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West Coast Supply Company Overview

West Coast Supply is an online dispensary that provides top-tier, medical-grade mail order cannabis. West Coast Supply has a vast assortment of marijuana, extracts, edibles, vape, and CBD. West Coast Supply ensures that all its marijuana products are lab tested. Additionally, West Coast Supply sources its marijuana products from BC’s finest craft cannabis brands.

West Coast Supply is serious about what they do. The dispensary strives to provide first-rate cannabis products to Canadians of legal age. The dispensary also has a professional, helpful, and friendly virtual staff, which works 24/7 to cater to the needs of its clientele. West Coast Supply does not compromise on safety and privacy. With West Coast Supply, safety is never an issue. Reviews on the Web

According to Reddit, customers state that West Coast Supply has some reasonable prices. Customers also assert that West Coast Supply has a vast product range. As I delved deeper into the reviews, I noticed that a common complaint among customers was long shipping times. Customers also complained that West Coast Supply is slow to respond to emails and messages sent through their chat function.

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According to Trustpilot, customers assert that West Coast Supply is slow at sending confirmation emails. Customers also complain that West Coast Supply can be unresponsive once a complaint is made. Some customers even state that it took 10+ days to get a response from West Coast Supply. And, when the dispensary finally responds, they do not have a solution for the complaints made. It is like going round in circles with the customer care representatives.

Is West Coast Supply Legit?

West Coast Supply thrives in terms of product quality and product range. The company has a vast array of marijuana products to cater to the varying needs of its clientele. The online reviews of West Coast Supply are mostly negative. You will find hundreds of unsatisfied customers bashing their not so excellent services. Slow response and unresponsive representatives emerge as the top complaints. West Coast Supply is not a legit company.

Since West Coast Supply thrives in product variety and product quality, here is a list of what they offer if you want to buy weed from them.

In its marijuana section, the dispensary provides:

  • Hybrid Strains
  • Sativa Strains
  • Indica Strains

In its edibles section, West Coast Supply provides:

  • Chocolate Bars
  • Drinks
  • Capsules
  • Brownies
  • Candies
  • Cookies

In its Extracts section, the dispensary offers:

  • Shatter
  • Tinctures
  • Budder
  • Oils
  • Rosin
  • Hash
  • Distillate 

West Coast Supply’s Prices and Loyalty Programs

West Coast Supply sets affordable prices for its weed. You can enjoy their weed for as little as $10. Additionally, West Coast Supply had ridiculous discounts. Currently, if you:

  • Buy 5 ounces, you get 20% off
  • Buy 6 ounces, you get 22% off
  • Buy 7 ounces, you get 24% off
  • Buy 8 ounces, you get 26% off

West Coast Supply has a fantastic loyalty program. The company makes earning money with them very easy. All you have to do is submit a review on a popular platform and send them an email to get rewarded.

For example, West Coast Supply will give you monetary rewards, including:

  • $10 Per Reddit Review
  • $20 Per YouTube Video Unboxing Review
  • $5 Per Reddit MOM Picture
  • $10 Per Review
  • $5 Per Bud Hub Canada Review

After leaving a review, you have to send a link to the review page or a screenshot to The company will then reward you accordingly.

West Coast Supply’s Shipping Process

West Coast Supply ships all packages through Canada Post. All orders over $150 are shipped for free. The company also offers free express shipping on orders over $200. A flat rate of $20 is applied to orders under $150.

West Coast Supply has different shipping times for different locations:

Major Urban Areas: 1-2 Business Days
Remote Areas & Northern Regions: 3-5 Business Days
Non-Major Urban Areas: 2-3 Business Days

Personal Experience with West Coast Supply

When I was shopping on West Coast Supply for this review, I was impressed by the Blue Dream and the Lemon Drop. But, before I could buy these items, I had to complete a few steps.

1. Create a West Coast Supply account

2. Upload a picture of my government-issued ID for age verification

3. Add items to my shopping cart

4. Pay for my order via Interac E-Transfer

I made an order on Monday morning. I ordered the Blue Dream and Lemon Drop, which Coast me $140. West Coast Supply shipped it later that day but did not provide tracking information. The estimated waiting period I was given was 2-3 business days. My package arrived on Friday, which was one day later than estimated.

The packaging was remarkable. The box was neat, with minimal identifying customer information. The package was vacuum-sealed. The strains were in individual air-sealed Ziploc bags. None of the strains were squished or compressed. They made it to my doorstep in good condition.

The quality of the strains was top-tier. The lemon Drop had an amazing flavor and smoked nicely. The buds of the Blue Dream were a bit small with a few stems, but the flavor and smoke experience were good.

Final Thoughts on West Coast Supply

West Coast Supply makes it easy to buy weed in Canada. The dispensary has set affordable prices for its marijuana products. With West Coast Supply, you do not have to stretch your wallet to buy high-quality weed. West Coast Supply has an impressive assortment of cannabis products. The company also has crazy discounts and an amazing loyalty program.

West Coast Supply has impressive packaging. The package has minimal identifying customer information, and the strains arrive in perfect condition. The smoke experience of their strains is out of this world. West Coast Supply is reliable when it comes to product quality. But, the company is not trustworthy as it needs to improve its customer service and how they respond to and communicate with clients via email.

4 comments on “ Review

  1. tommy wong says:

    WestCoastSupply chiming in here, we pride ourselves in customer service and work 7 days a week replying to ALL emails, we don’t leave any unresponsive emails ESPECIALLY if there’s an issue. The rest of the review is great, but we just wanted people who were reading this to know that we are responsive and will cater to your needs.

    1. Dan says:

      Hello, I’m not sure how often you check this site Mr Wong but I have to agree with the above comments that your Customer Service details could be improved. I made an order 5 days ago and have yet to receive confirmation that my items were shipped. I received an email from someone asking my order number so they could look into it and the only reply I received a day later was the same payment invoice that I had sent your company to acknowledge that I had in fact paid.
      Further. Ore, your site indicates that a live chat is available starting at 11am Pacific time on weekdays, which it is not -(at least on mobile).

      1. tommy says:

        Hey Dan,
        I would personally love to follow up with your order to see what’s going on
        Can you email me at ?
        As for the live chat issue, it’s currently down right now but we’ll have it up and running by next week
        Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Tommy Wong says:

    Mar.25th.2020 update
    Our new domain name is www westcoastsupply NET
    Our .CA is no longer operational, please change the hyperlinks in this review to reflect our new link
    Thank you

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