure the products are kept safe. It does not mean that safer packing materials are not available locally. The company pays special attention to detail and uses only tried and tested material.

When the packaging process is done, the contracted shipper will then collect the parcel to deliver to the customer. The whole network of fleets is also traceable with a unique ID which gives customer extra confidence. During the entire process of shipping, the customer is notified with text messages and emails to enhance their experience.

Personal Experience

It is a reliable option? I recently moved to Canada from the United States, so I was not familiar with the company first. When I searched on the internet, Stashclub popped up, and I decide to place an order due to attractive offers and product range.

I was looking for an online dispensary, as I am always curious about spending extra money on delivery charges, so I spent $183 to have free delivery. I bought Tuna Kush Special ($149) and Moonshine Honey Oil ($34). After I paid with my card I received an email with a tracking number and confirmation of payment. I felt impressed with the service straight away.

Although I was able to track my package on every stage I was not sure that Stashclub could be that quick in this process. I was proved wrong when I received my mail order on the second day so that tracking was the real-time I thought.

My two items were packed in a beautifully designed box, and I really enjoyed their freshness.

Final Thoughts

Where do I give my mail order? Stashclub is a highly professional MOM company in Canada that sells premium quality cannabis products. Customers can enjoy fresh lines at a highly competitive price. They can also earn points (Stash Miles) that can be redeemed as discount coupons on the website.

6 comments on “Stashclub Review, What Happened To Stash Club Weed Store?

  1. stashco says:

    Amazing! This is the best description for Bubba Kush. Very tasty, very aromatic, and powerful high! I adore how the flavor and aroma blended together. This bud definitely relaxed my body and took away my stress. I’ll buy more from this online dispensary, Stash Club, simply the best in quality buds and hassle-free transaction.

  2. slasher says:

    Okay, so Super Lemon Haze now belongs in my list of top 3 strains. The high is pretty heavy and intense and definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you’re after a weed that can take away your pain and stress, then this is it. I ordered it from and received it about a couple of days later. Excellent! I’ll certainly order more from you.

    1. Joseph says:

      Stash club is amazing! Been with them for over a year and not about to switch. They always send free gifts with your order. Shipping is always fast and discreet, the longest I ever waited was 3 days. Their customer service is so great, friendly and fast to email back. Products are high quality and lots to pick from!

  3. Brayden Hart-Young says:

    This is the best online cannabis retailer! Love the product line and customer loyalty programs!

  4. Joe Tonel says:

    Great dispensary, better rewards program.

  5. Kyle says:

    Unfortunately this website has been seized by the Edmonton Police Department. So long you will be missed

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