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Even at first glance, is very easy to understand and so convenient to navigate around. It does not take too much effort or need to go through so much hassle to browse around the products that a customer wants to buy. Right then and then it showcases the best deals you can find! It makes it easier to make a decision right away. It openly gives information about free express shipping, large collection, and about their exceptional customer service.

One can also spot right away their different categories of items such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, and also some sample packs. With this arrangement, one can easily glide through the whole purchasing process unlike difficult or lousy online dispensary which discourages customers with its dissuasive website.

Information About

Some people find it difficult to buy weed online. If the shop’s site is not user-friendly, then many people cannot breeze through purchasing from them. And if not many people are getting their weed through a certain shop, then it can affect how reliable the shop seems. The reviews clearly reflects how trustworthy it is among various customers. It is not only easy to find a lot of information about the goods that people want but it is as well fairly effortless to find good feedback and background about them.

Products Range

And even more wonderfully, they sell really good weed! From flowers, to concentrates, to edibles, they have all the incredible stuff! Under flowers alone are more than a hundred different kinds. There is Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and premium flowers. Among the Indica flowers are Afghan Kush, Angel OG, Black Diamond, Blueberry Skunk, Darth Vader OG AAA, and over 50 more. Even the names itself are pretty much enticing.  Concentrates has nearly 80 items such as Shatter – Bruce Banner, Shatter Godfather Og, Shatter – Lemon Skunk, Shatter – Raspberry Cough, and Aura Extract: Northern Lights to name a few. Don’t they all sound interesting. Imagine how much more fascinating they are when you finally try it! Trust me, I know. Some people prefer edibles. As fun as they are, this shop has really amusing ones such as cherry bombs, strawberry daze, sour gummy bears, rainbow sherbet, and grape crush among the 70 equally great others.

Rates and Discounts

Although all their products are of high quality, their prices are reasonable. They even have promos and deals that allows you to get the best products for a decent price just like their cleverly named 420 deal. Smart! Besides the affordability, they also have a rewards system. Subscribing to the website itself gives one a hundred points, while writing a review gives 5 points more. And for every dollar in a purchase, one gets an equivalent of 1 point as well. As the points reach to 25, you get $1 discount. But you have to remember though to sign up for membership, otherwise you wouldn’t get any points upon purchasing at all!


Ordering and shipping is not that taxing and complicated at all. The first step of course is to create an account. Once you have registered your membership, then you can start shopping for the products that you want – put in your cart, review order, and finally pay for the items to complete the purchase. Once you send your transaction to the email address shown to your after paying, then all you need to do is wait for the item to arrive. When you order for over $149, you can get the shipping for free! is Legit!

My personal experience with this shop has really been amazing that is why I have been so moved to share a detailed review. From the usage of their website, to online shopping, to the effortless process, and to finally receiving and using the products – everything had been fantastic. Their website alone has been very user-friendly, that it got me even more hyped up to buy instead of getting confused and discouraged resulting to having to walk away and doing it the traditional way. Instead, I am so happy of the availability and accessibility of such high grade weed, and being able to get so many diverse products in just one store. Before, I had to get different things from different sources, but now I can get all of them from the same shop, and most especially I can get it very conveniently. Without having to leave the house, I can receive the goods right on my doorsteps. I am pretty sure many weed users can understand how comfy that is!

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It is like a dream come true for many people to have quality weed delivered to them. Is legit? Of course it is! Besides the professional appearance of their website, and the quantity and quality of products that they have, the security of transactions, the dependability of the purchasing and shipping process, and most especially the satisfied reviews of its customers, one can’t deny how legit weedsmart is.

8 comments on “Weedsmart Review, Feedback From Real Customers

  1. kushtester says:

    Most awesome bud ever, this Pine Tar Kush! Nice cerebral high. I’ve never felt so relaxed and stress free. When its Indica genes kicked in, I was stumbling to bed and slept like a baby. This bud definitely packs a powerful punch. Thank you, weedsmart, for your quality buds and fast transaction.

    1. Helen Plummer says:

      Bought 2 420 samples. Over $500
      They only sent one and also they have no phone number. Ripped me off!!!

      1. Frank says:

        Did you get it?

        1. Jacks says:

          Decided to try this company on a whim,very satisfied, delivered when promised,could track the shipping process,even the hoped for free sample! Will definitely be a repeat customer!

      2. Ernie Stuart says:


  2. GSC2019 says:

    I’ve always been wary of buying my favorite weed (Girl Scout Cookies) online. What if I bought one that’s poor quality, right? But weedsmart proved me wrong. Not only was it premium quality but it also arrived on time. Delivered right to my doorstep! Wrapped in discreet packing too. I will be ordering more of this flower again.

  3. Andrea Edwards says:

    terrible customer service.
    one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with for anything tbh. if i could give them -5 stars, i would.

  4. SadFace says:

    I have loved ordering from this MOM for quite some time. But due to recent customer service problems, or total lack of customer service should I say, I just can’t deal with Mary and her crap any longer and have now found a new MOM that appreciates both my business and my input. I earned well over $1200 in referral credits and then I went to spend them I was told I was not allowed. I spent a lot of my time hustling their referral program for what.. giving them business, bringing them new customers, making them money and then they WON’T honor their referral program. So I have all these earned codes for referring my friends, only now they say I can’t use them to place any order. Plus their weed has been far less the quality lately for far higher prices. I’m just DONE!!! Bye MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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