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THC Delivery Company Profile and Overview is an online dispensary that provides a host of cannabis products to Canadians of legal age. The dispensary values quality and assortment of product, fast and reliable delivery, trustworthiness, and the privacy and security of its clients. The dispensary has an incredible rewards program, as well as massive discounts on future purchases for clients who sign up.

THC Delivery has an easy-to-navigate website; you will find the product you want at the click of a button. When it comes to cannabis products, THC Delivery carries CBD oils, concentrates, flowers, skincare, and pet products. If you are unsure about which strain to buy, this mail order dispensary provides multi-packs that contain a sample of various cannabis products.

Review of according to Reddit and Craigslist

According to customer reviews from Reddit, THC Delivery has an impressive collection of cannabis products. But, customers complain that the dispensary sets high prices for its products, which are substandard compared to other MOMs. A prevalent complaint among the customers is that THC Delivery edits their comments section and do not allow the genuine opinions of customers to make it onto their website.

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According to Craigslist, customers assert that THC Delivery has buds that look and taste good. However, customers complain that the dispensary‚Äôs buds fail to make them feel even slightly elevated. The dispensary claims that all its strains are potent, with ‚Äúupwards of 30% THC.‚ÄĚ But, the high from most of its cannabis products is mellow and mild. Customers are also not so happy that their strains go for a higher price compared to that of competitors.

THC Delivery Product Assortment

The internet is awash with fake online dispensaries that provide low-quality cannabis; THC Dispensary is not one them. THC Delivery is a legit company with a wide selection of cannabis products. 

In its flower category, THC Delivery offers:

  • CBD,
  • Hybrid,
  • Sativa, and
  • Indica.

In its CBD section, the dispensary provides:

  • CBD Vape,
  • CBD Capsules,
  • CBD for Pets.
  • CBD Tinctures, and
  • CBD Oil and Tears. 

In its Concentrate section, the dispensary offers:

  • Shatter,
  • Hash,
  • Distillate, and 
  • Vape Pens.

In the Edibles section, the company offers:

  • Chocolate Bars,
  • Capsules,
  • Drinks,
  • Brownies,
  • Cookies, and
  • Candies. 

In its Accessories section, the company provides:

  • Vape Pens,
  • Batteries,
  • Grinders,
  • Rolling Papers, and
  • Rolling Trays.

THC Delivery’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

THC Delivery in one of Canada’s cheapest online dispensaries. To give you a rough idea, currently on their website, one of the best selling strains is the Bentley OG, and it goes for $9.50 per gram. CBD capsules go for $7 per pop. And shatter concentrates go for $45 per gram. These might not be the lowest prices around town, but bear in mind the quality, as well as the ease of purchasing from the comfort of one’s home.

THC Delivery has one of the best loyalty programs in Canada. The company offers a comprehensive reward program to its loyal clients. With THC Delivery, you earn points for:

Buying Products. When you buy weed from this dispensary, you earn one percent of your purchase back in THC Delivery points. These points are applied to your account once you complete an order.

Logging In . When you log into your account, you earn five THC Delivery points.

Referring Friends. When you refer friends, you earn 2,500 THC Delivery points. These points reflect in your account upon the completion of the first order of the customer you referred. The friend you refer also earns 2,500 points for being referred.

You can accumulate THC Delivery points and apply them toward your future orders to partially or entirely discount your order.

THCDelivery’s Shipping Process

With THC Delivery, shipping costs $19.99 via XpressPost to anywhere in Canada. If you order products worth $220 or more, THC Delivery provides free shipping. 

You will get a tracking number once the company has packed and dropped your package at the courier. Your tracking number will be unavailable until your package is scanned by the courier, which is normally by the end of the same business day.

 THC Delivery has different shipping times for different locations:

  • Major Urban Areas: 1-2 Business Days,
  • Remote Areas & Northern Regions: 3-5 Business Days, and
  • Non-Major Urban Areas: 2-3 Business Days.

Personal Experience with THC Delivery

As I was shopping for this review on THC Delivery, the Pineapple Express and Citrus Skunk caught my eye. But, before I could make a purchase, I had to complete a few steps mandated by the dispensary. I had to:

  1. Create a THC Delivery account,
  2. Attach picture of my government-issued ID for age verification,
  3. Add my preferred items to the shopping cart,
  4. Pay for my order via Interac E-Transfer.

I placed my order on Wednesday morning, and THC Delivery shipped it later that evening. My package arrived at my doorstep on Friday afternoon, which was within their estimated 2-3 days delivery period. When it comes to delivery, THC Delivery is reliable.

My products arrived in vacuum-sealed, odor-proof, and airtight bags. Additionally, my order arrived in a discreet, unlabelled Canada XpressPost. My package was sent out with a signature upon delivery request. This was a bonus for the dispensary because it sought to ensure that customer orders go to the right individual.

Out of the airtight bag, the Pineapple Express had a sweet, tropical scent. It had small, compressed buds which looked like they needed to be trimmed. When smoked, it produced a sweet, topical, and pineapple-like flavor. It did not give me the high I expected; the high was very mellow and mild. Instead, it gave me cottonmouth and dry eyes.

The Citrus Skunk had sticky and bushy buds. When smoked, it produced a tangy, citrusy, orange-like flavor. It gave me a euphoric buzz which transformed into a calming high after a while. I loved this strain, the flavor was very strong, and the effects were as desired. I am more of an indica person, but I will definitely but the Citrus Skunk again.

Final Thoughts on THC Delivery

THC Delivery has an impressive catalog of marijuana products. So far, their loyalty and reward program is the best I have seen in Canada. The company’s website is easy-to-use, and finding a certain product is an easy task. The prices of their products are on the higher side, but this might be because the company includes GST (Goods and Services Tax) in all its prices. THC Delivery guarantees online discretion, speedy delivery, vast product selection, and physical safety. However, the dispensary edits its comment section, and a majority of the reviews that make it onto the website are positive, while the negative, genuine reviews are deleted. This makes the dispensary less trustworthy because they want to paint a feigned image of themselves to the public.

4 comments on “THC Delivery Reviews From Real Customers

  1. 12358geek says:

    I ordered Banana OG from thc delivery and I am pleased to say that the package arrived in perfect condition. Well wrapped for freshness. Quality is excellent too as it reduced my pain a great deal. Their people are accommodating and professional. They will be my go-to online weed shop from now on.

  2. Justin says:

    I am seeing nothing but bad reviews of their BC hash. Some say they cant even smoke it so i wonder if that is true? Because it claims to have 40% thc and 150$ a bag is too good a deal i would think? Has anyone tried their BC Hash recently?

    1. Kathy says:

      BC hash has changed try the Bentley week worth it

  3. Sean Holly says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE! They shorted me 3.5g and when I went to ask about it they accused me of lying and then banned me then blocked my email! They are not to be trusted NEVER buy from this site or you can be stolen from and then told you’re a liar! I have pictures and screenshots of them shorting me and their responses! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

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